Letters From Fans


Hello again Uri,

Just wanted to let you know that my life has improved dramatically since you sent positive thoughts my way!

Thank you and may God bless you and yours!


Hi Mr Geller,

I know you must receive thousands of e mails from all over the world so I thank you in advance for reading my words.

I listened to you on the James Whale show (on Talksport, London) during the week and I want you to know that you’ve changed my life.

I’ve always been successful ( I design computer systems and have worked all over the world ) but never 100% happy. When you mentioned the necessity to focus positively on a defined objective, you’re right it will come true. I’ve now an objective clear in my my mind and I feel really good. The success isn’t of primary importance, it’s the feeling of having done something positive. So there you are, I’ve always associated you with bending spoons and you’ve changed my life!

Thank you, I know you do lots of good work.

In addition, you’ll be aware that it’s fashionable in Europe to be anti Israel (with no clear reason). I think you Israeli people are very brave and my heart goes both to you and your beautiful country. Maybe one day I’ll visit?

OK that’s my limit on words to prevent you from terminal boredom!

Thank you once again and may God be with you,

Yours sincerely,

Hello Uri
This is X (Y’s Dad). Just to remind you Jai went into Great Ormond Street for an operation last Tuesday You said you would send out positive thoughts our way.

Well, it seems to have worked. Of all the possible options we were given that may happen that Day. Y only needed the simplest option. This wasn’t likely a few weeks ago. He ended up not requiring a catheter and remarkably had no pain relief he woke from the operation.

we shall be going back in november to see how well his bladder is functioning and to check his kidneys as fluid was spotted on one side. (this seems to have got slightly better).

As well as Y Us parent seemed to feel very calm and positive throughout the whole time. Bee my partner said that this was the most positive hospital experience she has had.

As Y had to be nil by mouth we fasted together, when he went down for his operation we went and got our first meal of the Day, I said to Bee I hope Uri positivity’s working. The second before this Bee had spotted a packet of spoons called ‘Benders’

The night before we went down to london, I listened to on of you radio shows from the web site. You were talking about 11.11 I had a spell of noticing these numbers, never knew it was a phenomena, after this you asked people to fix watches etc. I tried it (for Y). The kitchen clock had stopped. After this the second had started moving however it was stuck at 11 second eleven minutes to eleven and still ticks stuck at this time. My boys were born on the 11th too. Synchronicity.

Thank you Uri This may be a new start for us as a family, the last three years have always had a shadow over them as we have been in out of hospital since there early birth.

The next step for us is to get back on our feet Z starts her new job on Tuesday, I will be a stay at home Dad and try to launch my art career.

Speak soon X

Hi Uri

Just to reiterate our gratitude. The last three years have been very turbulant indeed, despite it all we seem to have two very soulful albeit lively boys. Although we have tried to maintain a positive attitude I know for myself I haven’t always been able to release it so it has definately taken its toll. I suppose it is also habitual, who knows. Pressure manifests in so many different forms.

From here we can only move onwards and upwards and start to realise our dreams!

Thank you again, please stay in touch.

All the very best to you and yours



I wrote you a message yesterday and while you haven’t answered it (physically), I have come to know that you have answered it “spiritually” — even before it was sent to you. By not answering it physically, I believe you’ve communicated to me your distaste for the tone and quite possibly the implications of the message (that I was trying to “test” you). And, for that, I apologize. My feeble attempt to “test,” or otherwise manipulate, you is now over.

I re-read almost all of your book, Life Signs, yesterday — and I’m pretty sure I’m an Actor/ Mother Hen. But, I got so much more from the book than that. You provide a wealth of information in it and, by reading it, I was consoled on many levels. I was particularly taken by your explanation that “. . . recognizing your potential and then achieving it requires you to vest ultimate authority in yourself. You are your own teacher, so value your judgment. You are your own editor, so believe in yourself” (p. 95).

That was particularly instructive for me, and especially so, coming from you.

I feel, this morning (the day before my birthday), that I’ve been released from a prison, and that I’ve been given the tools to begin my life all over again. I feel as if I’m still in a fragile state, as I’m still “picking up” lots of vital information — as such, I need to remain in relative seclusion to ensure I don’t “disturb the flow.”

So, again, Uri — you have my good wishes for you and yours, and my genuine thanks for confirming for me some of the sheer power and potential that lies within all of us.

Until next time, I will pray for the plants (p. 135), and know to myself that, as a part of God’s creation, I too, am as deserving of divine love and energy as any other living thing!

Much Positive Energy to you too,

Hi Uri

Thanks for calling me I’m still overwhelmed that you called me. I was just shocked that you called me. I wish I could’ve spoke to you longer, It’s just that my life is so complicated by the fact that I must depend on so many people for everything I need.

Thank you, once again for calling X

Thank you so much for your kindness when you sent myself and my friend X a gift of rock crystal. We were both thrilled and I wrote to thank you but my letter was returned by the postal system. I was critically ill last November and was on life support, I held on to the strength I got through the crystal and kept positive attitude. I recovered fully and am elated that I had a wonderful spiritual experience during surgery actually seeing and being with my darling Father who died two years ago. I have just ordered a crystal ring from QVC and cannot wait to receive it.

Thanky you again, God Bless you.

Dear Uri,

I want to express once more my deep gratitude for seeing my Son today. I think that you are a remarkable person and may God bless you and your family. I was overwhelmed by your personality, kindness and modesty and of course by your powers. Konstantinos was very impressed by you and your powers as well and I know that you had a big impact on his life today. It was an experience that he will never forget in his whole life. You radiate so much positive energy that you make people feel amazing good about themselves and their lives whatever their situation or circumstances might be.

I am sending you attached as you told me a picture of Konstantinos.

Thank you again,

God bless and much love to you, X

Hey uri.
Listen. 1 year ago, I needed your help and we began to e-mail eachother. Now, after all the things u said really came true, I want to pay u back. I understand u are here, in israel. Let me invite u to a cup of coffee in my garden. It will be more then a pleasure to me.
By the way, I didn’t know that your new t.v show is in “keshet- t.v”. It was a surprise to me. Im also working with keshet-but not in bending spoons-only writing music. Last thing…today (11/11) its my birthday (I’m 29) and u cant say no to a birthday-boy :))

Lets talk.
Take care X

Dear Uri (and Hana) Geller,

I have misplaced your and Shipi’s card, writing to your published site instead. It was very enjoyable and inspirational to watch your show at the “Prime Minister’s Conference” We were able to have a short conversation prior and following your performance.

I have learned that you are not only active in most important charities, but that you are willing to hear about “Shekel”, a fantastic Israeli organization. The President is General (Retired Chief of Staff) Boggy Yaalon.

The General Manager Mrs. Clara Feldman , her husband Mr. Tuvia Feldman (COO of Ness Tech.) would like to meet you with my wife Y and myself for dinner, and/or visit the activities in Jerusalem. We are available when you are.

Looking forward to hear from you,
Best regards X

Shalom Dear Uri Geller,

First of all thank you very much !
Something like a year ago, I have write you an email and you have ensured me that everything will be fine.

Its true, your prediction has become to reality … I have finished my Masters Degree in Ben-Gurion University
in Israel and I was invited to the Ph.D studies of Medical Robotics to London (Imperial College)
So I am very thankful for your good forecast, which I lead from that on ….

Nowadays I live in London (already for two months) and I would be glad to have a chance to meet you personally.

By the way, I have a huge experience on computer science, internet technology and robotics,
so you can always count on me in any case.

sincerely, X


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