Why did the CIA recruit Uri Geller?

Uri Geller is known for  spoon bending and other such “magic” although he firmly insists he is a psychic with terrifying metaphysical powers.

When he emerged back in the 1970s, he had literally made a hit, and the CIA was one of those who had believed in his telekinetic forces, as you never know.

As he alleged, he had been recruited by the CIA to in order to clear up the situation with the murder of President John Kennedy!

The agent conscripted him, in particular, as he claimed himself, in order to find out if the murderer Li Harvey Oswald, who shot Kennedy deadly in 1963, had acted alone. 

Recently, Donald Trump said he would declassify about 3,000 documents relating to the murder that changed the world, releasing the Israeli magician from the oath of silence and now finally, he can tell his story: “What it means to me is that for the first time for 50 years, I can go in public and talk about my involvement in the JFK murder investigation.”

The CIA also published a series of documents in early 2017 where the Service actually checked the wizard’s telekinetic and telepathic abilities. He now says he became a good friend with former First Lady, Jackie Kennedy, who was equally determined to find out what really happened on that busy day.

Geller said he even acted as a secret agent for the Mexican Ministry of Finance when “CIA agent in Mexico authorized me, among other things, to investigate if Li Harvey Oswald acted alone or if he had accomplices, including support sub-national organizations such as the Mafia or international organizations
such as the KGB.”
“The mission brought me in the early 1970s, among others, to Mexico City and the Russian Embassy, where Oswald was found shortly before he shot the American president.”

Geller promised cataclysmic revelations if CIA documents are finally released, but he has reservations: “I wonder if I will be included in the JFK documents that will be released, as I did in the CIA documents published in January, or if my involvement will be hacked away or left completely out due to the information I shared with the agent of Mexico City. If that happens, unfortunately I will never be able to reveal what I discovered, because it is quite shocking …”


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