The CIA Release Secret Files on Uri Geller. As Reported by Worldwide Media


The CIA have released a large volume of data, including previously secret documents about the tests that were performed on Uri Geller. 

The CIA concluded that Uri “demonstrated his paranormal perception ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.”

Below is a snippet of some of the news reports on this story.



CIA Files on Uri Geller

Appendix 1The objective of this group of experimental sessions was to verify Geller’s apparent paranormal perception under carefully
controlled conditions with the goal of understanding the physical and psychological variables underlying such ability.

EXPERIMENTS – URI GELLER AT SRI, AUGUST 4-11, 1973. The objective of. this group of experimental sessions is to
verify Geller’s apparent paranormal perception under carefully controlled conditions and to head toward an understanding of the
physical and psychological variables underlying his apparent ability.



washington post.

The Washington Post

CIA was convinced Uri Geller had paranormal abilities




The New York Times

The New York Times

The Truth Is Out There, and the Feds Paid to Find It



Ynet News

Ynet news

 Y net News

CIA files: Uri Geller has real powers



The Telegraph.

The Telegraph 

Uri Geller: ‘The CIA wanted to turn me into a Cold War weapon’



Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Uri Geller says MI5 used David Dimbleby TV show as a smokescreen to get him to the UK so they could probe his psychic powers



washington post.

The Washington Post

Secrets of the military’s investigations into ESP revealed!






British scientists experiencing “poltergeist phenomena” after testing Uri Geller. Objects allegedly left the room, some of which apparently reappeared later.



South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post

From examining the potential of psychic healing on the battlefield to understanding Uri Geller’s spoon bending powers, Phenomena charts the US military’s attempts to gain a paranormal advantage in warfare




The Sun

The Sun

WEAPON OF SPOON DESTRUCTION Uri Geller claims ‘MI5 used David Dimbleby show as smokescreen to test his psychic powers’



Daily Grail

Daily Grail

Dr Jacques Vallee



Folha de S Paulo

Folha De S. Paulo

Livro retrata testes da CIA com paranormais para espionagem




Famous people who may have secretly been spies



 Israeli Psychic Uri Geller Receives Further Recognition For His ‘Powers’

Israeli Psychic Uri Geller Receives Further Recognition For His ‘Powers’



Walla News Israel

Walla News, Israel

אורי גלר על ה-CIA: “בדקו אם אוכל להפעיל פצצת אטום בטלפתיה”



Historias Y Misterios

Historias y Misterios

Las habilidades paranormales del guerrero psíquico de la CIA Uri Geller





The national interest

The National Interest

The CIA’s Secret Plan to Crush Russia During the Cold War: Super Psychic Powers



The Mirror.

The Mirror

Uri Geller ‘forced Russians to sign nuclear arms treaty with TELEPATHY’ as CIA files reveal spies tested him for psychic skills 



New York Post

New York Post

Uri Geller, who mesmerized 1970s TV audiences with his spoon-bending acts, was subjected to experiments that tried to weaponize his mental abilities, newly declassified CIA documents show.



The Scottish Sun.

The Scottish Sun

WEAPON OF SPOON DESTRUCTION Uri Geller claims ‘MI5 used David Dimbleby show as smokescreen to test his psychic powers’





El proyecto de la CIA para conformar un escuadrón de X-Men




Sputnik International.

Sputnik News

CIA Tries to ‘Edit the Past’ With Release of Declassified Documents on Internet





Maariv, Isreal

מבדקים של ה-CIA קבעו: לאורי גלר אכן יש יכולות על טבעיות





Οι μυστικές υπηρεσίες ήθελαν να μετατρέψουν τον Γιούρι Γκέλερ σε μηχανή θανάτου



Sunday times.

The Sunday Times

The spoons resisted, but CIA minds were easily bent. A dossier declassified last week reveals the hold Uri Geller had over US agents. 



Blitz, Italy

Cia, il controllo della mente di Uri Geller: svelati documenti segreti


Macedonia TV

Macedonia TV




Daily News Japan

Daily News Online, Japan




bbc breakfast news

BBC Breakfast News





Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Astronaut, sixth person to walk on the moon – Discussing Uri Geller & the CIA testing. 






Radio New Zealand

CIA releases cache of declassified documents



The CIA Just Declassified 100,000s of Files About Psychic Abilities and UFOs.

