Crystal Connections

Every time I step on stage I carry a little piece of pure magic with me. It’s a shard of rock crystal, clear and sparkling and pure, and it connects me to unlimited energy.

Right now, it’s going to connect me to all my readers. I want everyone to link their mental energy in a supercharged web of unlimited potential, through crystals.

The painter and genius Salvador Dali was one of the first people to make me understand the power of crystals. He was my artistic mentor in the Seventies, and believed that my bent spoons were the fulfilment of the surreal world of melting watches and liquid metal that his paintings had prophesied.

With my artistic mentor Salvidor Dali.

I marvelled at the ferocious energy that coursed through him. Even in his seventies, he burned with an intensity that would exhaust most people fifty years younger. I asked him for his secret and he clamped the palms of my hands against a massive stone on a plinth. I expected it to be cold, but the glistening facets were hot and vibrant, as though pulsing with electricity.

I was a recent convert to meditation and yoga at that time, and soon learned that by focusing my thoughts while I clasped a rock crystal, I could top up my reserves – it was like pouring an energy drink straight into my brain.

Naturally, since these were the Excessive Seventies, I had to have the biggest rock crystal on earth for my apartment. It came from Brazil, and it still stands in the foyer of my home, a colossal prism refracting light into a billion particles.

When I was landscaping my Japanese meditation garden, I ordered a lorryload of crystals to line the bed of the watercourse. Running water enhances their purity, so I built a cairn of hundreds or even thousands beneath the waterfall. Now when the moonlight shines on my garden, it twinkles and glitters like a cave of fabled treasures. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve given away, but whenever I make a gift of a crystal to a fan, a friend or a reader, I always make sure that I have held the stone in my fist until it glowed hot with energy. In that way, I can repay the universe for all the energy it has given me.

Even a sliver of rock crystal makes a perfect energy amplifier. Other types of stone have a calming, channelling influence. I keep a bowl of smooth, coloured pebbles by my house phone – if a cold caller rings, trying to sell me something, I plunge my fingers into the bowl and let the stones trickle through my hand. This is better than any mantra for patience and forbearance, and the pebbles help me to stay assertively polite as I turn the caller away. You might not be able to build a whole zen sanctuary, but you can create a
Japanese garden in a bowl with crystals and a bag of sand. Fill the bowl to the brim with sand; now take a comb with widely-spaced teeth, press it lightly into the sand with on end at the centre of the bowl, and trace a full circle. The prongs will draw a pattern of circular furrows.

Now arrange your crystals in a pattern, around the edge or radiating in spokes from the middle. If you have plenty of stones (you can buy bags of crystal chippings very cheaply, and they’re great for a bonsai zen garden), copy the pattern of a mandala or a sacred design.The combination of meditative calm and mysticism will help you to focus your thoughts, banish distractions and channel your energy. I find the simple act of creating one of these miniature sand gardens is one of the most soothing things I can do.

All of the jewellery I create, whether it’s ear-rings, necklaces or pendants, features crystals. I have been designing beautiful jewellery for more than ten years, and I get a terrific thrill every time I spot a stranger wearing one of my pieces. It’s another way that the energy of crystals goes around and always comes back.


Some pieces in the current Uri Geller Jewellery collection

As we interlock our mental energy, I want all of you to clasp a crystal in your hands. It doesn’t matter what type of stone – I love clear rock crystals, but many of my friends swear by amethysts or rose quartz, topaz or lapis lazuli. If you have a diamond, in a broach or a ring, that will be equally powerful. Imagine as you hold your crystal that your body is filling up from the toes, with light that is pouring into you through your head. Gradually, your whole being is light-filled, until it is shining out of your fingers and your eyes and your smile in a radiant web of energy. The spokes of light reach out between us, sharing energy with our friends and loved ones, and with everyone who wants and needs it. Hold tight to your crystals – they are the connectors in the web. Remember a crystal is a tool for your mind!

Light and love to you all!



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