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Hi Uri

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your talk at evolution of consciousness today.
Affirmed my beliefs and the nature of things.

<Name removed for privacy>

Dear Uri,

I was really touched by your talk today. Knowing more about your life story and your connection with spirituality as well as your vulnerabilities reassured me that I am not a dreamer for not stopping my positive dialogue …

Many blessings

<Name removed for privacy>

Dear Uri,

Thank you so much for the wonderful show on Saturday at the TCCHE conference. I wasn’t sure I was going to stay to the end but as I saw you in the corridor on my way out, I had a good feeling and it made me smile, and I decided to stay.

Once the show started, you started talking and the energy, connection and warmth you shared with us, was wonderful. Having written a book on confident performing, I was totally bowled over by the feelings I had about myself. With each story and demonstration, I had a deeper sense of confidence in my abilities which seems to be with me still, strongly, two days later. It had an inspiring effect on me and yet I would class myself as a sceptic! It didn’t matter! I really enjoyed the whole experience and wanted to know more
I would love to interview you for my blog about confidence. Would that be possible one day?

Thank you for your energy 

<Name removed for privacy>

Dear Uri!

We met some minutes after you arrived today here [Fism 2015]. Thanks for your lecture! It was the best lecture here.
Super interesting to listen to your stories. So thanks and see u again sometime!

Jochen Stelter

Jochen Stelter with Uri Geller at FISM 2015.

Jochen Stelter with Uri Geller at FISM 2015.

Hello Uri

Thank you SO much for the VERY BEST lecture at FISM in Rimini.

Kind regards

Niels Krøjgaard

Dear Mr Geller
I am writing to you to say how amazed I still am by the powers you demonstrated nearly 20 years ago.
You were in Easons Belfast for a book signing of your book Ella. I brought my children to meet you and have our book signed. They were around 10 or 11.Before queueing up I popped into debenhans and bought a spoon. 
When we reached you, you did 2 amazing things. Firstly upon my request you kindly bent the spoon that I had just bought. My kids were amazed. 
Then, when signing the book you asked my son what he’d like to do when he grows up. Like all boys he said footballer. But you said “I see you more doing this” and you drew an aeroplane with brendan in the cockpit. 
Well I’d just like you to know that my son is indeed a pilot and has just been promoted to senior first officer. Unfortunately we moved house and no longer have the book with the drawing .
My reason for writing is that even prior to meeting you I firmly believed in the power of the mind to help you succeed. I still do. Thank you for giving both of my children that belief,  they are both happy and successful. 
With kind regards
<Name Removed for Privacy>

Reply from Uri


Hi <name removed for privacy> you are an amazing mind reader!
Exactly today I had receive the manuscript of ELLA which will be made into a movie,
I had a long meeting with the screenplay writer in my house.
I am very happy for your son! Well done! Mail me a self addressed large envelope with
stamps and I will mail you 3 books for you all and I will draw an original drawing in the
My address: <removed>


Much energy and love Uri

It was a pleasure to see you again in Jurmala, Latvia after all these years. It is amazing how fast time flies.

I intend to move away from performing and focus on teaching and appreciating the simple things in life, but I would like to keep in touch with you as a friend who was one of my idols as a media figure, and as someone who offered me a lot of good advice while I was chasing my dream of also becoming a media figure.  

You and I both know how tough the media and entertainment industry is, so maybe you will understand why at age 42, I now feel that I should be satisfied with the presence I had in European television as an Asian performer during the last seven years.

Thank you for the inspiration, Uri. Thank you also for the great video endorsement for my new martial arts school.


Dear Uri,

I just want to thank you for all your positive, energising and encouraging

I was once in a deeply depressing time in my life, and I wrote to you and you gave sent me kind words and encouragement. It helped greatly.

You give so much, and I can’t thank you enough…

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even if no-one sees this…… THANKS URI !!!! This one helped a lot.

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Hello again  🙂

I really don’t want to disturb you but i’d like to tell you how important you are to me. i follow your life quite a long time ago because you are a very special. i’m one of the person who is really beleive in you and your power.

I’m a 36 years old hungarian guy who is living now in the Netherlands. im just begin to discover and develop my psychic abilities and i improved a lot. actually the last few years was extremely intense for me, i grew a lot.

Now feel i’m really interconnected with the world and events.

I  just want to thank you because you are also help me a lot with your beautiful and inspirational being.


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The Matrix

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James Randi (In an open letter to Abracadabra Magazine)

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