Bedtime star signs

What an angry email I received last week from a chap who called himself a ?studying scientist? at a Scottish university. He took great exception to the notion that random number generators, those machines which churn out a patternless series of ones and zeroes, might somehow be responsive to great surges of human emotion.?Nonsense,? cried the studying scientist, and ?completely wrong?, and ?misinformation?. Where did I get these ridiculous notions?


Assertive Aries loves to keep fit – but don’t exercise vigorously before bed, as you’ll set the adrenaline flowing. A spot of

horizontal jogging is OK, of course…

Steadfast Taurus is fond of a nightcap. Try hot chocolate or maltedmilk sometimes, because even a small dose of alcohol daily ishabit-forming, and a depressant.

Gregarious Gemini can’t resist partying into the small hours at theweekend. But this plays havoc with the body clock. To beat insomnia,get to bed on time.

Sensitive Cancer is a worrier. Make it a rule to worry about thingsonly when you can fix them. That rules out half your problems – and at 3am, nothing should be bothering you. Sort it out in the morning!

Lazy Leo likes to lounge in bed long after the alarm goes off. Buttoo much sleep is as bad as too little – you’ll be tired during the

day, and reluctant to go to bed in the night.

Virtuous Virgo, that’s not a cigarette in your hand, surely? Nicotineis always bad for you, but last thing at night it’s an undesirablestimulant.

Refined Libra enjoys good food. Just don’t indulge too much beforebed, because digestive juices play havoc with sleep.

Sexy Scorpio should turn off the TV and concentrate strictly on yourpartner. What do you need a TV in the bedroom for anyhow?

Optimistic Sagittarius must cut down on caffeine. Three cups ofcoffee in the morning can cause palpitations and sleeplessness manyhours later. Switch to water.

Movie-addict Capricorn can’t resist the late-night shows. But if youcrash out on the couch, you’ll never get to sleep when you finallymake it to bed.

Intellectual Aquarius treats bed as a place to catch up on readingand thinking. You’re missing the point, brainy: bed is for sleep.

Emotional Pisces has to unwind properly. Start your bedtime routine -teeth, milk, pyjamas – an hour before you hit the sheets, and leaveyour worries beyond the bedroom door.


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