Curriculum Vitae

Conor J. Wilson

Date of birth: 26.07.73
56, George Street, Nationality: British.
Balsall Heath,
B12 9RT. Tel: (0121) 4466531


A-levels: Art Physics
Geography Maths
AO-Level: Maths.
GCSE: English literature Chemistry
English language Physics
Geography Maths
French Art


1992-1993 Birmingham University.
B.Sc. Geography and Geology.
1992-1991 Aston University.
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering.
1986-1991 Dover College Senior School, Dover.
1981-1986 Dover College Junior School, Folkestone.

Art has been an important part of my life since I was very young. Creativity has fascinated me and I began painting when I was six. I have continued to develop my skills at school and independently since then.

I was born in Papua New Guinea and have lived abroad most of my life spending many years in the Middle East as well as Thailand, Scotland and England. I have been exposed to many different cultures and vibrant imprinting that influences my life/Art. I love independent travel and have just returned from three months in India and Nepal; I feel that new experiences and the insecurity of change through travel are essential for my creative spirit to flourish.

Due to my parents transient lifestyle I went to public school at age seven, where I gained my fine education. My heart was always with my art; However Dover College had a very small art department and I was influenced to study Engineering, it was a secure option I was advised. So I studied Engineering for a year then Geography and Geology for six months before following my heart and true calling by taking up painting full time. I had been painting and creating part-time throughout the years but always craved a fully creative life. I have never looked back, I love what I do with passion.
Explaining the meaning of my world is something I find extremely difficult to do. To me the paintings mean so much on every level. I feel the mental process of using words compartmentaises what I have done and in effect ensnares the viewer within a framework of reason that is to rigid.

In my life I am seeking to understand the larger picture. l think we like security and thus fool ourselves into false understanding of ourselves and the universe; But how much do we really understand about even our own bodies let alone our place within the universe, the world is full of magical mystery. Our Western scientific logic has successfully dulled many minds to these things. Times of accelerated change are raising some very interesting questions about our futures and existence.

I hope my work will raise some interesting questions. I am attempting to delve into the usually invisible landscape of mind and matter, language and cognition. The fundamental theme in all my present work is energy; Neither created nor destroyed it changes form and thus is locked in the perpetual cycle of dynamic change, as are everyone of us as we progress through the cycle of this life. Through painting I search for an understanding beyond intellectual reason, it is within the realm of infinite space, the undefinable. I see art as a bridge between many areas of thought, Philosophy, mysticism, mathematics and science. Creativity to me is intensified brilliant life, a celebration of our existence.

If I can generate positive energy through my art then maybe it can effect the viewer, be held by the viewer, influence the viewer to question his/her relationship with themselves and their environment. If what is seen confuses, that to is a sign of our times; there is no boundary between order and chaos.
I think of my work as a symbol of universal unity, an expression of deep love for the divine universal energy that binds us together. I hope I may get close to inducing within the viewer that sense of indefinable beauty and joy, that bewilderingly amazing awe for life in its manifold diversity. Words seem weak.


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