The CIA Just Declassified 100,000s of Files About Psychic Abilities and UFOs






Las habilidades paranormales de Uri Geller, el ‘guerrero psíquico’ de la CIA en la Guerra Fría



The Mirror.

The Mirror

Uri Geller Interviewed on CIA Role

Interview by REUTERS 




Phenomena by Annie Jacobsen

Quote by CIA Analyst 






A 1973 memo, unearthed by the BBC, documents a series of tests the agency conducted on illusionist Uri Geller to test his psychic abilities. The researchers were apparently impressed, writing that Geller “demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.”





Newsbomb, Greece.

Μυστήριο: Γιατί η CIA φοβάται τις τηλεπαθητικές δυνάμεις του Γιούρι Γκέλερ





EL Greece

Γιούρι Γκέλερ: Η CIA με ήθελε… μηχανή θανάτου




Some of the declassified CIA documents that you can read online that relate to the Stargate Project include experiments where the government tested the famous psychic Uri Geller in 1973.



In gr news News Greece

Γιούρι Γκέλερ: Τα πειράματα και η σχέση με την CIA



Société. L'invité.

Société. L’invité

Uri Geller, réels pouvoirs ou illusionniste?



Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura

When the NSA Feared Psychics Could Make Cities Lost in Time and Space



Tribune de Geneve

Tribune de Genève

La CIA déclassifie ses études sur la télépathie




Aevarul Romania

Magicianul Uri Geller a lucrat pentru Mossad şi CIA



Miami Herald.

Miami Herald

CIA files reveal how U.S. used psychics to spy on Iran



Topky, Slovakia

Tajné dokumenty CIA: Je to úlet, ale telepatia vraj zachránila svet pred III. svetovou vojnou




Secrets of the fed.

Secrets of the Fed

Israeli Air Force Captain Reveals UFOs are Real, Confirms Witnessing a UFO Encounter with Stargate Project Member, Uri Geller.



Lawyer Herald.

 Lawyer Herald

13M Pages of Declassified Documents Published Online By CIA




The Atlanta Journal Constitution

From flying saucers to Castro, you can read CIA’s once-secret stash online. 




Inforesist, Russia.

InfoResist, Russia

В фильме «Безумный спецназ» Джордж Клуни сыграл экстрасенса, завербованного ЦРУ для службы в отряде, который должен нанести сокрушительный удар по врагам Америки.

Фильм стал художественной версией одноименной документальной книги британского автора Джона Ронсона. Хотя в своей работе писатель приходит к выводу, что попытка ЦРУ использовать паранормальные способности не увенчались успехом, огромное количество недавно рассекреченных документов доказывают, что в 1973 году ЦРУ действительно проводило эксперименты в течение недели. Их предметом стал известный британский экстрасенс Ури Геллер, прославившийся сгибанием ложек в различных ТВ-передачах.




bbc news

BBC News – US & Canada

CIA releases 13m pages of declassified documents online. Those include records of testing on celebrity psychic Uri Geller in 1973, when he was already a well-established performer.



The New Daily

The New Daily, Australia

CIA releases millions of documents, sparking fresh alien speculation




Informe 21

El secreto guerrero psíquico de la CIA, durante la Guerra Fría



Adn news worldwide.

Who drew that hand-drawn map of an explosives plant in Romania, including a diagram of the wiring of its electronic security gate, and why? Will an answer turn up as journalists and academics plow through the 12 million pages on the database?




Life imitates Akira: the NSA’s fear of psychic nukes



Israeli Army Radio Logo

Israeli Army Radio

גלי צה”ל : מסמכים מסווגים של ה-CIA מאשרים: לאורי גלר יש כוחות‎ / Classified CIA documents confirm: Uri Geller has powers





Merco Press

CIA has released on line 13 million pages of declassified documents. Memos detail how Mr Geller was able to partly replicate pictures drawn in another room with varying – but sometimes precise – accuracy, leading the researchers to write that he “demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner”.


Ekstra bladet.Ekstra Bladet

Sidstnævnte udmøntede sig i 1970’erne i projektet ‘Stargate’, hvor man undersøgte synske fænomeners potentiale for militæret og efterretningstjenesten. I dokumenterne gemmer sig blandt andet forsøg med den verdensberømte israelsk-britiske tv-entertainer Uri Geller, som blandt andet hævder at have særlige synske evner.



