Don Elkins on Uri Geller – Celestcom – July 15, 2000


Don Elkins


When I work with Uri Geller, the results we achieve with telepathic experiments are remarkably good.

Many Professional magicians have stated that Geller is actually a very clever trickster with no special mental ability. It seems that few of them have applied the scientific method of repeated experiment to determine his ability.

I found that, for my own edification, the most conclusive tests were those performed in a random fashion during the normal daily routine, completely unannounced. That is, Uri did not know that I was testing his telepathic ability as we carried on a normal conversation during the day.


The result: for me, there is no doubt that Uri Geller is a first-class telepathic sender and receiver.

–Don Elkins in Secrets of the UFO, Page 19

I had an interesting demonstration … while returning from a UFO research convention on October 19, 1975. I was piloting a Beechcraft Baron, which is a light airplane, and I experienced a total malfunction of the artificial horizon. This is the primary instrument used to maintain level flight during bad weather, when there are no visual references that the pilot can see. In cloudy conditions, the real horizon disappears, so the artificial horizon is all important.

The artificial horizon is similar in its malfunctioning to a flat tire, in that it never fixes itself. You either replace it or repair it. But, after being inoperative for over an hour, my artificial horizon started working perfectly again just when I became in need of it. This was so unusual a thing to happen that I doubted whether I could convince the maintenance mechanic that it had malfunctioned at all, and for this reason I took a witness to the phenomena when I talked to the technician back at the hangar.

Five days later, I was visiting Uri Geller in the Las Vegas Hilton, and just happened to mention the strange occurrence with the gyro horizon. He immediately became very excited and started looking for a manila folder. I noticed the corner of a manila folder sticking our from some other papers right beside me and fished it out. “Is this it?” I asked. Note please, skeptics, that the folder was only a few inches from me, so that Geller had no opportunity to write in it. Since I had not been in previous contact with him or any of his associates for about a year, it is highly unlikely that he would have found out about the malfunction.

“Open it, open it up,” he shouted. I did, and found the following notation scrawled across the first page:

Horizon went out!!


Comparison of our activities showed that when I was having my troubles in the air on the 19th, near Evansville, Indiana, Uri had been listening to stereo music on his headset in his New York City home. Over the music, Uri suddenly heard a voice say, “Horizon went out.” He didn’t know what the statement meant, so he wrote it down on the folder. Then he felt energy flow through him, like when he fixes something. But this made no sense to him, and he forgot about it. Until he heard my story.

“I guess I fixed your horizon,” he said. “It sure looks that way,” I replied. We then noticed an ashtray in the middle of the floor that had not previously been there. As I commented on this, a small bottle flew spontaneously from the desk across the room, sharply striking a window some ten feet distant. The bottle hit glass with such a resounding crash that I was surprised that nothing was broken. “I fixed it, I fixed your horizon,” said Uri. “That’s how they tell me.” When (Andrijah) Puharich reported his dog vanishing instantaneously, articles appearing and disappearing due to Uri’s presence, people found it hard to believe him. I suppose you still find it hard to believe my story. When it happens to you personally, you have no choice but to witness to the truth.

— Don Elkins in Secrets of the UFO, Page 61

(This story also available on tape, The Spirtual Significance of UFOs, contact LL Research)

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