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Editor’s Picks: Archaeological Wonders of 2018. Did Uri Geller really use ESP to find an ancient factory?

  Does bread predate agriculture? Why did Gauls embalm the heads of their enemies? Did Uri Geller really use ESP to find an ancient factory? Read all about it in Haaretz’s top archaeology stories of 2018



Ottoman-era soap factory unearthed under Uri Geller’s Jaffa museum

Underground chambers, soap making tools found beneath building in ancient port city that will house magician’s exhibition    Read More...


Israeli illusionist Uri Geller “felt intuitively” that there was something significant hidden beneath a pile of refuse at the ancient building where his museum is under construction in Jaffa.

Whether or not one believes that the spoon-bending Geller has supernatural powers, based on that hunch, archaeologists proceeded to uncover a soap-manufacturing factory dating...   Read More...

Surprising Discovery During Construction of the Uri Geller Museum

Jaffa’s ‘Clean’ Soap Factory

A surprising discovery was made in Jaffa during the construction of the Uri Geller museum. As electricians were rewiring the ancient building which will house the museum, a large chamber was uncovered dating to the Ottoman period. Uri Geller, for whom the museum is named, felt intuitively that there was something hidden underneath...   Read More...

Il sensitivo Geller scopre fabbrica di sapone di epoca ottomana nel cuore di Giaffa

Clamorosa scoperta nella parte vecchia della città israeliana a pochi mesi dall’apertura del museo intitolato all’archeologo


Uri Geller Bends Dirt Pile, Finds Ottoman-era Soap Factory in Israel

While building the Uri Geller museum in Jaffa, the psychic says he intuited that there was something beneath a suspect pile of refuse

While visiting the site of the future Uri Geller Museum in Jaffa, the self-proclaimed Israeli psychic who famously claims to bend cutlery with his mind noticed a pile of rubble and garbage that turned out to contain the...   Read More...

Museum builders uncover 19th century soap factory in Jaffa

Surprise discovery at future Uri Geller Museum is second Ottoman-era soap factory found in the vicinity, evidence of a once-thriving industry.    Read More...

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