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May. 8. 1992

Tokyo Denki University
Dept. of Electronics
Prof Yoshio Machi


DATA: Two patterns on the screen are the results from FFT analysis of the brain wave of the frontal head. Right sidee4i brain on the right, left side brain on the left.
The figure on the corner 00:07:58:65 is the duration of the experiment, i.e. 7 minutes 58 seconds 65. Old data move up towards right. The pattern on the left side shows the same figure. De, Theta, Alpha, Beta are the types of waves measured. The frequency width of each wave is: alpha wave 8-12 Hz, beta wave 12-35 Hz. At this experiment, we did not put importance of delta wave and theta wave.
The colour scale shows the strength of alpha and beta waves.
Blue means weak and pink means strong.


Beta wave of the right side brain is mostly blue. It’s usually pink with ordinary people. This result means that Mr. Geller’s brain is usually inactive and relaxed.
Although similar result can be attained by Quigong instructors, Japanese priests and other psychics when they concentrate, but they also have strong beta wave under a normal circumstance just like ordinary people.
We measured strong beta wave three times on both sides. At these three moments, both sides of the brain acted strongly in unison. Each duration is just about a couple of seconds which leads us to analyse that tremendous energy was generated at those points. Those are the times when Mr. Geller nodded. So it is reasonable to think that Mr. Geller was reading my mind at those very moments. I do not know how mechanism works yet, but if I measure my brain wave and Mr. Geller’s at the same time, I may be able to come up with more desirable analysis. There are some green patterns in the beta wave area in some other times. It does mean that the brain is acting more of less but I have not been able to analyse exactly what it means.
It is interesting that Mr. Geller’s alpha wave is very stable while he’s reading mind whereas that of other psychics and Quigong instructors shows some changes while they are concentrating. In other words, when Quigong instructors and other psychics concentrate, beta wave almost disappears and wave remains still strong (although less strong than usual). Mr. Geller’s alpha waves of both sides, on the contrary, have very narrow amplitude before, during, and after the crucial moments, hardly showing any changes.
We measured extremely low beta wave, it is safe to say that he is very relaxed.
Compared to ordinary people’s brain wave, Mr. Geller’s has very little amplitude. It is very interesting that he can activate his brain when necessary in a second and read other people’s mind.


thai thbi thci thdi thei

DATA: The colours show the change of the temperature. Far left is 30.0° C, far right is 36.4°C. The figure in the left corner is the date and time when the experiment took place.


The experiment started at 16:47,14.1 – 16:53,27.3(pm 4 o’clock 47 minutes 14.1 seconds – pm 4 o’clock 53 minutes 27.3 seconds). A is the initial point, and E is the last point. The wide yellow line covering the eyes to the jaw shown in A is diminishing gradually in B,C,D. The blue area over the cheeks in A is gradually getting bigger in B,C,D. The red parts near the eyes are gradually fading in B,C,D. It means that the blood circulation in the face had become less active during mind reading therefore the temperature of the face had dropped.
Nevertheless, the blood circulation around the eyes is still comparatively active. The amount of blood flow in human head is scientifically proven to be stable. So it is safe to say that the blood had gathered to the points that needed energy for mind reading.
The results we had from the similar experiments with Quigong instructors, Japanese priests or other psychics showed red patterns. Which means that the temperature of their faces had risen. (although it can’t been observed with the naked eye). It is very interesting that Mr. Geller had an opposite result.


The telepathy experiment was conducted under the following conditions; e5iThere were 6 people in the laboratory; 2 engineers from the factory that makes thermography (they both are graduates of Tokyo Denki University), 2 students assistants, myself and Mr. Geller.

Under no circumstances, Mr. Geller could have seen my drawing before the experiment was all over. Only after Mr. Geller drew the image he received, my drawing was revealed.
Prof. Yoshio Machi


d1i d2i d3i d4i d5i d6i
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