Sputnik International.

Sputnik International

Declassified CIA documents reveal that US intelligence has gone as far as using supposedly telepathic individuals to gather intelligence, including the hostage situation during the takeover of US embassy in Iran.





The records DO include UFO sightings – and records of ‘psychic experiments’ such as the Stargate programme, where the CIA worked with people such as Uri Geller.


 CTV News.

CTV News

“The Geller Effect – of metal bending – is clearly not brought about by fraud,” researcher John G. Fuller told the agency, in a memo from the early 1970s.

 Uri Geller CIA Memo.



Tocana Japan

Tocana Japan







Sina, China.


Handy recovery.

Handy Recovery, India

Psychic spy strategies and thousands more declassified cia documents now available online.



Curiosa Mente.

 Curiosa Mente

Entre os documentos estão testes feitos com Uri Geller, ilusionista, autoproclamado paranormal que realizava coisas como entortar colheres. Os testes realizados, porém, mostram tentativas relativamente bem-sucedidas de Geller em copiar desenhos feitos por pesquisadores em outras salas.



Moja Hrvastka

Moja Hrvastka

Andrija Puharich, američki Hrvat koji je za CIA-u istraživao fenomene



Stripes Japan.

Flying saucers! Castro! Porn! Now you can read the CIA’s once-secret stash online




CIA Files Reveal How U.S. Used Psychics to Spy on Iran



War News Updates

The real-life X-Files: How CIA recruited Uri Geller to test his psychic abilities and were STUNNED when he was able to match random drawings by an agent sealed in another room



sciences et avenir.

Sciences et Avenir

Uri Geller qui tordait des petites cuillères avec le regard. D’un intérêt évidemment inégal, ces archives montrent cependant les diverses préoccupations d’une centrale de renseignement cherchant à anticiper les soubresauts de l’histoire et à dénicher en exclusivité les plus récentes inventions scientifiques pouvant révolutionner la marche du monde.



Bright Insight

Bright Insight

CIA Allegedly Carried Out Secret Psychic Experiments That Will Bend Your Mind



Publico Portugal

Publico, Portugal

Em concreto, disponibiliza-se os exames realizados a Uri Geller em 1973, numa altura em que este ganhava destaque em programas de televisão onde demonstrava os seus poderes sobrenaturais. A BBC nota que os relatos documentados referem que o israelita conseguiu reproduzir desenhos feitos por pessoas presentes numa sala separada.



Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

Bozeman Daily Chronicle

If you ever wanted to know the CIA’s secret recipe for invisible ink, how to spot spy messages hidden in suspicious fruit, or which top American spy was asked to appear in Penthouse magazine, you’re in luck. Millions of pages of once-classified agency documents are now available for the first time on your home computer after the agency moved one of its databases online.




Misterios Prohibidos

Misterios Prohibidos





What’s surprising here isn’t the knowledge that Geller participated in these experiments, but that the CIA acknowledged that he had actual paranormal capabilities.



Thema News.

Thema News

Psychic Uri Geller really DID have ‘SPECIAL POWERS’, declassified CIA test results reveal





Genk, Vietnam 

Qua một loạt thử nghiệm, nhà ngoại cảm Uri Geller được CIA công nhận là có năng lực đặc biệt




Sohu News China







Veja Sau Paulo

Veja Sau Paulo

Uri Geller ficou conhecido nos anos 70 por entortar colheres e acelerar ponteiros de relógio com o ‘poder da mente’


Dead beats panel.

Dead Beats Panel




Former CIA officer Dr. Kit Green discussing Uri Geller and the previously secret CIA testing. 







Untersucht wurde von der CIA unter anderem auch Uri Geller. Der gebürtige Israeli wurde 1973 zu einem acht Tage langen Experiment eingeladen.  Dabei wurde Geller in einem Raum eingeschlossen und einem Test unterzogen. 





Sky News Australia.

Sky News Australia

Famed for his spoon bending skills, Geller underwent a week of experiments at Stanford Research Institute in 1973. Details of the top secret tests form part of the 800,000 declassified CIA documents put online.










project stargate Uri Geller

CIA Data Dumpster Diving: Project Stargate Uri Geller



South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post

In an operation code-named Grill Flame, half a dozen psychics on more than 200 occasions tried to peer through the ether to see where the hostages were being held, how closely they were guarded and the state of their health.





