DAVID MOREHOUSE, a highly decorated, third-generation army officer, special-operations infantryman, and one of the army’s elite airborne ranger company commanders, was labeled “destined to wear stars” by his superiors. But a mission in a remote desert valley in the Kingdom of Jordan changed his life forever. Wounded by a stray machine-gun bullet, he began to have inexplicable visions and haunting nightmares. His experiences redirected his brilliant future and led to a series of frightening glimpses into another world.

When Morehouse disclosed these occurrences to military authorities, they earmarked him for recruitment into Stargate, a top-secret clan of psychic spies backed by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency. These extraordinary spies, labeled “remote viewers” by the U. S. government, trained Morehouse to become one of their top operatives in the psychic espionage program.

Psychic Warrior is the true story, told for the first time, of one man’s journey into the CIA’s most top-secret and successful psychic warfare operation. As Morehouse recounts his experiences, the reader becomes the “viewer,” traveling to unknown worlds: to the pain, anguish, and horror of Dachau; to the searing heat of ground zero at Hiroshima; to classified counterterrorist missions; to the Ark of the Covenant; and to the choking smoke of Desert Storm’s aftermath, to name but a few.

Soon after being recruited into Stargate, Morehouse reaised that the government’s eventual purpose was to take “remote viewing” into the realm of weaponry. Determined to prevent his gift from becoming an instrument of war, Morehouse embarked on a campaign to blow the lid off the top-secret government program. The consequences to his family included numerous attempts on his life and the lives of his wife and children, as well as phone taps and alarming calls in the night, culminating in a court-martial that resulted in his resignation under duress. Yet Morehouse persevered in his quest to reveal the chilling lengths to which certain factions of the U. S. government will go to hide the truth. Psychic Warrior is a fascinating examination of the untapped power of the human subconscious and a moving story of one man’s crusade to ensure that it is used for peace.

DAVID MOREHOUSE has won numerous meritorious service and commendation medals, as well as paratrooper wings from six foreign nations. He holds an M.A. degree in military art and science, earned at Fort Leavenworth, and a Ph.D. from LaSalle University. Presently he lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He writes and lectures about peace, most recently as a speaker and panel member at the Mikhail Gorbachev Foundation’s 1995 State of the world Forum.


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