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Sep 5 2009 Mark McGivern

PSYCHIC Uri Geller is planning to use a Y-shaped twig to find buried Egyptian treasure on a tiny Scots island.

Geller bought The Lamb, a rock off North Berwick in the Firth of Forth, for £30,000 in February.

He believes Tutankhamun’s sister left treasure on the island.

And he says he’ll search for it using dowsing – the use of a Y-shaped twig or rod to find buried gems, precious metal or water sources underground.

Geller, who believes The Lamb is linked to the pyramids at Giza, said: “I have a strong feeling there is treasure on the island.

“In the past I’ve located gold mines, jewellery, oil fields etc. It will be very easy for me to dowse The Lamb because it is so small.

“If I locate the treasure I will seek permission from the Scottish Government to excavate it. It is not the monetary value, it is the historical value that interests me.

“I’m planning to come in January with a boat load of about 50 people who want to join me.”

Geller had hoped to take his pal Michael Jackson to The Lamb when the king of pop visited Britain for his comebacktour.

“If Michael had been alive I would have taken him there,” he said. “He was very interested in the mysterious and the enigmatic.

“I’m just so eager to go myself.The Lamb has an amazing aura.”

Geller believes there is treasure on The Lamb because of an ancient legend that Scotland got it’s name from a sister of Tutankhamun called Scota. It’s claimed Scota fell out with her father and fled Egypt to a group of windswept islands off the northwest coast of Europe.

The story says she brought the Stone of Destiny with her, and Scotland was named after her when she died.

Geller said: “I like to think that the first placed they moored was in the Firth of Forth, off Lamb island.

“This island has links to the pyramids, King Arthur, Robert the Bruce and the ancient Irish kings. It is one of the keystones to British mythology – I’m thrilled to be its owner.”


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