NEWSIT, Cyprus

Η μαρτυρία Ισραηλινού αξιωματικού για τον Uri Geller: Ένα UFO του έδωσε τις μαγικές του δυνάμεις όταν ήταν… (VIDEO, ΦΩΤΟ)




2BR Lancashire

Psychic spoon-bender Uri Geller ‘convinced’ CIA



Bradenton Herald

Bradenton Herald

CIA! Flying saucers! Fidel Castro! Porn! This story has it all!




Daily Caller.

The Daily Caller

The New York Post highlighted that the researchers said that Geller, “demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.”



Tornos News Greece.

Tornos News, Greece

CIA: Psychic Uri Geller really did have ‘special powers’



close encounters UFO channel

Close Encounters UFO 




El Espanol.

El Espanol

Uri Geller, de doblador de cucharas a arma secreta de EEUU en la Guerra Fría



The Irish Sun.

The Irish Sun

MAGIC MAN Who is Uri Geller? Spoon-bending psychic and television personality – all you need to know




The Best 4 The Best

Le sujet PSI Uri Geller recruté comme « espion psychique » pour la CIA et le MOSSAD dans les années 70



Mako News Israel 

Mako News, Israel 

האם אורי גלר היה מרגל של המוסד?




Onet Wiadomosci

Onet Wiadomosci

Do sieci trafiły dokumenty dotyczące spraw niezwykłych, np. poszukiwania dowodów istnienia życia pozaziemskiego, współpracy z izraelskim iluzjonistą Urim Gellerem, a nawet przepisy na atrament sympatyczny.




Jewish Ledger.

Jewish Ledger

Tests in 1973 convinced CIA of Uri Geller’s paranormal powers.






We may know him for spoon bending antics and for his lengthy friendship with pop star Michael Jackson but showbiz psychic Uri Geller has seemingly had a lengthy second career as a secret agent for Mossad and the CIA



El Tiempo

El Tiempo

Nuevas tecnologías. Nuevo Pensamiento.



biglobe Japan.

Biglobe Japan





Elmundo Spain

Trump dobla cucharas con la mente! (Trump Bends Spoons with his Mind!)




Daily Mail

Daily Mail & Mail Online

How the CIA’s bid to turn Uri Geller into a psychic weapon backfired — because he was such a show-off



 The Telegraph.The Telegraph

‘There was no way I could explain it’: the CIA scientist convinced by Uri Geller’s psychic powers



Business Insider.

Business Insider

How an Israeli psychic convinced the CIA he could read minds 


Rtl Nieuws.RTL Nieuws

Waar je wél over kunt lezen, zijn de experimenten die de CIA acht dagen lang deed met Uri Geller. Daarin tekende hij onder andere foto’s na die in een andere kamer lagen, soms met precieze nauwkeurigheid. Volgens de onderzoekers demonstreerde hij daarmee “zijn paranormale vermogen op een overtuigende en ondubbelzinnige wijze”.



Sky News

Sky News

Psychic spoon-bender Uri Geller ‘convinced’ CIA. 


The Mirror.

The Mirror

Uri Geller ‘proved his psychic abilities’ to scientists secret CIA papers reveal.



 Huffington Post

The Huffington Post 

CIA reveal documents about the Stargate Project, and experiments with Uri Geller.



el Nuevo Herald.

el Nuevo Herald

Lo extraño y lo loco de la CIA, el espionaje ahora al alcance en internet





Psychic Uri Geller really DID have ‘SPECIAL POWERS’, declassified CIA test results reveal



The Times.

The Times

CIA archives reveal secret tests on Uri Geller’s psychic powers



IB Times India

International Business Times India

Aliens could be real: CIA’s secret files reveal UFO sightings and flying saucers




Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Tests in 1973 convinced CIA of Uri Geller’s paranormal powers



Asagei Japan

Asagei Japan





Live Science.

Live Science

 Military Mind Control? Psychic Army Division Revealed in CIA Files




News hub New Zealand

Was Uri Geller really psychic?




News Voice Sweden

Uri Geller har psykiska krafter enligt CIA-experiment




Tuoitre, Vietnam. 

