Crystal balls

What colour is your mind? Have you ever studied one of those fascinating brain scans, where every thought lights up in vivid reds and oranges?

waggling her fingers over a crystal ball and telling you the winning lottery numbers.”I wish I could tell you those numbers! The future, as Jonathan Cainer will tell you, is not so cut and dried … everything remains possible.But I still think of myself as a psychic, someone who uses all his senses – including that elusive one which scientists have yet to define. And I must confess to a fondness for crystal balls.In my home there are many beautiful crystals, many of them raw and full of jagged energy, some of them smooth and spherical. There’s even a crystal ball on the nose of my Cadillac.For centuries people have used the reflective surfaces of crystal to help them divine the possibilities of the future. When I am looking for guidance from my sub-conscious, or simply seeking to relax, I crystal-gaze too. the ancients called it ‘scrying’. If you’d like to experiment, find a stone with a polished, barely reflective surface. A clear rock crystal is good, and so too is darkly shining obsidian or jet. The stone could be as large as a football or as small as an ear-ring. You can even use the blank screen of your computer monitor.Lower the lights, and stare quietly at your reflection. Look for pictures the way you would in a flame – idly, without forcing the images. Often nothing will be visible, but a faint picture will echo in the back of your brain.Remember, you are not looking for the one-and-only future.You’re finding possibilities from inside your own mind. The lottery numbers won’t be there … but the hints to your heart could be worth even more.


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