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Hi, Mister Uri Geller

I would like to thank you for everything you have given to me.

You always help me even when i don´t need and this means a lot to me.

You understand my problems and my “brother” problems too.

We need you very much as you can see by your brilliant mind and eyes.

Thank you very very muuuuch,

Dear Uri,

I just thought I would write to let you know about my son who was being investigated for bowel cancer. For seven years he had bleeding from the back passage and had seven years of investigations and operations. One morning on GMTV you appeared and asked people to concentrate on a red circle on the screen. My mother did this and touched the red circle and thought of nothing else but my son’s health getting back to normal. Since that date (which was a number of years ago) my son has had no sign of bleeding and the hospital have not been able to explain any reason for his illness.

I do not know if this was a coincidence or not, but had to share this experience with you. I know it is years after the event but I have only just found your website.

Dear friend

Thank you so much, I am writing you from Gaza where I returned yesterday through Allenby bridge.
Thank you from my heart for your efforts.

Shabat Shalom and hope to meet you in Israel. I will be in Jerusalem during the period from 10th of December, till 13th.

Best wishes

Dear Uri Geller,

I write this letter, after our meeting in “SHERATON-MORIA”, Tel-Aviv, Thursday 23.11.06, 18:30.

First of all, I want to Tank you for making time to meet me, in your busy schedule, and enrich me with your knowledge and experience.

Seconed, I want to tell you that I enjoyed the conversation. It was very interesting,

And it gave (return) me a lot of strength – “return the wind to my sail”.

I gut out with an higher motivation.

You strengthen my believe that ” everything is a matter of will”, and I mean to successfully

Complete the academic degree.

I’ll try to release out of the “box”

Thank you, very much.

Hi Uri..
I Attached pictures from yesterday. U was amazing.. Thank u for visiting the injured soldiers. Best regards and hope to see u at Hanucka party 20/12/2006
p.s Mazal tov (birthday at 20/12)
keep in touch

Hi assaf thanks I hope to celebrate my birthday with the wounded soldiers in the hospital

love uri

Hi Uri:
Ho wonderful to hear you on Doug’s program this morning.  It is so timely to hear you talk about the positive attitude and health.  I just had a total check up because I am going to be a kidney donor for my cousin.  It was startling to me to find out that even being a vegetarian the doctor found some results that still needed adjustments.  My mental attitude has changed just within the past two days.  Even thought I do physical work daily I need to get back to doing my daily workout.  Due to many things in my life in the last two years things have been slipping.  But Wednesday’s check up has changed that.
Thank you for your encouraging words on the radio today.
Hope that power point presentation gave you more of an insight to what we can do for animal waste remediation.  Please let me know if you see a use for our services in your country.
Again thank you for your powerful words spoken on Doug’s program today. It is 4:45 AM and I am not always awake at this time but it is such a God sent to have heard your words of positive thinking towards health.
God Bless you,

Dearest Uri,

Thank you.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me  and my dauther the best gift for the new year and for the rest of my life. You made the biggest Mitzva which is uniting father with his own dauther.
I am going to give up all money he demands for the mental safety of my little princess.

He already called my dauther today and spoke with her very nicely. I am 100% sure that nobody ever could do this mission better then you (except god….:)) but you are god’s messenger and you are an angle. (i realy mean it) My dauther Darleen would like to thank you personally. is it ok if she calls you to thank you?

Thanks again for your precious  time, energy and I wish you and your family health, happiness and may god will gaurd you and keep you safe each day.

Best Regards

Shalom Uri,
Thank you for the interview.  You are a true asset to Israel and the Jewish world. 
Promise to think positively and my girlfriend thanks you as well.


I frequently listen to talk radio and this evening I heard and recognized your name from books that I have read.  As a young man, in the 60’s I was plagued with the frequent use of the number 111, in addresses, license number on my motorcycle, in Ethiopia 1968 and again on the same vehicle in Washington state later in the 70’s.  I too was plagued with the binary 7 number of 111.  Occasionally today, I still run into this combination but not as frequent.  Interesting to see it on your website.

So this evening I told my Russian wife Y (we met in Kiev 7 years ago) about you and we both listened when you returned from the break.  I brought out my old divers watch that quit working in 1973.  I must admit that this was an incredible experience for Olga and I to see my old divers watch that had quit running in 1973, started to run on your second command this evening.  It was sitting on top of the radio motionless and after your second command, the second hand started to move.  Olga was speechless to say the least.

Kind regards

Dear Uri,
My Dad felt the positive thoughts when he woke up yesterday morning. He feels much brighter. The thing is, I never told him that I was in contact with you until after he felt the positive energy. So it worked without him without him knowing how or where the positive thoughts were coming from. That to me is truly amazing.

Thank you Uri. I will never forget your kindness. I believe in you.

Best wishes X


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