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la cuillère qui était sur ma tv a sauté lorsque vous avez dit que ça fonctionnait dans les émissions de personnes qui parlent anglais. par contre je n’ai rien ressenti concernant l’étoile.

lorsque vous avez compté jusque trois , la première fois , j’ai ressenti comme un choc.


hello M.Uri Geller,

I live in switzerland and i was watching the show ” la soirée de l’étrange” on TF1, you asked us to put a spoon on the TV and to choose a symbole, well my spoon fell off of the tv and i chose the star symbole. As i live in switzerland i could not call to let you know so i thought thats i should send you a message.
Thanks very much for this experiance hope to see you once in switzerland.

hello Mr geller !
you came in france for the show “la soirée de l’étranges” and your test are nice my spoon was very very warm ! and every people can fold a spoon ?
thank you
and excuse me for The faults
because i amyoung (14years old)
bye !

you are the finest human being in the planet.
comparable perhaps to lord buddha himself.
the world needs you.
you are too precious.

Hello Uri

I wanted to thank you very much for the signed card you sent for me, c/o my Mum.  I really appreciate it.

And I wanted to say thank you for being so kind and phoning my parents.  Your first message on their answerphone really meant a lot to them, especially my Mum.  It really gave her a boost.  And then you phoned again and spoke to both my Mum and my Dad.  It really did help my Mum no end.

We both have a number of pieces of your jewellery.  I’ve just bought the 11:11 pendant and wear it all the time.  I like it very much.

I’ve signed my Mum and Dad up to Twitter today so that they can follow you.

Thank you very much for your kindness and I look forward to seeing you next on QVC.

With all best wishes

Congrats of your Major Magic Awards from David Berglas
Uri you are my inspire my idol for my dream to be best perfomer artist of entertaiment, but i have dream that to make magic realism with scientific proof for best show that contain magic in the world

Please help my dream come true,Could you be my Cosultant and Sponsor me because Im from poor Family here at Malaysia.I know you have meet famous people that could help me.
I am 15 years old,and I want to be first youngest magician child star and became world renowned Magician.Or goes to Holywood…haha there are many actor,singer childstar but i want first magician child star of 21st century
I want to be best Magician of all Time because I have better Vision in magic than Criss Angel,David Blaine,David Copperfield and many other.
I have Develop many magic at my house and paper work that really make the best demostration Performance at TV show such as Walk on Air,Departed the big Sea just like moses and many other.
I want to Have my own Street Magic Tv Special show,I have experience to perform magic in live audience and Im still need learn more.I want to join any Magic Circle and
I want cosultant such as you Uri Geller for my Personality and show,David Merlini for my Escape,Dr Michio Kaku for my show theory and other friendly magician.
I dont Know how to get Agency for Entertaiment Industry. Could you help me
I want you to help to get my own production crew.

Help Im poor, make my dream come true,I have great expierence and vision in magic.
Your my only hope Uri Geller, Please help me I would make your name recognize until next century more famous than xxxxx after my succes.
Im also can sing I hope,I became just like Micheal Jackson I also inspire from him. Bestseller have great looks
your new great friend xxxx xxxxxx…..Please i hope you read this and help me…..

Dear Uri
I saw your TV program in channel 10(ISR) in 17.5.09

You are the beset and number 1, we love you and Reverence you.
God bless you and keep you.

Best regards

Subject: Just want to say…(-;
Sent: 17 May 2009 22:16

my name is Xxxxx Xxxxxx from Israel. I am 22 years old this month. I just saw now the video of your on channel 10. I have to say that you are brilliant. I was very sad after your last T.V. show cause the press was wrong. I hope one day to succeed as you have done so far. when I saw you today on T.V. I sense some of the energy and inspiration that you have. just want you to know… (-;

Hi Uri,

I just saw on TV an interview that Guy lerer did with you and I thought to myself how much we miss you here at Israel.

2 years ago when you record your show at Israel I called your live show and we spoke , I called because a spoon that I placed on my TV was’’ jump’’ from the TV and a dead watch which was out of order for 5 years started to work (and still working…)

I don’t know how to call it , magic or illusion but I find it very entertaining.

Wish you all the best


Dear Uri,
I watched the Tv program “Hamakor” and I have to tell you that, I’m really agree with you about the Israeli behavior in Israel. They don’t learn communication skills, all the time they compare themselves to other people- “looking outside instead inside” and that’s why they can’t encourage without being envious.
In early stage of my life, I understood from psychology books that when you are becoming successful person, people will look after you. you can take “Arkadi Gaydamak” as example: “he spent millions of dollars in this country and finally the Israeli citizen forgot about his kindness” , for good or bad, people have short memory. I learned from you that “you have to be focus about what are you thinking about yourself and your vision and not what other people thinking about you”
I think that people in Israel need inspiration, hope and motivation to live their life, therefore I believe that a person like you should represent Israel country like an inspired ambassador in the world.

Have a great day,

I have to remind you that we met and talked on the flight to England while I was working for XXX.



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