CIA cũng lưu giữ lại bản ghi chép các cuộc thử nghiệm đối với nhà ngoại cảm nổi tiếng Uri Geller năm 1973. Họ đánh giá ông Geller có thể vẽ lại chính xác một phần, đôi khi là toàn bộ những bức tranh đặt ở căn phòng bên cạnh, từ đó rút ra kết luận về sự tồn tại của khả năng tri giác huyền bí.





Als Mentalist lebt Uri Geller (70) von Geheimnissen. Ein bisher unveröffentlichter Bericht enthüllt nun eines davon: Der beliebte britisch-israelische Löffelbieger nutzte seine telepathischen Fähigkeiten auch als US-“Psycho-Agent”. “Ich habe jahrelang als Mentalist für die CIA gearbeitet”, bestätigt der sympathische TV-Telepath im “Heute”-Gespräch.



Blasting News.

Blasting News, Italy.

UFO e alieni: lo strano caso di Geller, colui che ridusse il nucleare in Russia




VN Express, Vietnam

Uri Geller, người Israel, có khả năng bẻ cong thìa, iPhone 6, làm chệch kim la bàn chỉ bằng ý nghĩ gây chú ý ở Israel và tình báo Mỹ.





Ovnis, telepatía y chistes soviéticos: los documentos secretos más curiosos de la CIA




Tienphong, Vietnam

Khi nhà điều tra tự do của Cơ quan Tình báo Trung ương Mỹ (CIA), tiến sĩ Andrija Puharich gặp Uri Geller năm 1971, người thanh niên Israel có tham vọng lái xe, không liên quan gì tới điệp viên hoặc khoa học, theoTimes of Israel.
Làm chệch hướng kim la bàn bằng ý nghĩ



 Express Germany.

Express Germany

Darum untersuchte die CIA Uri Gellers paranormale Fähigkeiten





Atómové delo pri Košiciach, paranormálne javy a experimenty. CIA zverejnila na internete 13 miliónov strán utajovaných dokumentov China

Uri Geller CIA.






Amerikan Merkezi Haber Alma Teşkilatı’nın (CIA), gizliliğini kaldırdığı ve geçtiğimiz haftalarda yayınladığı son raporunda İsrailli ünlü illüzyonist Uri Geller hakkında çarpıcı iddialar yer aldı.




La CIA y sus experimentos telepáticos
Durante la Guerra fría la Inteligencia estadounidense trató de sacar ventaja de todo, incluso de los poderes mentales de Uri Geller, cuyas capacidades físicas validó en experimentos.




The Journal Gazette.

The Journal Gazette

Tale of government dabbling in paranormal entertaining, inconclusive






The CIA documents that Uri Geller was subjected to a series of peculiar secret experiments that aspired to weaponize psychic abilities such as his clairvoyant and telepathic abilities.





1970-luvun legendaarisin lusikantaivuttaja saapuu Suomeen – Uri Geller esiintyy Tampere-talossa!



Geo News.

Geo TV News

UFO sightings, psychic experiments: CIA releases 13 million pages of declassified documents online



Pocono Record.

Pocono Record

Revealed! Secrets of the military’s investigations into ESP



La Nueva Espana

La Nueva Espana

Uri Geller convenció a la CIA de sus poderes psíquicos




Mintpress News.

MintPress News

Before long, the CIA wanted Geller to kill pigs with his mind, something he apparently refused to do.

Uri Geller Press conference.



Daily Disruption

Daily Disruption

CIA Tested Uri Geller if He Could Trigger a Nuclear Bomb



Folha de S Paulo

Folha de S.Paulo

CIA libera 11 mil documentos secretos em que Brasil foi mencionado



Waikato Times

The Truth Is Out There





Herald Ireland

Geller convinced CIA he was a ‘psychic warrior’



News IT.

News IT Greece

Ένα UFO του έδωσε τις μαγικές του δυνάμεις όταν ήταν 3 ετών



Republika News.

Republika News

Kemudian, ada catatan pengujian dari selebritas Uri Geller pada 1973 lalu. Ia saat itu dikenal dengan kemampuan supranaturalnya dan dalam dokumen yang ditulis CIA ada rincian bagaimana hal itu sebenarnya dapat dilakukan dengan trik tertentu. Keseluruhan arsip dirilis intelijen Negeri Paman Sam secara lengkap dan terdiri atas sekitar 800 ribu berkas.





