Bruce busts the Boardman record

Western Daily News

SUPER cyclist Bruce Bursford, from Dereham, has smashed Olympic gold medallist Chris bruceBoardman’s world time trial record.

Bursford, 41, reached an average speed of 38.7mph – over 4mph faster than Boardman, who recorded an average speed of 34.5mph.

He completed the 4.3 mile route in just 6 minutes and 38 seconds, spurred on by celebrity paranormalist and team member Uri Geller, who followed in a car speaking through a loudhailer.

Bursford already holds nine world records for static cycling, but this is the first time he has attempted a time trial route.

He rode his ultralight Ultimate Aurora Bike and wore his Aerodome helmet, both awarded Millennium Products status by the British Design Council. They use materials and technology used in the weapons industry and Formula One racing.

Bursford said: “I feel absolutely brilliant. The conditions were not perfect as the roads were a bit damp – I was hoping to go even faster.”

His £25,000 cycle, which weighs no more than four bags of sugar, was fitted with the latest Continental ASC tyres designed to take extreme pressure necessary for maximum performance.

Bursford chose a route renowned in the cycling world, The Bank, west of Abergavenney in South Wales. Some of the slopes are as steep as one in five.

Bursford had been training for six hours and consuming 10,000 calories a day in preparation for the trial.

His trainer Cefyn Lloyd said: “Bruce trained long and hard for this and it has paid off. But the Ultimate Bike is a major factor in achieving such performance.”

Bruce added that he would not stop at this. “I’m going to beat this record, on Norfolk roads in a few weeks’ time. And I also want to go for the hour record.”

Bursford, cheered on by his wife and children, held the trial in association with the Marks and Spencer’s Children’s Promise Millennium Final Hour Appeal.


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