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even if no-one sees this…… THANKS URI !!!! This one helped a lot.

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Hello again  :)

I really don’t want to disturb you but i’d like to tell you how important you are to me. i follow your life quite a long time ago because you are a very special. i’m one of the person who is really beleive in you and your power.

I’m a 36 years old hungarian guy who is living now in the Netherlands. im just begin to discover and develop my psychic abilities and i improved a lot. actually the last few years was extremely intense for me, i grew a lot.

Now feel i’m really interconnected with the world and events.

I  just want to thank you because you are also help me a lot with your beautiful and inspirational being.

Uri Geller,

Thank you for being my hero and mentor for 40 years. You bring so much bright magic to our world!

With respect and honor

<name removed for privacy>

It scares me, in a good way.  I started drinking water today and joined the gym yesterday.  As for the teeth,  I am praying to God every day I will make money to fix them.  They are ok but not so pretty. As for the doctor, my mom and sister drag me to one in 2010. That overwhelms me also.  I will imagine onpurpose these things.  As for your videos, I saw these before, impressive.  Love and light to you and your family, <Name removed for privacy> psychic medium

You are right uri geller. my imagination frightened me . I saw how powerful it it could be and so i locked it up. only in this last year after watching “the secret” did i realize the importance of our imagination. I have a lot to learn. thank you for reminding me.  I learned of you and your incrediable abilities when i was about 25 years old. I am 65 now and you are still one of my favorite people, i never yhought i would be talking with you.  how awsome is this.   thank  you

Dear uri, you are amazing.  Everytime you sent me an email i was low.  I read other peoples emails to you and it seems you are a gift to many.  You make people feel like they are the only one in the world and can go on.  Wow.  Thank you i hope you are well.  Love and light

Thank you Uri for the reply!  Your words have power and love and I appreciate your support and sincerity.  I believe you and yes I affirm I will have the strength to hold the higher frequency and the best diet.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Hi Uri, I was soo happy today to find your book in my letterbox! Thank you very much! ♡

And your beautiful drawing and lovely words mean a lot to me, as you will always be one of the biggest inspirations to me!

As a subscriber of your homepage I am also glad about your mails you are sending to us fans.

Take care Uri. Lots of Hugs and positive energy for you,

Hello Uri!

I really appreciate your emails!

They are very informative and helpful!

You are an inspiration to mankind!

And a great human being!

Always Best Regards

Hi Uri,

Just wanted to thank you – I have been feeling exceptional energy levels since late afternoon New York time.  I think it was yesterday I sent a reply to you after you sent a message in receipt of my mentioning I was already a member, to enter the contest for the quartz crystal.  In my message I said I hoped one day to have the exceptional level of energy and positivity that you do.

As mentioned above, since late this afternoon, I have had the most energy and clarity of my life so far. Keep in mind I am already basically a positive, energetic person, given some highs and lows with life’s challenges.  I have been flying so high, and made an excellent, delicious healthy dinner.  While eating dinner, I was reflecting and feeling grateful for my exceptional state of being, and then thoughts of you entered my mind.  And then I knew, you must have been sending energy because I have felt this way before and then found out in your facebook post you were sending all of us energy.  Yet today was even stronger!  And I felt you must have read my message to you.  Thank you so much!!!!

And all of the events in my life are going amazingly well.  I also meditate and follow a few other spiritual healers who I must also credit for my progress.  Yet I know without any doubt that what I felt this afternoon was from you, and my connection to you is a huge part of my life.  Thank you again for being such a guiding light for many of us on the planet right now.  Tomorrow in the States is the holiday of Thanksgiving, and you are one of the special people I am grateful for in my life.

Many blessings to you and your family.


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