A star prize

27th May 1999
Tivy-Side Advertiser

A mindblowing prize


A NEWCASTLE Emlyn mother of three should have been able to predict that she would scoop the top prize in a radio competition.

For Jane Yates of Coed y Bryn correctly guessed the shape telepathic artist Uri Geller was drawing 250 miles away in the broadcasting studios of Atlantic 252 in London.

And Jane also claims that Uri Geller mended her car clock.

“I was, listening to the radio and stuck in a traffic jam in Newcastle Emlyn when Uri Geller told listeners that he would try to mend their clocks. Just for a laugh the children said ‘Go on mum, mend the car clock’ – so I and my youngest daughter put our hands over it and it started working! I could hardly believe it.”

When Jane got home she turned on the radio and Uri Geller asked listeners to concentrate on the shape he was drawing.

“The shape of a star came into my head, so I drew it and sent it off and thought nothing more about it,” she said.

Last week the postman arrived with the first prize – a signed copy of Geller’s novel Dead Cold – with the star shape drawn in the back – and a signed crystal from his personal collection.

“I am setting up my own company designing websites so I am hoping the crystal will bring me some luck,” said Jane.

Pictured below: Jane and her youngest daughter Emily with the Uri Geller book and crystal.

Picture: Emyr Rhys Wifliams



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