A selection of some of the documentaries & TV shows which have been produced over the years about Uri Geller.



Uri Geller with Israeli Mentalist Nimrod Harel on the show UNSEEN.

Uri Geller with Israeli Mentalist Nimrod Harel on the show UNSEEN from Sunbean on Vimeo.

Riz Khan’s One on One – Uri Geller – 23 Mar 07 – Part 2

This article is about the Arabic-language TV channel

Riz Khan’s One on One – Uri Geller – 22 Sept 07 – Part 1

This article is about the Arabic-language TV channel

The Secret Life of Uri Geller

Oscar Winning Vikram Jayanti’s BBC Documentary about Uri Geller. 



Gaia. Uri Geller – Legacy. Paranormal Proof & The CIA.

An interview with Gaia

Password: 1111


Gaia. Uri Geller – Legacy. The Paranormal & Life After Death

An interview with Gaia.

Password: 1111


Gaia. Uri Geller – Legacy. From Dowsing to Spirituality

An interview with Gaia.

Password: 1111


Gaia. Uri Geller – Bend A Spoon; Bend Your Mind

An interview with Gaia.

Password: 1111

Arthur C. Clarke’s World of Strange Powers

Arthur C. Clarke discussed his experiences with Uri Geller, on his renowned TV series.

Password: 1111


Rai TV

A Documentary about Uri Geller on Rai TV in 1974 


The Secret Life of Uri Geller in German

Oscar gewinnt Vikram Jayantis BBC-Dokumentarfilm über Uri Geller.


A Life Stranger Than Fiction

Simon Cowell’s ‘Uri Geller: A Life Stranger Than Fiction’ Documentary.


Edgar Mitchell on Uri Geller

Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Astronaut, the sixth person to walk on the moon, Discussing Uri Geller & the CIA testing.


Dr. Kit Green on Uri Geller

Former CIA officer Dr. Kit Green discussing Uri Geller and the previously secret CIA testing. 


Being Uri Geller

A documentary about Uri’s life and career.


Uri Geller Live Experiment on KRO with Hans van Willigenburg

Password: 1111

BBC: Reputations

A biography on Uri, 41 minutes long, part of BBC’s Reputations documentary


Uri Geller by Peter Hilscher

The first-ever documentary about Uri Geller, made in 1972.


Cia Secret Testing of Uri Geller

Previously secret footage recently released by the CIA. Video 1. 


Previously Secret Footage of Uri Geller Testing 

Previously secret footage recently released by the CIA. Video 2.


Edgar Mitchell & Other Scientists Discussing Secret CIA Testing of Uri Geller

Astronaut and 6th man to walk on the moon Edgar Mitchell, former CIA officer Dr Kit Green, and scientist Dr Hal Puthoff discussing CIA testing of Uri Geller.


Uri Geller Receives Further Recognition For His “Powers”

ILTV News discuss the previously released CIA documents.


Stories in Detail – Uri Geller

A documentary in Russian about Uri Geller

Password: 1111


Oppenheimer Presenta

Uri Geller interview by Andrés Oppenheimer, on Oppenheimer Presenta.


A Documentary with Uri Geller

Uri Geller on the Bermuda Triangle, Bending Spoons and Quantum Physics.


The Secret History of US Remote Viewing Program

A documentary about the secret history of the US remote viewing program, including Uri Geller.


A Hungarian Documentary About Uri Geller

A documentary in Hungarian about Uri Geller, directed by Czencz József


Las habilidades paranormales del guerrero psíquico de la CIA Uri Geller

A documentary in Spanish, covering the recently released CIA documents relating to secret CIA testing of Uri Geller


Greek TV show Coverage of CIA Documents

Macedonia TV highlight the released CIA documents.


Did ALIENS Give a THREE Year Old Superpowers!

Beyond Science investigates the potential cause of Uri Geller’s abilities.


An Interesting Interview with Uri Geller

An interview in Hebrew with Uri Geller, with IBA World News.


Uri Geller Stops People Smoking

Uri shocks a live studio by stopping people from smoking.


Uri Geller My Truth

A documentary made in The Ukraine about Uri Geller


A Documentary in Russian

A Russian documentary about Uri Geller 


An interview with Uri Geller

Uri Geller Interviewed about the new Uri Geller Museum in development.


A Documentary in Greek about Uri Geller 

A documentary by eminent Greek journalist Kostas Hardavellas about Uri.


A biography by Neville Hodgkinson

A fascinating short picture biography of Uri’s life compiled by the former Science Editor of The Times, Neville Hodgkinson.


Summary of the SRI experiments

In the 1980s, Uri was tested in the Stanford Research Institute to determine whether his powers are “real”. The conductors of these experiments report the conclusion in this video.



Russel Targ & Harold Puthoff talk about Uri Geller

Russel Targ and Harold Puthoff conducted the SRI experiments on Uri. In this short video, they speak of these experiments.


My Friend Michael Jackson: Uri’s Story

This documentary was produced by ITV (UK) after Michael’s tragic death.


Riz Khan’s One on One – Uri Geller 

Riz Khan interviewing Uri for his show “Riz Khan’s One on One”

Riz Khan One on One.


Energy Fields of Life

Uri featured in a 1974 documentary called Energy Fields Of Life,  including bending a key which continues to bend once placed on a table.


The Official SRI Research Film

The Official Stanford Research Institute Film on Uri Geller


The World of Future Science

Uri featured in a documentary made in the 70s about the on going scientific research into the paranormal. 


Uri’s first time featured in a German documentary

This is the first German documentary featuring Uri, and includes David Copperfield sharing his thoughts on Uri Geller.


A Russian Documentary about Uri Geller

An interesting documentary produced in Russia about Uri


A German Documentary about Uri Geller

A documentary for Focus Germany, about the CIA testing on Uri Geller as documented in the previously secret CIA records.


An in-Depth Interview with Uri Geller

A very in-depth interview with Uri Geller with Yoram Yovel. 


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