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Dear Uri,
I watched the Tv program “Hamakor” and I have to tell you that, I’m really agree with you about the Israeli behavior in Israel. They don’t learn communication skills, all the time they compare themselves to other people- “looking outside instead inside” and that’s why they can’t encourage without being envious.
In early stage of my life, I understood from psychology books that when you are becoming successful person, people will look after you. you can take “Arkadi Gaydamak” as example: “he spent millions of dollars in this country and finally the Israeli citizen forgot about his kindness” , for good or bad, people have short memory. I learned from you that “you have to be focus about what are you thinking about yourself and your vision and not what other people thinking about you”
I think that people in Israel need inspiration, hope and motivation to live their life, therefore I believe that a person like you should represent Israel country like an inspired ambassador in the world.

Have a great day,

I have to remind you that we met and talked on the flight to England while I was working for XXX.


From: xxxxx xxxxxx
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 06:42:01 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: genuinely need help
Hi Uri,

I value life immensely and consider it as the most useful reward of nature. I always wish that all the hurt, hunger and disease may vanish from the universe.

I cannot say that my situation is more painful than those of the children. You are one of the noblest souls and I know that you are very well aware of pain that a person goes through when he has lost his or her love. Losing life is inevitable but losing love is someting that I am not in a position to describe. One does not meet good people everyday in life and xxxx was one of the person who loved me. I know I made lot of mistakes with xxxx when she used to love me like anything and I did not reciprocate and I am paying the price for that now.

I consider myself blessed that I am getting to talk to you. This is again a divine indication. People just dont get to talk to each other randomly. There is a divine order to it.


Dear Uri,
My name is xxxxx and I live in Moscow. I have just seen the russian TV program with you in there and I was impressed by some things you said about power of our thoughts. I also have read some books about that and I’ve trully believed that, but sometimes I feel comfused about it. You also said that you like when people do think about their future life, and not just using their parents as a “money mochine”. And I really enjoyed that show but there is something that is really bothering me and that I want to ask you. You see, the whole my mistake was that I realized some main stuff just now and I was just a usual kid, who wanted to hang out with friends and etc. But right now, I realized that the whole life is not only about having fun with friends. I am graduating high school this year, almost in one month. and I want to study in MSU, which is one of the best universities in Moscow, and not to many people are able to get a scolarship there. And in my case, I realized what I want too late. But the question is ” is it really possible to make that this year?” as you said, if you really want something, you can get it right? And I have only like… 20 days left for my first exam, and I haven’t even prepared for that… and right now it’s sooo hard for me to start. You may think like ” what this girl wants from me?” right? 🙂 Well I just want to know if it could be the same as you made people not smoke anymore?

Thanks for your time. And I will be really happy to hear your suggest about my question.
Sincerely, xxxxx

Hi,Uri!Now i watch TV in Russia,”talk show” where you in Moscow with Andrei Malahov.I see that you are very kind men and may be you can help me.I am 34,and i still dream to apply in US College for becoming journalist.But education costs many many.And in Russia it is very hard receive loan or credit for education.May be you have fond for prospective student or  something as loan programm?I can prepare all paper if it need.Please,don’t laugh me.It’s realy my dream of life.Sincerely,xxxx from Russia.

Dear Uri!Thank you very much for your answer!I believe that you and people which surround you very-very kind and good.And i’ll be believe in my Luck and happiness.God blessing you!Sinckerely,xxxx.

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From: xxxxx
To: [email protected]
Subject: Truly Amazing!
Sent: 5 May 2009 18:37

I am 53 year old kenyan and I have never met you. I am probably the only Kenya to ever contact you and to tell you how truly I am inspired by the way you have given inspiration and encouragement to millions. This I have gathered from your website although I heard about you and your unusual ability to bent cutlery in the 1970s.
I am a Christian and endeavor to know God more and more everyday of my life. However, I have never really discovered what He intended me to do to positively influence the lives of others. Part of my problem, I think, is low self esteem.
Please think of me and help me to be more positive and courageous.
Thanks and may God continue to bless you Uri.
I just want to thank God for using you to positively.

Uri, I was so delighted to receive a personal response from you within 3 hours of my writing, I am just recovering from excitement. That you actually responded personally boggles my mind considering that you receive messages globally. I cannot thank you enough and want to let you know that I do not remember when I last felt as positive as today. Please continue to pray for me and others around me.

I too am in prayer for you.

God bless you

I’ve been watching that Russian tv show you participated in, and I was really inspired by you. No, not by your tricks.But, by your speech and words.
I’m a student, going next year to a university. And you were right by saying that every person should have a goal , determined, and accomplish his dreams.
You’re a wise man.

Hello! I’ve seen your performance on Russian TV show just this evening and the reason why I decided to write you is strange for me. The fact is when you did that trick with a watch, I took mine and it began to work, too!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE that?! Of course you can, what a stupid question! And I can’t ))))) For me its still a miracle, I hope to solve it somehow… by the way, do you do it with mechanical watch only???

