Developing Psychic talents the Eastern way

The brain is known to dynamically allocate resources to areas that are frequently used. This may explain why such an extensive philosophy of inner skills has arisen in India and adjacent countries.
By spending time trying to inhibit analytic thought this encourages the awareness of subtle energies in the body and surroundings. Practitioners try to obtain mastery over the usually unconscious mind-matter interactions in themselves; these may be at work in all of us when we sleep and be the source of some precognitive dreams. Some of the symbolism may be generated by remote viewing the distant universe. The ability to control autonomic functions falls under this broad definition.
By continuing to expand these parts of the mind over many years, it is said that much information about people and objects is eventually revealed. The ability to see and affect matter, through routes unknown to our present science, develops. Usually it is thought important to perfect the inner self before looking outside. The reason for this may be that it is much easier to connect to the outside world if the inner one is in tune with it – implying a benevolent world. This is done by asking what thoughts, actions and attachments are truly mine and what is my real nature.
It is sometimes possible to observe a feeling associated with a place if you have ever habitually been in the same mental state there. Some times if you return years later to a place where you studied you can feel this. Psychometry is based on the same ability to tune in. If you understand that this is so then you begin to wonder about the possibilities latent in the ingestion of food – how it is handled could possibly add to it. Unfortunately there is little in our current science that can measure such subtle things. There is some evidence that the magnetic scalar potential can affect the development of embrios and that there may be coherent states in biological organisms but that is about all at present.
On the books page there are several that describe the development and use of these powers.


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