Are you Intuitive ?

Practice your telepathic gifts.
You can sharpen your psi sense by having fun with telepathy.
The first step to reading minds is learning to sense someone’s physical presence. Close your eyes, hold out your palm
uri5 and ask your partner to trace a square, a cross or a circle with their fingertip, half an inch from your open hand. Focus on what you feel on your palm. A tingle, warm and electric, will begin in the sensitive skin. The tingle will quickly take shape… as a square, a cross or a circle. As you become more experienced, try to sense the shape when your partner is just thinking about it, instead of tracing it. Try your hand at psychometry Be bold. Ask a friend to give you an object with a personal history – something you don’t know about. A book, a piece of jewellery, a kitchen implement – whatever it is, hold it and imagine what its secrets might be. This is psychometry, and it’s great fun. People who are laughing at the notion one minute are laughing in delight the next as they reel off whatever ideas enter their heads. The incredible thing is that novice psychometrists are often spookily accurate. It’s more than beginner’s luck – psi skills work best for people who are not trying too hard – people who are simply having fun. Don’t dismiss déjà vu Déjà vu, perhaps the most common psychic experience, is one of the most mysterious. The standard sceptical explanation is that this phenomenon – when we sense that we have seen a place or lived through an event before – is a brain malfunction, where the two hemispheres of the brain slip out of sync for a second. To many people, it seems more sensible than the idea that we have lived before, and perhaps visited a place in a previous life. I find the idea of reincarnation hard to accept but I will never forget driving through Exeter with my family, as my teenage son confidently described all the streets and buildings before we got to them – though he had never been near the place before in this life. Was he an Exeter lad last time around? One thing’s for sure, he is City’s biggest soccer fan now. Jung, riding through Africa for the first time, felt he was returning to the continent of his past – a 5,000-year-old past. He called déjà vu “the recog-nition of the immemorially known”. Next time you experience this mystical state of mind, don’t brush it aside. Treat it as a wake-up call to your Mindpower. Uri Geller’s novels Dead Cold and Ella are published by Headline at £5.99 each. Mind Medicine is published by Element at £20. Website: or e-mail Uri at [email protected]
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