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Dear Uri,
I saw you on QVC a few weeks ago and purchased your 4 cd’s The Power Of The Mind. Ive found them great and already feel more confident ! I also purchased one of your rock crystal rings. (Oval Affinity cushion cut ring) It’s so beautiful and the beautiful colours that come from it is stunning. I find myself focusing on it just like with the orange circle. I do a lot of dog showing and have won a lot of times but Ive also had some folk that have been jealous and nasty and its knocked my confidence. Thats why I bought your cd’s to restore my confindence. I am now learning to love myself again thanks to yourself. I was wondering if you could possibly sign my orange circle card ofrthe booklet and do one of your drawings for me, that you mentioned on qvc. It would mean so very much to me and will be with me always and especially at the dog shows. Many Thanks for taking the time to read this email. I look forward to purchasing more of your stunning jewellery. With Greatest Regards. xxxx xxxxxx

Hello Mr Geller, I contacted you 8 years ago as a last resort when my grandaughter was in hospital fighting a serious illness which could not be diagnosed, she was 3 months old.  There is no doubt in my mind that she was dying, and in fact, she was christened in the hospital and given the last rites by a priest, we were told to expect the worse.
She was eventually diagnosed with the very rare ‘kawasaki’s disease, that which has recently taken the life of John Travolta’s son at the age of 15 (i believe).  We were told that because the disease had reached it’s ultimate course, that it had affected her heart and that she would a) not pull through, or b) at the least, require heart surgery at or before the age of 7.  She would need to be monitored, be on apirin, etc, etc,. in effect, they did not expect her to live.  Suddenly, when all avenues had been taken, to no effect, because there were other complications,  My grandaughter made a mirraculous recovery.  The doctors were baffled, but not complaining! and my grandaughter was sent home.  My daughter then got a phone call from you… because I had pretended to be her when I wrote to you, and she knew nothing about it.   She told you that my grandaughter ‘xxxxx’ was fine and you told her that you had been praying for her to get better with all your heart and soul.  Well i’d like to tell you that up to now, xxxxx is a normal and well little girl, and who knows what would have happened if I had never written you that letter?  She has four children now and they are visiting me in London for Mothers day, They want to go to Regents Park zoo, but I can’t afford to take them, and I know she can’t afford it either.  What say I write an exclusive for you and you give them a day they won’t forget?at the zoo?  Oh well, You worked your mirracle before, but this time perhaps i can give something back as a reward. Yours Mrs xxxxxxx xxxxx.

Sorry for the previous mail.
After i visited youre show in the Netherlands Luxor theater it’s strange but i’m getting better at learning things that i find really hard ( My english isn’t that perfect cause i’m only 13)
However it’s really strange, If this comes from the show i like to thank you very much

xxxx 😀

Ps i was that girl on the second row, Don;t know if u remeber me but i thought i said it

Hello Uri,

I don’t know if you still remember us, but you asked me specifically to send you an email. My son and I asked you for an extra to write on our tickets because xxxx father xxx, how is passed away, was a big fan of you just as his son is now. You asked how he passed and our answer was of alcoholisme. Your reaction was hart warming, because I want to show xxxx the danger of alcohol and drugs. I can only hope he realise this in life and he won’t start using either one of these things. It’s almost three years sins xxx left our earth to move on to a next life. Thom has regular meetings with his Father in an other level (this is something most people dont understand, but because you don’t believe in death I think you do understand). xxxx is a very special boy, not as a mentalist but on a spiritual level. He is able to see things other people cannot. He knows about this and he knows he cannot tell this to every body. I allways try to bring him in contact with people of the same level, so he can learn things from them that I and school cannot. xxxx hopes he will meet you again in life, because everytime he sees you he get a lott of possitif feelings.
We enjoyed your show yesterday and hope to see you back in The Netherlands soon.

