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Dear mr Geller, I have missed seeing you with your jewlery on qvc,I brought a beautiful charm bracelet with a pyramid all different Crystal star of David it was made of gold and Crystal charms I have looked on the internet to find another one as I lost mine around 3years ago I have been so depressed since every time I wore the bracelet I felt alive confident  (please don’t think I’m mad ) energized I have a history of depression were I suffer with not going out and low esteem I know this really sounds crazy but that bracelet was everything to me please could you tell me if you still make jewlery and we’re I can find the one I lost sadly I don’t have a photo of it .yours sincerely <name removed for privacy>

Hi Uri,

Just wanted to let you know that you have fans everywhere, even Federal Prison :-) A couple questions, if you have the time: Did you ever come across the “Knowledge Book”? And, are there any reading materials you recommend concerning the “Nine”, particularly written after about 1994? I have read the book by Andrija titled in your name as well as the “Only Planet of Choice” compilation by Mary Bennett.

Thank you!

Dear Uri

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. Something incredible happened this afternoon. I bought these earrings of yours several years ago on QVC. I used to wear them all the time, but lost one about 4 years ago. I was absolutely devastated. Since then I have moved countries and now live in France. I always kept the single earring as it meant so much to me. This afternoon, looking in a drawer for something, the lost earring dropped into my hand. And now they are a pair again! I can still hardly believe it, but I am wearing them as I type, and I feel very energised and sparkly!

I once went to see you in Cheltenham at the Everyman theatre and I’ve never forgotten it.

I feel some good luck is finally due my way!

Thank you for everything you do, Uri. You are an inspiration.

Warm regards

Hi uri x

My grandson was 2 when diagnosed with leukemia bless him I wrote to you n asked where I could buy a uri bear x you sent him one free of charge and I could smell your aftershave on it. He is now 24, 6ft 3 a fit n healthy young man a computer scientist.We are very proud of him. Can’t thank you enough for you kind act n thoughts you also rang the hospital and he was quite a hit on the ward having uri geller ring lol. He still has the bear and cherishes it so once again thank you. You are very special xx 

Message 1. 

Hello Uri,

What a beautiful surprise! It was really lovely of you to send this message; thank you so much! I appreciate it greatly, and will be harbouring all the best energy and positive vibes come Monday morning :)

I am also sending a huge wattage of kindness and energy right back at you; thank you!

Message 2.

Hello again, Uri!

I’m not pestering you, I promise, but you certainly did bring me a lot of luck last week with your message and I wanted to share the excitement and my gratitude with you! ?

Not only am I down to the last few in the selection process for the film, but I also had another last minute audition that same day for a great commercial and in less than 24 hours was in Barcelona filming for a week!! It’s a pan-European commercial, and as it’s also being shown in Israel you may even see for yourself what a happy lady you have made me ?

Thank you very much indeed! Much kindness and happiness to you from me! Xx

Message 3.


I just heard I got the film part……. You are a Wonder-Man!!! ?? Thank you SO much ? xx


Hi Uri,

I’ve followed your work for some time. I thought to finally write to you just to say, thank you .. thank you for your incredible talent and having shared it with the world. Whatever this mysterious talent you hold may be, it is wonderful, and divine! You’re amazing Uri .. you will go forever!

All the very best to you!


Thank you for the mind book you wrote. It has helped me a lot. I use tools from it all the time.
Thank you for being a help to me on my Journey. Blessings and success. I’m on my way.

<name removed for privacy>

Hello Uri,

Thank you for taking the time late at night to speak to me. I really appreciate your personal efforts, and you are a true “mensch”, as my Father would say. Rarely are top-level stars and artists able to connect to strangers, and you certainly have the special ability to do so. I truly appreciate it.

Your suggestion to be original, unusual, and authentic in mentalism, was quite powerful, and has given me great food for thought. Thank you.
I look forward to your signed photograph, which I will frame and proudly display in my home.

Thank you again, Uri. My talk with you will serve as one of the highlights of my life.

<Name removed for privacy>

Thank you for the invitation .  You were marvelous , amazing .  So good, so real , so eloquent .  Being a believer in parapsychology and all this stuff, I admit it worked wonders on me , and I hope in the long run it will change my life and the spectacles through which I see life .
Needless to say , your show was magnificent , effective and God bless you .  HE has already blessed you with these Powers !   Please call and come to visit .  There is so much to tell you and learn from you .  You are an angel. 
<Name removed for privacy>


Do you remember when I sent you a picture of the flat in the converted church that I wanted to buy? And you kindly focused your positive energy on it to help me secure the deal?

Well, today the vendor rang and said the flat was mine – (they’ve even binned off another buyer to sell to me!)

I am still picking myself up off the floor. And I have no doubt it was down to you and your magical energy and loveliness.

You are one in a zillion, magical man. Thank you so much for helping me secure the perfect home near my daughter’s school. The location is perfect. THANK YOU!



Lots of love, hugs and thanks magical man,

<Name removed for privacy>


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