Bend A Spoon – Win $1 Million offers Uri Geller


World famous spoon bending psychic Uri Geller has laid down a challenge to psychics around the world –bend a spoon on the Internet and win one million dollars!

Anyone with access to the Internet – a worldwide computer link-up system – is invited to take up the challenge and use psychic energy to bend the spoon displayed on the computer screen.

Uri comments “I’m really excited about the challenge. throughout my career I’ve had thousands of letters and phone calls from people claiming paranormal things have happened in their own homes whether it’s spoons bending, clocks and watches starting or stopping and other telepathic phenomena.”

“When I was introduced to the Internet, I had the idea of conducting an experiment to see whether it would be possible to bend a spoon on the Internet using telepathy.”

The original spoon will be held in a locked, transparent safe in Uri’s Berkshire home and its image relayed ‘live’ on the Internet system.

Psychics are being asked to concentrate on the screen image and by using their own powers, cause it to bend. Uri adds “I hope it will work, there are no guarantees, but I predict that it will be a child or teenager. Kids seem able to demonstrate these powers because they are not sceptical – they don’t have any mental barriers.”

Successful challengers are to be invited to participate with Uri in further psychokinesis tests over the telephone.

Anyone completing these initial tests demonstrating special psychic abilities will be invited to try a final spoon-bending display at Uri’s home. Witnesses to the event will include the president of the Magic Circle, David Berglass, as well as the thousands of Internet users across the globe.

The $1 million prize money will be awarded to any person able to successfully complete all phases of the test – or in the event of more than one successful candidate split equally between them.

The Internet Challenge will be carefully monitored by scientists Stephen Ross and David Robertson who, between them, have published a number of studies on paranormal phenomena.

The scientists will use methods developed by J B Hasted, a professor of physics at London University’s Birkbeck College and author of the book ‘The Metal Benders’. Professor Hasted has undertaken a series of experiments to record the paranormal bending of metals using scientifically developed techniques which ensure against the possibility of cheating.

Uri’s challenge was issued at eleven minutes, past eleven on Thursday, January 11 – a time and . date specially chosen because of the psychic and spiritual connections with the number eleven.

Uri is adamant that the challenge is not a publicity stunt, but an important move forward in paranormal research. “Not only will it be a fascinating and entertaining exercise, but a unique experiment. I’m not making any profit from it. My fees are being donated to the Save The Children Fund and to fund a foundation for Paranormal research,” he adds.

The experiment, which has already captured worldwide media attention, will commence on February 29 and will remain open until December 31, 1996.

For those interested in taking up the Internet Challenge, the Internet web-site is located at



A FANTASTIC SITE that allows : you to test your psychic powers, courtesy of that spoon-bending phenomenon, Uri Geller. Enter the site and you are invited to psychically locate buried treasure on a map of the world. Clicking on a spot reveals whether you have found gold. After 2O moves the game decides if your score rates a place in its psychics’ hall of fame.


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