Serius, Militer Amerika Pernah Kembangkan Pasukan Dukun



Kurier News Austria.

Kurier News, Austria

Tests überzeugten die CIA in den 1970er von Gellers telekinetischen Fähigkeiten.



las provincias.

La CIA desclasifica informes sobre avistamientos de OVNIS



Stripes Korea.

Flying saucers! Castro! Porn! Now you can read the CIA’s once-secret stash online

Stripes, Korea



Daily Star.

Daily Star

Uri Geller tested by CIA: Spies wanted to use psychic’s powers as a weapon 




La Sexta.

La Sexta Spain

Los poderes de Uri Geller iban mucho más allá de doblar cucharas, hasta tal punto que la Agencia Central de Inteligencia de los Estados Unidos se interesó por ellos.


La Sexta Uri Geller.




Republika News Indonesia

Kemudian, ada catatan pengujian dari selebritas Uri Geller pada 1973 lalu. Ia saat itu dikenal dengan kemampuan supranaturalnya dan dalam dokumen yang ditulis CIA ada rincian bagaimana hal itu sebenarnya dapat dilakukan dengan trik tertentu. 



The Asian Age

The famous spoon-bending psychic entertainer Uri Geller also featured in this programme, with the CIA conducting weeklong tests to determine whether he did in fact possess paranormal abilities, following which CIA documents claim he proved his abilities “in a convincing and unambiguous manner”.



24 HU.

24 Hungary

A programban saját teszteket is végrehajtottak, hogy megvizsgálják, ellenőrzött körülmények közt is megfigyelhetőek-e hasonló jelenségek. A kutatásokban többek közt Uri Geller is közreműködött, aki 1973 augusztusában nyolc napon át segítette a szakértők munkáját.



Israel and stuff.

Israel and Stuff

CIA releases 45 yr-old psychic experiments on Uri Geller proving his abilities




MSN News

Secret CIA Tests Found TV Psychic Uri Geller Really Did Have Special Powers



St Louis Jewish Light

St. Louis Jewish Light

Tests in 1973 convinced CIA of Uri Geller’s paranormal powers



UY Press.

UY Press

La Agencia Central de Inteligencia de los Estados Unidos liberó al acceso público cerca de trece millones de páginas con documentos secretos.





Los resultados confirmaron que Geller podía replicar en un papel a la perfección imágenes que dibujaban los investigadores desde una habitación diferente, sin poder chequear lo que ellos hacían. “Queda demostrada su habilidad paranormal de manera inequívoca y convincente”, precisa una de las observaciones.




Wochit Entertainment.

Wochit Entertainment





Nine for news.

Nine for News Holland

CIA-archief onthult geheime experimenten met paranormale vermogens Uri Geller




¿Es frecuente el uso de la parapsicología en las investigaciones policiales?





Top 10 Unbelievable Ways The CIA Experimented With Psychic Powers


CIA Concluded Uri Geller Was ‘Paranormal’ Back in 1973



Ettoday China.

ET Today, China

美國中情局(Central Intelligence Agency,CIA)在網路上公布這批簡稱為「CREST」(中情局紀錄搜尋工具)的解密文件,約80萬份、近1300萬頁。裡面橫跨20世紀,有冷戰時期、納粹戰犯、韓戰、越戰、美蘇兩國間諜情報甚至還有令人好奇的UFO及目擊外星人等解密文件。另外,還能在其中搜尋到中共曾備60萬大軍準備攻台的資料。



Passion Times 

Passion Times China

美國中央情報局(CIA)於網上公開逾80萬前機密檔案,當中包括冷戰時期的情報歷史、UFO、「Stargate」超能力測試、隱形墨水等資料,逾1300萬頁前機密資料於中情局官網FOIA(Freedom of Information Act)搜尋器。其中以UFO檔案、於1973年測試當時魔術師Uri Geller的超能力(先知、讀心術等),而檔案裡面所展示的實驗結果亦非常驚人。



Weekend Australian.

The Weekend Australian

The Israeli psychic Uri Geller, who claimed to be able to bend spoons with his mind, really did have special powers, according to the results of secret tests released yesterday.



Tasnim News Agency.