Dearest reagards xxxxxx and xxxxxx

Good day Mr Geller
Yesterday i went to your show in the
netherlands rotterdam in the Luxor. And i just wanted to say that it was an amazing show. My spoon was twisted first and it kind of freaked me out at first. So i didn’t say anything but when i got home i pulled the spoon out of my pocket and it was bend and twisted. I was amazed. Thanks for the unforgetteble evening. And i wanted to say that everybody comes for you and not the other guys so give the show alone that’s better they can’t top you cause youre the best and poeple can’t figuur it out how you do it.
Hoop to see alot more f u in the future.

Greets from Rotterdam in the Netherlands. And i wish you happines en goodhealth

greeting from me xxxx

Thank you very much Uri
you are amazing and a very nice person

I did very like your Show Uri since 2008 I look this program I was amazed when this was happen. I couldn’t believe that you know. but that was first time but later I chanced my mind and I believed in this mental power. because it was absolutely realistic.

and some peoples including my youngest brother couldn’t believe that you are 62. they thought in the 40’s I know But I said come on. I self thought in the 50’s

what are the secret’s Uri to be look young.
because I will look young too when I am in the age of 60’s.

you are a super phenomenon Uri I know and I knew it too.

when I am 30 , 40 or more then 40 years old you will always stay my fan.

I will thank you again for your mail.


my birth name is XXXX
but they changed my name later in XXXX, and what so very incredible is that my name is spoken in Turkish language (xx).
and at school called my classmates: Uri Geller. and I feel me very great when they call me Uri Geller.

that is enough I think

xxxx xxxxx

I spoke to you about 3/4 years ago when you gave me the strength to care for my friend through her terminal cancer. A huge thenk you for that. You also spoke to her on the phone she loved you so much it gave her endless encouragement. Now I’m asking please for myself , will you send healing to help me make the correct dicisions as regards my health. I have been advised a liver and kidney transplant but it is difficult to come to terms with this as I am blessed not to be in a critical situation at present..I am trying to remain focused but my mind go off track allowing all sorts of doubts to enter.
What you have done and do for others is absolutely wonderful, thanks so much.
By the way I wear your crystal with amethyst every day.
I don’t expect a reply  ( there must be so many ) but I know I will feel your energy as you read this.
Regards and Blessings

I also wish you all the hapiness, peace, love and power in this world. Thank you for opening my eyes, and giving me a goal to live for. It might sound very overreacting, but living without any goal in your life is so hard. I was pretty depressed, but now I have a goal; helping people in a way I can. I’ve always been very sensitive for other people’s emotions and what they are feeling, and can calm people down just by looking very deep in their eyes, understand their situation by doing that, and have always been able to help people a lot that way. I hope I can expend this all and help, and inspire people like this, like the show did to me. I’m sorry for taking your time again, but I hope you know that what you do, together with Rob and Emiel is so inspiring. This was exactly what I needed, and I know that I’m not the only one.
The best of luck tonight at the show, and let’s hope that the Dutch audience finally sees what Vincent’s all about; Nothing.
Love, xxxxx

Goodevening Uri,

I want to thank you for a great show yesterday (25th of february) in Breda. I was a little bit sceptic but it was really mindblowing wat you, Rob and Emiel showed us. It was verry impressive altough my watch did not work and my keys did not bend.
You told us to be possitive, think possitive and believe. That is what i am going to do. I hope there will be another show of you with Rob and Emiel or with other mentalist from the New Uri Geller show soon because it was amazing and i am sure that if you go in to theater in Holland i will visit.
Keep up the good “possitive” work.
With love en good luck

Dear Uri,

We would like to thank you very much for the great show yesterday.
My son was on your stage yesterday and his spoon really melt as he showed you. After the first spoon, a second spoon worked out well also. It’s really amazing!!
I was at the stage to translate your english for the children on the stage. Sometimes I was so amazed that Rob had to remember me to keep on translating, sorry for that!
We wish you all the best and wanted to say we did have a great evening!
Kind regards,


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