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hi uri i saw the show in TV i think at 29.01.2008 and i must say that i don’t smoke since that evening. We are 4 people playing cards every Tuesday evening and we see the show next uri geller the others are smoking since today but i didn’t smoke any more cigarette. don’t know why because i didn’t believe in psi and something like that but there are things between earth and sky humane never will understand .So i will say thank you very much for don’t smoke since today i will hope it is for a long time Best regards X

Dear Uri after your wonderful and warmhearty mail, we had a so great and fortune time!!!!! we ha the chance to buy 16 km away from Berne a cheep and beautiful territory, from a nice old lady and her daugther! so our dream of a house with garden, will be reality. everybody says, we are to old to build a new house, but we are so happy to plant our own vegetables and fruits and flowers. now we must find a new owner for our apartment and we look forward with enormous happiness. Y prepared over 13 month, every morning a 44 � hot water bath for hes eyes, during 1 minute …now he has no more a veil of grey star and he needs also new glasses, he looks better. its so marvellous! thank you so much for your love X and Y

Dear Uri, you might remember that a friend of mine, Y told you about my lost beloved cat two weeks ago … I just had to tell you this: she is now safe at home again! I still can’t believe it, is this a miracle … ? I feel deep in my heart that it happened also because of YOU. I am so happy and I would like to say thank you for your kindness, your positive energy and that you believed she would turn up. Take care and God bless, with love from X (Budapest, Hungary)

Hi Uri It’s X; Y’s nephew,I wanted to thank about the watch. Really It is a honor to wear the watch you gave me. When I see it first on Mike I really loved it and wished that I could have a watch like that in the future. Because I have never had a watch which is that precious. Which is given by a man who is so precious and known by every person in the world. It is really a honor to wear a watch like this and you show me that if you want something it can come true. If you believe something that you really want it can really come true. Thanx to you. Uri you are a great man and I really thank to you. You really made me happy. God bless you. I will always wear that watch and I will always be positive as you write in your watch. Best regards; X

Dear Uri! I welcome you, and I would like to tell my acknowledgement your humanity consciousness, and for your fantastic kindness. You are great man! Your positive thoughts and your faith fascinating! I would like it if would send for me mentally, a little energy. very strong my faith for the mystic things. I hope for it we will see you in the Hungarian television again soon! I love you, and I think of the energy mentally! welcome from my heart: X

Dear Uri, Thank you very much for sending me your personally signed picture, with your hand-written words of positive encouragement. It arrived here with the first post of this week, which gave it extra special value for me, as this was the week my cat, Regis, died. I’d like to express my appreciation for your tape in your “Mindpower Kit”. I have been a collector of self-help tapes over the past few years, and now have hundreds in my collection (mostly from America). However, out of all of them, I derive the most value from your tape from the Mindpower Kit! I really like it a lot. I think it is really special and excellent. I really think you should make more tapes like that. It has a good sort of focus and intensity which is lacking in the other tapes I have. I music works quite well for me too. I wrote the above because I really wanted to deliver praise where I think it’s due. If you want to reciprocate my goodwill, please send me some positive power to improve my life! I’ve been down on my luck for too long now. Thanks for your help and inspiration. You are one in a million! X

Dear Uri, I wrote you an email last week (see below) asking for some advice from you about my exam at uni. Your reply helped me so much that I passed it successfully. So why I am writing to you is to say thank you for your kindness and helpfulness. I hope that you will turn back to Hungary one day in the future, maybe with another show.:) Best regards, X

Hi Uri,

Just sending you a summary of the responses we got from viewers. We’ve had LOADS of responses, and as promised, here are just a few:

Dear Brainiac,

Years ago your guest did a TV show in which he tried to stop everyone’s watches when they put them on the television. My Dad works for Yorkshire Electric and thought you might want to know that when he did the experiment, there were 3 large dips in the Power Grid.


Hello Uri, I just tried what you did live on the show on my dads 25 years old broken watch and it worked! Thank you so much, you really are a legend.

It really worked how amazing thanks for the hint Brainiac!! I now no the time.

I was eating ice cream and you bent my spoon. Thanks.

Dear Brainiac, I’ve tried the watch experiment and it actually worked. I didn’t believe that it worked so I asked someone else and they said it works.

When mine started working again I dropped it and it broke again!

Dear Brainiac, my dad’s watch which was broken for years started when I shouted ‘Work’. I was holding it in my hand and no one else was touching it.

Am I Psychic?

Holy sh*t, we’ve had this watch for 30 years and it hasn’t worked for at least 15 years….. I didn’t believe Uri Gellar at all… UNTIL NOW!!!!!!

Uri is LEGEND. Loving TTB it ROCKS.

Me and my brother James melted a spoon.

Well that was weird, it ticked once then stopped!

Oh my god, I just did the watch thing and the damn thing is now going backwards!

WOW my favourite watch hasn’t worked since 1994 and its started working again!!!

That was amazing!!! Thank you

My watch was ticking but the hands weren’t moving.

Hi Guys, never thought this would happen. Battery went flat in watch last week, took it out to get a new one, thought I’d try what u were doing and It worked!!!!

No battery and its still ticking a few mins later.


Hi TTB the watch thing worked. It is amazing. Job well done.

Hi Dom, I Have A Mickey-Mouse Vintage Watch and I did what you said and it works! Thanks!

It didn’t start at first but about 10 seconds after the second hand began to move! WOW !!!!!!

Hi, it really works it just happened for me but my mum doesn’t believe it

My spoon started ticking, does that count?

Dear Brainiac I got my watch to work!!!

Hey, it worked!!! I tested it and my old watch is working!!!! Thank you very much for that guys, yay!!!!!!

I bent my spoon

My watch worked for 15 seconds then stopped again

Dear TTB, during the microwave explosion my spoon bent and broke.

Dear test tube baby, Guess what?! 3, not 1, but 3 watches in my house started ticking again, even my favourite Harry Potter one which had been broken for 3 years!!!


I recently attended a seminar in which the wonderful astronaut Edgar Mitchell was a guest speaker. Mr. Mitchell explained aspects of quantum physics. During the course of the lecture he mentioned that you are, indeed, the real deal (I bet you already knew that about yourself). He suggested that what you do is actually in keeping with quantum physics.

How cool is that! Science and the Mysterious can now reside at the same dinner table together — sharing a table set with bent silverware and backed up by the finest scientific principles!

You know….sometimes life is really fun, in an 11:11 sort of way!


Hi Mr Uri Geller Re Sunday 17th Sept 2006.

Y and myself  X (Bournemouth Spartans – Winter Sea Swimming club) would just like to say a 1,000 thank you’s for your generosity in allowing us to spend the afternoon at your home.

It was a day we will never forget, a day to remember always. A new beginning (who knows). God bless you and your family. Thank you, thank you once again it was FANTASTIC. If you are in Bournemouth 11am any Sunday Oct to March please feel free to try a new experience an take to the sea ( that’s a little mind blowing at as low as 5 degree’s C last year.



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James Randi (In an open letter to Abracadabra Magazine)

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