Tasnim News Agency, Iran.

According to the documents, the CIA conducted several experiments with Geller from August 4 till August 11, 1973 which convinced the agency that the psychic was the real deal. 




News OK

News OK

Beginning in late 1972, the Stanford Research Institute, funded by the CIA, subjected Geller to a series of tests to see if he was truly psychic. One test involved dice. A single die was placed in a box by a researcher in another room. The box was sealed, shaken and placed in front of Geller. Each time he correctly determined which number was on top. The odds of that happening were about a million to one.




Apple Daily Taiwan.

Apple Daily Taiwan

CIA解密 中共攻台計劃 網上查得到
擬派60萬大軍 因韓戰爆發被無限期延後




The Maine Edge

The Maine Edge

Psychics, the CIA and more – ‘Phenomena’




The Sun, Cia Files.

The Sun

…he ‘forced Russians to sign nuclear arms treaty’ using his telepathy skills.





Mind over matter: Psychic spoon-bender Uri Geller ‘convinced’ CIA



the times of israel.

 The Times of Israel

How Uri Geller persuaded the CIA he can read minds



Daily Mail

 Daily Mail & Mail Online

How CIA recruited Uri Geller to test his psychic abilities and were STUNNED when he was able to match random drawings by an agent sealed in another room!


Virtual Jerusalem.

Virtual Jerusalem

An intelligence report concludes that the famous Israeli “illusionist” possesses real, paranormal powers.



bbc news

BBC News

Memos detail how Mr Geller was able to partly replicate pictures drawn in another room with varying – but sometimes precise – accuracy




My Palm Beach Post.

My Palm Beach Post

If you ever wanted to know the CIA’s secret recipe for invisible ink, how to spot spy messages hidden in suspicious fruit, or which top American spy was asked to appear in Penthouse magazine, you’re in luck. Millions of pages of once-classified agency documents are now available for the first time on your home computer after the agency moved one of its databases online.



Moja Hrvatska.

Moja Hrvatska

Podsjetimo, Geller se spominje u kontekstu programa Stargate, istraživanja paranormalnog u ljudi, a prema kojem je snimljen i poznati film “Muškarci koji zure u koze” s Georgeom Clooneyjem u glavnoj ulozi. 



Marjorie Orr

Marjorie Orr

Uri Geller, best known and much-mocked for his psychic spoonbending and watch-stopping demonstrations on television it now appears from newly released papers undertook trials by the CIA in the 1970s.



Ideal, Spain.

Ideal, Spain

¿Qué fue de… Uri Geller?
El famoso ilusionista que doblaba cucharas, tras haber pasado por gran cantidad de canales de televisión, ¿qué se sabe de él hoy en día?




Bors online

Bors Online Hungary

A CIA is tesztelte Uri Geller paranormális tehetségét!



Heute, Austria


Heute Austria



North devon journal.

North Devon Journal

​Has the CIA proved that Exeter’s Uri Geller is psychic?





Klix News Bosnia and Herzegovina

Među izučavanim osobama je i poznati navodni vidovnjak Uri Geller koji je, ako je suditi prema dostupnim dokumentima, u konstrolisanim uslovima djelomično uspio replicirati crteže smještene u susjednoj zatvorenoj sobi.



Tin Tuc.

Tin Tuc

Gần 13 triệu trang tài liệu tối mật bao gồm các bí ẩn về vật thể bay không xác định (UFO) hay các thí nghiệm về thế giới tâm linh vừa được Cục tình báo Trung ương Mỹ (CIA) công bố trên mạng Internet ngày 18/1.



Web Tekno.

Web Tekno

Birbirinden ilginç bilgilerin barındığını dosyalarda en fazla dikkat çekenlerinden biri ise ünlü illüzyonist ve sihirbaz Uri Geller’in de dahil olduğu UFO gözlemlemerli ve psişik deneyler.



Slovenski Novice.

Slovenski Novice

Z močjo svojih misli videl skozi zaprta vrata
Telepat Uri Geller je po osmih dneh testiranj prepričal znanstvenike Cie.



Virally News

Virally News

Perhaps their strangest experiment involved celebrity psychic Uri Geller, whom they thought had access to a number of extraordinary mental powers. Geller claimed, at the time, to be able to, “see” hidden drawings, find buried metal and bend spoons with his mind.





