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Metal Bending

The next remarkable sequence of photos from a Super 8 movie film taken by James Bolen, editor and publisher of Psychic (now New Realities) magazine, shows Israeli Uri Geller breaking a dinner fork in two through mind over matter. The fork, which Bolen personally verified as being intact before the demonstration, gradually becomes pliable at it’s midsection as Gellerrolls his thumb and index finger over it. The fork finally breaks apart, the prong part clinging slightly to the handle just before it drops away, suggesting that the stainless steel momentarily became plasticlike.
Here the kindling is taking place in the nuclei of the metal atoms and also along the lines of field force in the bonding lattice. The protons in the nuclei may become quarklike due to partial extinguishing of the pions which create their electrical charges. The softening of the electrical field directly softens the ability to hold electrons and rearranges electron orbits. In addition, kindling is occurring in the orbital electrons, partially extinguishing their charge also. The overall effect is for the metal to become plasticlike as lattice bonds are severely weakened. For a metal break due to these effects, the metal in and near thefracture should show the results of severe electromagnetic fields at the localized level, eg., as if subjected to intense heat from an internal laser action. This has indeed been found to be the case in other experiments, notably by Byrd and Franklin.

Uri Geller

Uri Geller has demonstrated numerous capabilities: he has affected a magnometer inside a Faraday shiled; bent and broken metal objects; caused a fresh flower to wither and dry in seconds; permanently changed the crystal structure of nitinol; altered magnetic programs on computer cards; influenced a Geiger counter; dematerialized matter; and demonstrated the inceptive Cyborg effect, thought-photography, telepathy and the Geller Effect (the sympathetic stimulation of a psi-positive).

It is useless to attempt to explain the feats performed by Uri Geller in terms of the ordinary fields and effects of known Physics. Nothing short of a new pysics paradigm will suffice. The new paradigm must encompass both mind and physics within the same theoretical framework, if it is to succeed in explaining how mind affects matter.

In terms of present physics and logic, the mind is regarded as totally separate from matter. For mind and matter to interact, some aspect of mind must be the same as some aspect of matter, i.e. to move matter a force is required. Force is the time rate of change of momentum. To generate a force capable of moving matter, mind must be able to change momentum. But since momentum can only be ontained from something which has momentum to give up, then the mind must somehow possess momentum.

If this is so, then the momentum must ordinarily exist in a separate three-dimensional space, since it apparently does not ordinarily exist in laboratory 3-dimensional space. Such a situation requires at least six spatial dimensions and one common time dimension, such that the mind (mental phenomena) is a set of objective physical phenomena existing in an ordinary objective three-dimensional space, but one which is three orthogonalities away, spatially, from the laboratory three-dimensional space.

Mental changes upon physical objects would thus imply orthogonal rotation of mental objects from the mental three-dimensional space into or closer to the laboratory three-dimensional space. Everett’s many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics contains a structure where such representation is possible, and the MWI is consistent with the entire experimental basis of modern physics. Thus from the MWI, it is possible to objectively model the mind and matter, and from that, psychotronics as well.


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