June 16th 1996


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We fly magic man to Wembly glory

NOW Uri going to believe us! Your Englandmad Sport of the World teamed up with the world’s mostnotw2 famous psychic to help England stuff the Jocks yesterday.
We so wanted England to win, we flew Uri Geller in a helicopter 1,200ft over Wembley-and he did the rest.
Uri had with him the cap presented to England’s 1966 World Cup hero George Cohen, 11 magical crystals for each member of Venables’ team – and a giant crystal to receive and transmit positive thoughts.
His magical powers and mystical surge of energy were beamed down from our helicopter as England’s lionhearts battled with Scotland’s bravehearts.
And Uri, who had predicted all week on all the major British television stations that England would win 20 AND that Alan Shearer would score, was adamant it was his psychic force that finally broke the Jocks down.
“I stuck out my hand holding George’s cap and the big crystal and BANG, Shearer scored.”
“It was the most incredible thing in my life.”
Then, back on land, as Gary McAllister prepared to take that penalty, Uri’s telepathic communication urged David Seaman to dive to his right.
He did and saved the kick.
Uri said: “When the penalty was taken, I willed David to dive to his right. He did and it was a magnificent save”


Amazingly, England hero Seaman admitted something odd happened moments before McAllister stepped up for the spotkick.
England’s No 1 said: “I noticed the ball started rolling ever so slightly and I thought he might replace it on the penalty spot but he just went ahead and kicked it. Perhaps it put Gary off.”
Uri added: “That was pure telepathy. I’m so pleased.”
It began as a case of ‘air we go air we go’ as we took off from Denham airfield, just a few miles west of Wembley
The first fly past the Twin Towers was fascinating and emotional; the second was absolutely unbelievable.
For at 4.12pm, 53 minutes into the actual match, he gripped Cohen’s cap-and Shearer’s header hit the back of the net.
Uri enthused: “You see, if everyone visualises England winning, they will.”
Send out messages of goodwill and those positive vibrations can move anything.
“The players down there felt my power very strongly.”
“Yes, It was extraordinary that I should put them both out at that time, but it shows how my power had connected the millions willing England on.”
“I was thinking ‘Come on England, give us a goal’. And I made sure I didn’t drop the cap, knowing how much it means to George and English football history.’
Gazza’s solo goal was a sheer delight, too. Uri enthused: “You see, once again I was clutching George’s cap so tight.”
“It’s amazing, almost supernatural.”
“It was something extra to hold a genuine power article in my hand.”
“All the hopes, fears, anxieties nd excitement of what George went through to win it were transmitted to millions of other people who got behind England.”
“The proof of the result validates everything I’ve been saying for the last three or four days. I’m so excited.”
So should Glenn Hoddle. For England’s next manager and Uri have already spoken.
And, unlike Venners, Hoddle is ready to accept victory can be all in the mind.

Extract from the Daily Express 17 June 1996

Gary McAllister was quoted by Kevin Moseley as saying “I made the wrong decision. The ball did move a fraction when I was about to hit it, but I’m not going to hold that up as an excuse. I didn’t score and that’s that. I don’t think I can feel any worse.”

Extract from the Daily Mail 17 June 1996

David Seaman was interviewed by Rob Shepherd where he said the following:-
“This time I was determined to stand big as long as possible, in the hope of psyching out Mc Allister. Although the ball rolled forward a shade as he ran up I could tell by the way he was shaping it would go to my right.”


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