Chronology of Ken Russels Films

Feature Films ReleasedByRelease Date*
French DressingABPC1964
Billion Dollar BrainUnited Artists1967
Women in LoveUnited Artists1969
The Music LoversUnited Artists1970
The DevilsWarner Bros.1971
Savage MessiahEMI-MGM1971
The Boy FriendEMI-MGM1972
ValentinoUnited Artists1977
Altered StatesWarner Bros.1980
Crimes of PassionNew World1984
Salome's Last DanceVestron1988
The Lair of the White WormVestron1988
The RainbowVestron1989
MindbenderBuena Vista – Disney1995
Films Made for Television Release Date*
Amelia and the Angel 1957
Peepshow 1958
Poet's London 1959
Elgar 1962
Portrait of a Soviet Composer 1963
A House in Bayswater 1964
The Debussy Film 1965
Always on Sunday (Douanier Rousseau) 1965
Isadora Duncan: The Biggest Dancer in the World 1966
Dante's Inferno 1967
Song of Summer 1968
The Dance of the Seven Veils 1970
Clouds of Glory 1978
Portrait of a Composer-Ralph Vaughan Williams 1986
Ken Russell's ABC of British Music 1988
A British Picture 1989
The Strange Affliction of Anton Bruckner 1990
Prisoners of Honor (for HBO) (Not yet released)
The Pirates 1996

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