Letters From Fans


Dear Uri

Thank you once again for all your very amazing and God given blessings and energies. May God Bless and keep you safe at all times. I feel very priviledged having met you. You are a wonderful person.



Hello, Uri !
I’m 20 years old. I study at university and I work as the economist.
I look each your show on our russian TV. Your charges really helped me! I became more self-assured. And now I quickly finish to write the my third book about magic, which wrote already very slowly. And I believe that it will be bought! I already found a Publishing house which will buy my book! And more I have found the love! I consider, what not without your help.
I want to ask you of advice. Know, you spoke from the screen, addressing to russian youth: ” Believe in success! ” And I believe that you will answer to me and it will help.
The matter is that I can feel the future. Very much often mine prediction come true. Approximately in 70 % of cases.
Also I can feel mood of the man and his thoughts, even if is not familiar with him personally. It is enough to me to see his photo and I can tell about him .
Few times I could diagnose health of the man and correctly has specified the patients organs.
There were cases, when I described that place, where there was a concrete man. Simply saw it inside the head. And all coincided.
But my abilities work not always. I feel, that I can more, but I do not know how to develop in myself energy how to learn it to supervise.
Uri ! Advise me, please, what to do! Even simply support me! I believe, that you will answer to me also it will change my life!
I thank you!
With respect, E.

To: Uri
Subject: im so thankful! and a request

Dear, Uri! thanks for saving my life! You probably will wonder how it was possible. well i will tell you. My life went completely wrong several months ago, i was very depressed and even (now it’s sounds scary) close to suicide, but recently I saw you in the “Phenomen” show and then i felt that some positive energy was coming through me.. And i realized that my worries and fears have gone away…
Thanks once again!
From Russsia with love!

Subject: I’m very grateful!

Hi,, Uri! This is J from Russia. I just wrote to say thank you for helping me become reconciled with my boyfriend. We were in quarrel for a week and no one wanted to be first to say “I’m sorry”.But after I saw you in”Phenomenon”and heard your last words and touched your hand I felt so much energy that i immediatly decided to call my boyfriend and to be the first to say “I’m sorry”, and he forgave me!
You are great! thanks once again!
From Russia with love!
Best regards

To: Uri
Subject: Biography of Uri

I know you have tons of mail and will probably never see this but………………..I was watching the Biography Channel in Colorado and saw a special on you. I have to say I have never seen such an honest man in my life. You overwhelmed me with it. You overcame negitivity with grace and charme. Even though, I would think, there are many wonderful things that come out of being famous and in the public eye there has to be just as many downfalls. As difficult as those times seemed you still found a positive outlook. For what ever difference it might make big congratulations for being such a good human being.



Hi Ury… I whant to say that you are the greatest phenomena that I ewer seen! You awesome! I can’t express how I was amazed when I seen your show on TV… and when spoon falls down from TV – it was shock! You the best!!! (Sorry for my English – I’m from Russia)))

Now i know that a person can do almost everything you just need to belive in your powers! Thanks again for making me belive in my powers!


Hi, Uri!

This is Y from Russia. I’m writing just to tell you how amazing you are! All you do impresses me greatly. All of my family and friends are skeptics and don’t believe in anything which is beyond their understanding. But when they saw me moving chair a bit they got really shocked and impressed! I was also very impressed and shocked at the moment. On my finger tips when I was trying to move the chair I felt so much energy, that I got scared at first.
I just want to thank you for everything you do. You are amazing, simply amazing!

Hi Uri,
I am still awake browsing through your web site, it is superb. You are an amasing person, I will keep the spoon you gave me last night. Great family you have, too, it was a pleasure to meet Hanna and Shipi, – nice crowd.
Hope to see you again with Y next week,
Best regards,

Good day dear Uri,
I’m X, 20 years old, living in St. Petersburg. I want to write to you on behalf of my grand mother who is 76 years old. She started to watch your TV show and was very surprised to see how her spoon was bent and how a clock was wound up. She couldn’t believe it… In one show she divined the number of a necklace, it was 11. But she didn’t know how she could phone to the program and was too upset… My grand mother thinks that if she called you on that day, she’d meet you. I guess it’s not so real because a meeting with you costs so much… She has always had a good intuition, right now she supposes she has some talants. She feels some energy from you via the TV.
What’s about me I find you as a handsome. You look very good!

Hi Mr Uri, Thank you for your quick reply and well wishes, I will convey this to her. You have always been an inspiration to me on my life to believe to do the impossible and miracles. Miracles do happen to me in small ways and I always take it as a bonus from working hard to achieve an almost impossible task. You can almost say it is a little helping hand from God to tide me over difficult times. I do hope you can perform a show in Singapore in future, so that I can see you in person. I believe people in Asia would love to see you. May I also wish you good health and happiness , Mr Uri. Regards Z

Hi Mr Uri,  I have read about you since I was a young boy.  I have  heard and seen many articles about you. I wonder if you could help anything on my mother’s weak body condition with your powers.


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