I dont know if you’re a magician, or not, you know, people are able to think in different ways, but as for me, I think there’s something really magic about you)) It’s pleasant to feel it, to feel some magic, at least sometimes… Thank you for giving me this feeling 🙂
And I hope you are planning to give some shows in Ukraine? 🙂 And if yes, when?
Ouch, if you answer, that should be the biggest miracle of the weeeeeeeek…. :):):)

Hi Uri,

I emailed you in December and let you know that my sister had cancer.
You left her a message on her answer phone and also spoke to her in
person when xxxx was in hospital.

xxxx died on 16th March aged 42.

Just wanted you to know that your phone calls lifted her.

we miss her every day.

Take care

Uri, I dont want to bother you on the weekend, but I forgot, yesterday when I sent you my email I honestly dident expect you to reply, I dident even think youd read it, and if I knew you would have responded I would have made sure I sent you my email without spelling errors. You asked if you could put it up on your webpage, if you do no problem, if you dont thats okay too, but in any case the spelling errors are corrected. Again, thanks in advance for the picture, Ill frame it and keep it in my office for positive sales power. I ordered a copy of Ella on Alibris I cant wait to read it, thanks for directing me to that website. My letter is honest, and true, Im sick and tired of seeing Uri Geller trashtalk, people need to look at the positive things you do, charity work, i mean, what have skeptics ever done for the world? Absolutely nothing, you;ve done more for charity in 1 year than any skeptic has done in thier lifes, and again, so, just so you know I dont care about a spoon bending, although its GENIUS, people need to start looking at the good youve done, the entertaining entertainment youve provided, etc, etc, anyways, have a good weekend, the edited email is below again if you want it use it, if you dont dont, at the end of the day I’m just happen I had a chance to say hello.


