Letters From Fans

I wound the antique clock as instructed, to my surprise it started ticking but I went ahead and held it during the experiment with Uri. It continued to tick UNTIL the 3rd “work”!!!
Has soon as I got “work” out of my mouth it stopped  lol

My old Westclock pocket watch has not worked in years, BUT ITS WORKING NOW!

Thanks Uri!

I don’t have an old watch, so I tried it with an old clock. It worked!!


Thought I’d let you know the watch experiment worked. When I looked at it, it wasn’t working, but when I held it up to my ear it started working.


Thanks, Chris.

My wife just woke me up after Uri Geller did some amazing experiment over your Coast to Coast Radio program. She had a vintage Marcel travel clock next to the radio she bought at Goodwill that was not working before.  She really is freaking out! She listens to your show all the time and likely will continue!

Old pocket watch.

It works!

Watch is working!

My wife can’t believe it 😁 !


I listened to your show on March 28,2020 on Coast to Coast America and I was floored when you spoke about 11:11. Last week I found a website that possibly had an answer…its titled ARE YOU SEEING 11:11?  SUNDANCE FILM “I ORIGINS” EXPLORES THIS PHENOMENON…WILLOW SOUL heals. I just found a 2nd article and will give you the links to both..https://willowsoul.com/blogs/numbers/seeing-1111-sundance-film-i-origins    and   https://willowsoul.com/blogs/numbers/5-reasons-why-you-are-seeing-11-11-the-meaning-of-1111 Since I read this article I have started praying at the time of seeing 11:11 or 1:11 that the angels will destroy the Covid-19 virus (which I knew was going to happen since 1978 and I have been preparing myself for it for 42 years after reading THE STAND by Stephen King ) GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS….GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US.

Hello Mr. Uri Geller, 

I tried listening to you on a radio show ‘Coast to Coast AM’ last night, but radio signal was weak coming in. It would fade out. Frustrating. However, I wanted to participate in having one of my watches being restored, but first, I had to find it. My family had recently moved and everything is everywhere. Of course, since I was a child I have been a fan of yours. I remember trying to have conversations with adults about your existence and your abilities, but I was always rebuffed with ‘Nah’. This was early seventies. Before this pandemic about a month before it started I had this dream about this huge white tornado touching down in my mountanous town where I live.
I was driving down a road with a unknown female and she started to scream because the sheer size of this tornado was monstrous. Then I heard more people screaming then I woke up.
Instantly, I recalled that I dreamt about this ‘huge white tornado’ twice before, not remembering it, completely! As I layed there I was wondering why didn’t I remember it the first 2 times. 
I now think it was related to this pademic virus. 
Also, in your interview on radio last night, which I was having problems with reception, I thought I heard Mr. Noory say something about ‘the time frame length of virus’, and you replied ‘a year?’ Interesting. Please sir, have a nice day. It is a pleasure to correspond with you personally through the internet. You strike me as a humble man. 
Dear Uri
I was going through your book Mind Power Kit and remembering the beautiful interaction with you. You are truly God sent and I pray for your long life and good health.
Any plan to come back to London?May I give your charged crystal to my daughter?

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