Colours of the mind

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Colours of the mind
2002-07-18 10:00

What colour is your mind? Have you ever studied one of those fascinating brain scans, where every thought lights up in vivid reds and oranges?

These colours are computer-generated, to reveal areas where the grey matter is working hardest – but they were not created by accident. Red and orange are colours that thrill us, focusing our attention.After a long, grey, wet winter, when the trees are not yet in bud and every patch of grass has turned to sludge, the mind must fight back with colour.Paint an orange circle on a white sheet of paper and tape it to your bedroom wall. When you get out of bed tomorrow, spend a few moments gazing at the dot. Stand about two feet from it, with your shoulders back and your chin up. Let your facial muscles relax and breathe in slowly. Stare at the beautiful, blazing orb of orange. You’ll start to see a blue, flickering haze like an aura around the circle – it’s caused by the reaction of the orange on your retina.Imagine the energy from that brilliant colour is suffusing your whole mind. Think of a brain scan, where your whole cortex burns orange. Just the thought of it makes you smile and raise your head.Keep that energy in mind all day. When you need to concentrate, feel the orange lustre in your brain. When the going gets gruelling – at the bus stop, in the office, in the kitchen – you can tap into that dazzling orange brain of yours.That’s the power of colour. With a few seconds of focus and imagination, you have charged yourself up with positive energy for the entire day. Your brain has been transformed into a pulsating power source – and you’ve done it all yourself.


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