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I listened to your show on March 28,2020 on Coast to Coast America and I was floored when you spoke about 11:11. Last week I found a website that possibly had an answer…its titled ARE YOU SEEING 11:11?  SUNDANCE FILM “I ORIGINS” EXPLORES THIS PHENOMENON…WILLOW SOUL heals. I just found a 2nd article and will give you the links to both..https://willowsoul.com/blogs/numbers/seeing-1111-sundance-film-i-origins    and   https://willowsoul.com/blogs/numbers/5-reasons-why-you-are-seeing-11-11-the-meaning-of-1111 Since I read this article I have started praying at the time of seeing 11:11 or 1:11 that the angels will destroy the Covid-19 virus (which I knew was going to happen since 1978 and I have been preparing myself for it for 42 years after reading THE STAND by Stephen King ) GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS….GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US.

Hello Mr. Uri Geller, 

I tried listening to you on a radio show ‘Coast to Coast AM’ last night, but radio signal was weak coming in. It would fade out. Frustrating. However, I wanted to participate in having one of my watches being restored, but first, I had to find it. My family had recently moved and everything is everywhere. Of course, since I was a child I have been a fan of yours. I remember trying to have conversations with adults about your existence and your abilities, but I was always rebuffed with ‘Nah’. This was early seventies. Before this pandemic about a month before it started I had this dream about this huge white tornado touching down in my mountanous town where I live.
I was driving down a road with a unknown female and she started to scream because the sheer size of this tornado was monstrous. Then I heard more people screaming then I woke up.
Instantly, I recalled that I dreamt about this ‘huge white tornado’ twice before, not remembering it, completely! As I layed there I was wondering why didn’t I remember it the first 2 times. 
I now think it was related to this pademic virus. 
Also, in your interview on radio last night, which I was having problems with reception, I thought I heard Mr. Noory say something about ‘the time frame length of virus’, and you replied ‘a year?’ Interesting. Please sir, have a nice day. It is a pleasure to correspond with you personally through the internet. You strike me as a humble man. 
Dear Uri
I was going through your book Mind Power Kit and remembering the beautiful interaction with you. You are truly God sent and I pray for your long life and good health.
Any plan to come back to London?May I give your charged crystal to my daughter?

Dear Uri,

I confess today at 11.11 o‚clock….I stole your powerful energy. Not for myself but for a good purpose! We have a big pond on our property about 200000 Liters. And the little river that supplied it with water, ran dry since one year. Our nature treasure was about to die. You were my last hope. By using your energy I found a well on my property that can supply the pond with water and save the lives of frogs, snakes, fish, insects etc I will send you pictures if you like!

Shalom Uri Geller,

Please don’t feel bothered that I am writing to you again. I want to share some more unbelievable miracles with you:
Maybe you remember how I told you, my pond was about to dry out and die, when I had the idea of using “Uri Geller Energy” and suddenly there was a well in the middle of my garden! The water is still flowing leaving neighbors around in a state of disbelief.
The pond is full with water even now when we had up to 40 C in Germany and every well ceases to flow. Not here. I dug a hole to collect the water forming a little pond above the big pond now. And this is just so crazy, what happened: when I was digging in the mud, I suddenly held a little shiny golden thing in my hand. Tiny, but obviously not the rest of disposals, what had been my first idea. It seems that this little well transports so called “Seifengold”, tiny little pieces of real gold. Can you imagine, how I started laughing, when I realized that.
It would be very hard work to exploit it for profit. But I do not intend to do that. 
It is a treasure of nature. I just feel so privileged to be here in this fairy tale environment. Recently little bats came in the evening to dance above the water.
It is a place of mystic encounters and mystic creatures.
Sending you greatfulness and positive energy!

Dear Uri!

Let me write you our miracle. I have a 7 year old son who had different problems with his ears as “serous otitis”. We had an operation 2 years ago but nothing has changed. In March the doctor said he had an other operation because in the future he will be deaf. We got the documents regarding the operatiion and started to wait. During this long 3 weeks I put the crystal (I got it from you with your signature) on this documents and thought:”Uri and his power, help us and heal my son’s ears, please!!!” 3 weeks later the doctor checked my son’s ears and said that it is no need to operate them because they are perfect! He got well and from that time everything is ok!

…so thanks so much your crystal and power, I think, you helped us.

Great interview with George Noory last night!  It was nice to get an update on what you have been up to to.  My opinion of you had been fairly negative as all I knew is what I saw on a few James Randi videos and I had no idea that you remained a public figure.  I really liked your interview with George and am pleased to say that I have been switched from assuming you are “a charlatan” to becoming a fan.  I look forward to hearing future Coast to Coast interviews with you.  Best of Luck with your future endeavours, including finding the Holy Grail! 
Your appearance on Coast to Coast was fascinating. Hands down the most interesting I’ve heard. You’ve lived a life worth living well done.


Whatever you did worked. I just sent this picture to George.

My Dad (who has passed) his watch hasn’t worked for 30 years. You got it ticking.

I’ve been messing with it since then, and I absolutely cannot get it ticking again. You’re amazing!


Here’s what I sent to George.


I swear I am not lying. This gold watch from my dad hasn’t worked for 30 years.

I joined with you and Uri and yelled Work! Work! Work!

And the damned little bastard started ticking! 

It stopped after we all quit yelling at it, but the fact that it happened at all is pretty crazy.

Shows what you can do with intention, right?

Keep rocking, George. I listen to you every night/morning/whatever.

That was crazy.


Uri Geller got me hired at Microsoft.
I was doing computer work for <name removed for privacy>
Uri had flown to Seattle to be interviewed.
He bent a spoon and key etc.
Afterward in the hall, I asked him which of the three he prefers, among the possibilities he had posed as to where the capability comes from.
He said aliens.
I smiled. I like that.
Then he asked what I do. I said I’m delivering newspapers but will interview at Microsoft next week.
We chatted a bit more until interrupted.
When he left, out the door, taxi waiting, I was standing in their dining room pondering all that just happened.
Then the door opened again.
I thought he must have forgotten something.
Instead he walked over to me, towering over me.
Pointing his finger in my face he said, now you listen to me.
When you go to those interviews at Microsoft, you make them hire you. Do you understand me? He repeated it.
He could see how shy I was.
Because of that, I was more confident, and worked there 8 years. It made the difference.
What a great great caring man. Brings tears to my eyes.
Next day I was showing someone how he bent a key, just lightly moving my finger over it.
My key bent to the point I could no longer use it.
What a bugger, he ruined my key LOL.
Have a great day,

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