Daily Mail about types of children.

Tuesday 17th September 1996

Daily Mail

Does your place in the family mould you for ever?

THE only child has only its parents to take a lead from.
He or she grows up quickly without any other more childish role models. Hence the only child is often seen as rather aloof by contemporaries who do not understand the only child has never had to learn within the family how to get on with those closer in age.
Only children may feel less deprived of attention than others, and are less prone to attention-seeking behaviour: to the extent that they tend not to seek out friends and seem more self-sufficient.
Because they grow up largely with parents whom they can depend on, only children may be too trusting in relationships.
Example: Uri Geller, spoonbending psychic, lives in Berkshire with his wife, Hannah, and children Daniel, 15, and Natalie, 14.
‘I was perfectly loved by both my parents. I wasn’t spoiled, because we were poor. What was amazing is that my mother had eight abortions before I was born. When I found that out in later years it shocked me.
‘I just couldn’t believe how much company I could have had. She did that because my father at that time did not want children. She fought hard to keep me. Now I believe my guardian angels are my brothers and sisters. I feel they are around me and protect me.’
Other famous examples of only children: Nick Faldo, Gayle Hunnicut, E. M. Forster, Enoch Powell


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