Studio Trinity

Studio Trinity






ABC Spain

Uri Geller llegó a convencer a la CIA de «su habilidad paranormal




Soha Vietnam.

Soha News Vietnam

Các cuộc chạm trán UFO, công thức mực tàng hình của điệp viên, cuộc điều tra về nhà ngoại cảm Uri Geller, thậm chí các tài liệu về dự án nghiên cứu tẩy não MK-Ultra cũng được tiết lộ.




irorio Japan

Irorio Japan




Jewish Business News.

Jewish Business News

For the first time ever the CIA is offering a peek into its ‘X-files,’ shining a spotlight on a series of once-classified UFO documents




The Guardian.

The Guardian

More tales of Brexit, Trump … and Uri Geller





Uri Geller: A tekintetemmel kellett megölnöm egy disznót


The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast

Secret CIA Tests Found TV Psychic Uri Geller Really Did Have Special Powers.
The British TV psychic Uri Geller was much mocked for his claims of paranormal powers. But CIA experiments in 1973 proved his abilities ‘unambiguously.’



Tocana Japan

Tocana Japan

遂にCIAが超能力の実在を公表したぞ! 公式HPでユリ・ゲラーの実験結果を大量公開、驚愕の的中率!




Focus Online


Eingeschlossen in einem Zimmer sollte Uri Geller erraten, was im Nebenraum geschah. Ein Forscher suchte dort nach dem Zufallsprinzip Worte aus einem Lexikon und malte diese Dinge auf: zum Beispiel einen Feuerwerkskörper.Geller überzeugte die Forscher.



La Razon

La Razón

El día que la CIA probó los poderes de Uri Geller. Documentos desclasificados de la Agencia Central de Inteligencia americana muestran cómo el famoso mentalista acudió a las instalaciones de California para someterse a diversas pruebas sobre sus capacidades paranormales


 Evening Standard.

 Evening Standard

…yet the biggest headlines so far have related to the CIA’s work in 1973 to establish whether the noted Israeli spoon-bender Uri Geller really was psychic.



 BBC Brasil.

BBC Brasil

Nesses documentos estão incluídos os testes feitos para analisar as habilidades psíquicas de Uri Geller em 1973, quando ele já era famoso por apresentações demonstrando seus “poderes”.



Stand News China.

The Stand News China

文件中最引人注目的,是 CIA針對種種不思議事件所作的記錄,如 CIA於1973年,為聲稱有超能力的魔術師 Uri Geller所做的測試,安排一名 CIA人員在密封的房間內畫畫,要求房外的 Geller憑感應畫出相同畫作;測試的結論是 「Geller 具說服力、毫不含糊地展示了他的超自然感知能力」。

TZ.DE Germany

War sein Löffel-Verbiegen doch keine Illusion? Ein jetzt freigegebener Geheimbericht enthüllt, dass das CIA einst die paranormalen Fähigkeiten von Uri Geller getestet hatte – und zu einem erstaunlichen Urteil kam: Es ist kein fauler Zauber.



Stuff Nz.

Stuff New Zealand

How Uri Geller stunned the CIA with his psychic abilities



Russia Today.

Russia Today

These efforts weren’t limited to mere mortals, however, as none other than Israeli-born, celebrity psychic Uri Geller was brought in to test his psychic mettle against the researchers.



24 heures

24 Heures

Etats-UnisL’agence américaine s’est penchée sur cette faculté. Et a été convaincue par Uri Geller, l’homme qui tordait des petites cuillères.



Haber turk.

Haber Turk

gibi kullanışlığı bilimsel yollarla kanıtlanmış bir cümleyle tepki verirken, geçenlerde açıklanan CIA’nın 1940-1990 yılları arasındaki çalışmalarının yer aldığı 13 milyon sayfalık doküman arasında ‘psişik’ Uri Geller’in ‘telepati’ yeteneklerinin test edildiği ve onun bu testleri geçtiğini okuyunca ne diyeceğimi bilemedim.




Disclose TV





New York Post 

That time the CIA tried to train cats to be spies

spy cats cia




CIA - Cats trained to be spies

NT News, Australia

CIA: Cats trained to be spies in short-lived experiment 



Time Line for CIA’s interest in the paranormal and human consciousness.

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