Dear Uri Geller, this is the last email I send to you, I know you are busy and will not reply, but I cannot rest until I thank you for your contribution and positive impact you’ve made on the world. Now, I don’t care if it’s real, or if it’s not real, that’s not what’s important here, what’s important, and what people forget is that in either case you are a GENIUS! I AM CONVINCED of this fact because after reading your entire life’s history, and almost every report I could find written by anyone who has spent any amount of time with you, documentaries, etc, this fact becomes obvious. I would like to tell you three things, 1, how I feel about you if you are a fraud, 2, how I feel about you if your real, and 3, why you have made the largest impact on my life and how you are the model of what I aspire to be.
Lets say for argument sakes you do what you did in the beginning fraudulently, YOU SHOULD STILL BE APPLAUDED. To come out of Israel, even after having been attacked by ruthless sceptics is an extraordinary accomplishment alone, and to end up in the United States, and actually MAKE IT is a MIRACLE! Lets say , I believe in you, but lets say you are fake, and you did all of your “tricks” fraudulently, there are a few things I’d like to say. AFTER 40 YEARS people still haven’t figured it out! Back in the 70’s they didn’t have design duplication boards, IF YOU DID THIS ALL BY PEEKING that’s EVEN MORE INCREDIBLE then if you did it for real. Uri, I read book after book from every and any mentalist I can find and guess what, what they are full of things you were doing 40 years ago, things like “psychological/statistical forces” for example, you were doing 40 years ago! EVERY SINGLE DECENT MENTALIST I’ve ever seen is doing WHAT YOU DID 40 YEARS AGO!! If there was no Uri Geller there wouldnt be mentalism. THIS IS THE FACT, magicians CANNOT duplicate what you do, you’ve said they can, but they cannot, at least not under the SAME CONDITIONS! If you did it fraudulently, you did it gimmick free meaning it wasn’t fraudulent, even if it was, do you know what I mean? James Randi toured the world with a show that was based on disproving what you do, but if he had nothing to disprove and no spoons to bend he’d be a nothing, nobody. Sceptics would never be on T.V. or have anything to do if there were no people out there challenging them, YOU MAKE THE WORLD BETTER FOR SCEPTICS AND BELIEVERS! Uri, at the end of the day you are an inspiration to poor people everywhere, you HAVE MADE AN ENOURMOUS impact because everyone who comes from where you came from and went through what you went through (war, injury, financial difficulties, ruthless attackes etc) knows that someone who actually went through what they did made it, and we all have this ability. I HAVE NOTHING, NO FAMILY, NOTHING, but out of NOTHING, if someone can CREATE SOMETHING from something as simple as PEEKING and SPOONBENDING, that’s even more INCREDIBLE THAN IT BEING REAL! YOU CREATED THIS GENRE!! YOU CREATED MENTALISM, you created “effects” that people have made millions of dollars duplicating, whether its real or not doesn’t matter at all. Ive read book after book, metal bending this, watch effects, telekinesis, telepathy that, and you know, I HAVE NOT EVER FOUND MAGIC BOOKS OR MENTALIST BOOKS THAT EXPLAIN OR EXACTLY DUPLICATE HOW YOU DID WHAT YOU DID, and that’s a FACT, YOU CAN UNDERSTAND HOW INCREDIBLE THIS IS? IF PEEKING AND BENDING A SPOON MADE YOU MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND GOT YOU OUT OF ISRAEL INTO PRESTIGIOUS SCIENTIFIC LABORATORIES THAT’S MORE AMAZING THAN ANY PSYCHIC MIRACLE IVE EVER HEARD OF!!!!! Who cares how it was done, you came from nothing, and made something of yourself, your more of an inspiration to me AS A FRAUD (even though I know your not) than anyone ELSE EVER WHO isn’t.
Number 2, I don’t care if your real or not, and I don’t want to know, but I feel so bad for how you were attacked. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR NOT SUCKING THE SWEET MYSTERY OUT OF MY LIFE, maybe I don’t want you to tell me you’re a fraud! I LIKE SEEING ENTERTAINERS MAKING ENTERTAINING CLAIMS, PERIOD. No one does that anymore, I think you are genuine, but even if not, that’s AN ENTERTAINING CLAIM!!!!
Nobody likes someone with a negative attitude, when I saw your interview with Ben Harris, I WAS SHOCKED by how professional you handled that, Uri, that interview WAS GENIOUS!!!!! people cant not like you! Ben Harris says “ its not psychic, you’re a magician etc etc” and that was very very rude, I would have lost my temper , INSTEAD YOU TOOK THE HIGH ROAD, and said calmly, “if you don’t want to believe that’s okay with me too” your whole psychological approach is absolutely GENIUS! Your always well mannered and very well spoken in situations I get nervous just looking at|!
No one likes a jerk who tells you your stupid for believing in something, ALL YOU DID WAS TELL PEOPLE THE POWER OF THE MIND IS IMMENSE, USE IT, ACTIVATE IT AND THAT IS TRUE!!!! I believe you are genuine because you are PROOF that POSITIVE THINKING and PRAYER works! You are a successful handsome millionaire! You have charisma I have never seen before EVER. You keep looking for the next Uri Geller, and you know, you’ll never find it. You could have played tic-tack-toe and still became what you were on personality alone. I have seen so many of your interviews and at the end of each one my jaw is dropped by how well you handle yourself. Negative people with negative attitudes are losers and will remain losers in life. YOU ARE A WINNER, you have a positive attitude, you tell people don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, believe in yourself!!!! This is why you are my role model, because you are in fact genuine and you aren’t saying anything that’s not true, and what you say its always POSITIVE. You give people hope, you don’t shatter there dreams and call them stupid for believing in things that science CANT PROVE.
You know, you should say, ILL PROVE MY ABILITIES SCIENTIFICALLY, WHEN YOU PROOVE YOUR SCIENTIFIC ABILITIES! Scientists still haven’t figured out how dolphins communicate telepathically, and scientists want to waste your time testing you?! Come on, that is ridiculous! (AND DIDENT YOU ALREADY PROVE IT? Kent State, University of London) ABSENCE OF EVIDENCE IS NOT EVIDENCE OF ABSENCE, maybe it’s the scientist problem they dotn test for it correctly, that’s not your problem, but anyways, Genuine psychic OR NOT YOU PROOVE WHAT YOU SAY IS TRUE BECAUSE YOU ARE LIVING PROOF!! Sceptics are sad depressed angry old men and women, and so are all the other jerks who attacked you, can you imagine how sad life would be if we dident believe in anything? If we spent our whole lifes arguing with people all the time, everyday, I get sad just thinking about people who think like that… obviously it pays to be positive, you are proof!
Uri at the end of the day I can go on and on and on. I don’t want nothing from you BUT I do have a request…
If you email me and just say Hi, I read your email, Thanks for being an Uri supporter ill be happy, if you mailed me a signed postcard, that would be incredible, but if you do nothing that’s okay too,
If you are a fraud, you have made an AMAZINGLY POSITIVE impact on the world, you created SOMETHING from NOTHING, you are a GENUIS, that’s a FACT. Forget spoon bending, you’re an entrepreneur, artist, author, motivator, and theres nothing fraud about that, your real, you did it, its real.
If you are genuine, you have made an AMAZINGLY POSITIVE impact on the world, your proof, you’re a living example of positive thinking, you prove the power of belief beats disbelief. You are a wealthy, healthy, successful, millionaire with a personality I’ve never seen before, and you look 20 years younger than your age, BUT You tell people to believe in themselves, don’t smoke, set a goal to go to University, you are real, the positive impact you make in peoples lives tramples the negativity of sceptical losers.
Again, you are real because you are living proof that being positive works, and the power of the mind can accomplish things the layperson simply cannot grasp.
In either case you are my role model, and I look up to you as the model of everything I aspire to be in life!
God Bless! Your #1 Supporter – A

Dear Uri,

This link takes you to a report of my night on Lamb. http://www.island-man.co.uk/islandmanmagazine.html#lamb

Hopefully you approve.

You have a very special island there.

I said it is in my top 20, in truth it is in my top 10. I felt it best to play it down.

Thank you for bringing such a special and pure island into my life.

Kindest regards,


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