Article in the Reading Evening Post – August 13, 1999

August 13, 1999 – The Reading Evening Post

Geller Tip : Forget Nostradamus and other doomsday merchants
Think positive for Millennium – Uri


DOOMSDAY predictions should be met with positive thought, according to Sonning spoonbender Uri Geller.

The UK’s best known paranormalist reported in his regular Reading Evening Post column that the Aztecs predicted that Friday, August 13, 1999 was a Day of Destiny and the world could end – again.

Across the world, followers of Nostradamus were expecting the end of the world in July. When it did not happen they shifted the date to Wednesday’s eclipse.

Mr. Geller, speaking from his home, said: ‘The Millennium is a time when very many people are predicting the end of the world.

I am very sceptical about these things, although 1 try to keep an open mind.’

Mr Geller said he watched the eclipse from a boat in the Channel off Le Havre, where he was broadcasting his regular radio show to America.

He said: ‘I was talking to an astronomer about solar flares, which do exist and do already affect electronic equipment on earth. If a solar flare broke off and came this way, it could destroy the earth.

“However, Mr Geller believes in the power of the mind and said that with positive thought, it was possible to ward off such things.

This recipe for positive thought is meditation or prayer – a minute a day is enough.

He said: ‘Think positive thoughts, always be optimistic and see the good in things and keep smiling. ‘Never ever think that you won’t be here tomorrow.’

Mr Geller said that he did not believe in prophesies of doom but he added : “I do believe in UFOS.’



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