Bend the rules not the spoons

2nd September 1997

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SO Mr Madejski refuses to ‘bend’ the rules and has stopped Uri Geller from attending Elm Park with his family.

Most clubs would give their right arm to have a well-known celebrity among their numbers – in fact the chairman would do well to make Mr Geller a director.

His enthusiasm would have shone through during the recent difficult times. Or is it just a case that the club has run out of spoons?
Tony Moore
St Annes Road

MIKE REPLIES: Sad isn’t it? I do not want to be drawn into debate on this issue, suffice to say that Uri Geller did more to bring attention to our glamourless club than any other single person over the last two years.

So what if he wanted to bring his family. Some of the faceless people that occupy seats in directors’ boxes up and down this land could not hold a candle to this man.

If there was a ‘two-way street’ situation and Uri also gained publicity from his affiliation, what the hell!

To me it indicates once more that we have a rather perverted attitude in this town when it comes to stars and celebrities. We initially welcome them with open arms then push them to one side when their usefulness has dried up.

I don’t understand the issues and perhaps there are other reasons for his absence at the club. If this is the case then the club should tell us because we are desperately short of celebrities – in fact I cannot think of any others, so Uri’s loss is even sadder for that.

Perhaps the club would like to make a comment through this column in order that we may all try to understand this rather strange departure and give the club the opportunity to put their side of this issue.

It would seem Uri no longer has the desire to visit the club and, contrary to rumour, is not about to become a regular at Fulham, where the chairman, Mr AI Fayed, would welcome him with open arms.


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