Bend it Like...Uri Jun 13 2003

By Ross Smith

SPOON-bending mind marvel Uri Geller wowed patients and staff at the Northern Ireland Children's Hospice during a fundraising trip yesterday.

The world-famous psychic showed off his amazing skills at the Newtownabbey centre - and spoke of his belief in the power of positive thinking as a way of helping fight sickness.

Uri said: "You can never come to a place like this without it bringing all kinds of emotions and frustrations.

"I see a lot of sick kids and I know many of them I might never see again.

"I'm not a healer or a miracle worker, but what I do is talk about positive thinking.

"We meditate and we pray and I try to instil in the kids being positive about themselves."

Uri is auctioning autographed bent spoons during his tour of Ulster to raise cash for the hospice.