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The power of your mind is amazing; very interesting reading about you… thank you
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In response to the coast2coast AM interview of Uri Geller, 31/01/2017

Hi Uri

Just to say I put your prediction on that Donald Trump would win and won £50! Thanks.

In addition in 1980s when you were on TV bending spoons – I went into the kitchen and ALL the cutlery was bent!! Amazing. Everyone thought it was me messing about, but I know otherwise.

Just thought I’d let you know.

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Hi Uri
It’s been a week now since the TCHCE conference in London, and l’ve found a little space for myself to be quiet and reflect, away from the commitments of a business life. This was my wife and l’s 3rd year of attending this event, and l’ve never been disappointed, not inspired or moved by it. From the humbleness of Richard and his team to the diversity and depth covered by the speakers it truly has been a gift and blessing to be able to attend them.
I would like to thank you for sharing your life story, l was proved wrong in my pre-judgement that l may not get much from hearing you speak. I was fascinated and filled with a renewed sense of the ability of the mine and human spirit to reach and achieve any possibility, in what has been a somewhat downward spiral of personal motivation and lust for life over the past few years. So l thank you again, l have been fortunate to have listened to many of the unlightened speakers over the years and what you had to say and show was one of the highlights l will cherish in this lifetime.
Wishing you abundance in all you are, here’s to making a better reality for all life in this universe.
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Uri you brought out a book/pack along time ago that had items such as a crystal for dowsing and an audio recording that might have been subliminal. Long story short that recording after listening to it had the effect of making me feel as though I had all the time in the world? My wife had the same experience. I don’t have it anymore & would very much like to get a copy. Not sure if you remember this recording or if you still have it, but if you do please let me know how I might purchase a copy.

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The book referred to is Uri Geller’s Crystal Pendulum Dowsing Kit – most of Uri’s books can be read free at https://www.urigeller.com/books/



Hello Uri

We met briefly yesterday for a Selfie whereby I gave you a copy of my recently self published book, ‘Be Happy A Spiritual Journey Including insight about ETS and our future!’

I hope you find this an enjoyable read. I was fascinated to discover from your lecture yesterday, 27 August 2016, at The Millennium Hotel, London, your own experience and knowledge of spirituality.

I loved your passion, enthusiasm, joy, honesty, love and compassion. Your are such a true, uplifting inspiration! Such a refreshing joy to watch and listen to you and witness your pure gift and skills. Thank you so much for sharing.

What I took away from this, was a very valid reminder to BELIEVE in what you would like and to imagine and envision it. The power of belief. To keep believing. Thank so much for what you shared with all of us at the Conference. A very true blessing. ( I think your life purpose was to share this with the world, to help the world BELIEVE!)

I hope my book is a very good read for you during your travels! I would very much appreciate your thoughts on it and feel free to mention it to anyone you think might find help from it. (It is available from Amazon as a paperback and ebook and as a paperback from Lulu.com).

With so much love, light, blessings and joy.

Many, many thanks, gratitude and appreciation.

With very kind regards

Linda Shrimpton

Hi Uri

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your talk at evolution of consciousness today.
Affirmed my beliefs and the nature of things.

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Dear Uri,

I was really touched by your talk today. Knowing more about your life story and your connection with spirituality as well as your vulnerabilities reassured me that I am not a dreamer for not stopping my positive dialogue …

Many blessings

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Dear Uri,

Thank you so much for the wonderful show on Saturday at the TCCHE conference. I wasn’t sure I was going to stay to the end but as I saw you in the corridor on my way out, I had a good feeling and it made me smile, and I decided to stay.

Once the show started, you started talking and the energy, connection and warmth you shared with us, was wonderful. Having written a book on confident performing, I was totally bowled over by the feelings I had about myself. With each story and demonstration, I had a deeper sense of confidence in my abilities which seems to be with me still, strongly, two days later. It had an inspiring effect on me and yet I would class myself as a sceptic! It didn’t matter! I really enjoyed the whole experience and wanted to know more
I would love to interview you for my blog about confidence. Would that be possible one day?

Thank you for your energy 

<Name removed for privacy>

Dear Uri!

We met some minutes after you arrived today here [Fism 2015]. Thanks for your lecture! It was the best lecture here.
Super interesting to listen to your stories. So thanks and see u again sometime!

Jochen Stelter

Jochen Stelter with Uri Geller at FISM 2015.

Jochen Stelter with Uri Geller at FISM 2015.

Hello Uri

Thank you SO much for the VERY BEST lecture at FISM in Rimini.

Kind regards

Niels Krøjgaard


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