CIA Release Uri Geller Files

The CIA have released a large volume of data, including previously secret documents about the tests that were performed on Uri Geller. Below is some of the news footage relating to this story.

For more, see: CIA Release Files on Uri Geller


Israeli Psychic Uri Geller Receives Further Recognition For His ‘Powers’”


Walla News, Israel

אורי גלר על ה-CIA: “בדקו אם אוכל להפעיל פצצת אטום בטלפתיה”



 Historias y Misterios

Las habilidades paranormales del guerrero psíquico de la CIA Uri Geller


Fygokentros, Macedonia TV

Uri Geller on popular TV news show Fygokentros discussing recently released CIA files. 


BBC Breakfast News

Uri Geller on BBC Breakfast News discussing the CIA revelations.


 Edgar Mitchell

Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Astronaut & sixth person to walk on the moon – Discussing Uri Geller & CIA testing.


 Société. L’invité

Uri Geller, réels pouvoirs ou illusionniste.


 Dr. Kit Green

Former CIA officer Dr. Kit Green discussing Uri Geller and the previously secret CIA testing. 



CIA’s Secret Para-Experiment Disclose Accurate Psychic Readings of Uri Geller 


 Misterios Prohibidos

La CIA intentó convertir a Uri Geller en el arma de espionaje más peligrosa jamás creada.


Bright Insight

13 Million Secret CIA Documents Prove Aliens Exist & Psychic Abilities – Existence of Aliens


Close Encounters UFO

Uri Geller Convinced the CIA He Had Paranormal Powers in 1973


Wochit Entertainment

Revealed CIA Tests Found TV Psychic Was Real


Studio Trinity

НТВ Центральное Телевидение 28/01/17 Что скрывали секретные материалы ЦРУ?


Realidad Revelada

CIA desclasifica documento sobre las capacidades psíquicas de Uri Geller.


Canal Reality TV

La increible historia de Uri Geller


 Cristian Medina

El guerrero psíquico de la CIA, durante la Guerra Fría. Mirá!


Beyond Science

UFOs & Psychic Powers Revealed as CIA Release 800,000 Declassified Files









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