” Don’t forget that when Uri last used his powers, at the Millennium Stadium, the previously stuck roof suddenly started to move”!

From the South Wales Argus

Uri Geller: Believes he helped Newport to success yesterday “I focused my powers on the fans so they would send their energy to the players and I focused on the captain because I had bent a spoon for him. It has been exhausting because I am not used to doing rugby games. I had to totally clear my mind and just focus on winning”

“Touch this picture”, Uri told the readers of the paper !


Uri Geller give Newport RFC the winning edge by using his amazing powers to help Newport In their clash with Neath in the Principality Cup final. He said he put his mind to work on behalf of Newport, who beat Neath 13-8 in Cardiff to take Wales’s Principality Cup for the first time in 24 years. On a recent trip to south Wales Geller was asked to help the team win the game. At 3pm, the kick-off time for the match at the Millennium Stadium, the man famous for bending spoons with his mind was putting all his energies into support the Newport team. Fans were instructed to keep this copy of the Argus – take it with them to the match – and concentrate all there efforts into helping Newport win the Cup. Uri used his powers to bend a spoon over a photograph of Newport captain Gary Teichmann “to give him Mindpower” – which he signed to be given to the man himself. He was also wearing a Newport rugby shirt to help concentrate his energies.

Uri urged readers:

“Touch my picture and think positively for the team to win.”

Don’t forget that when Uri last used his powers, at the Millennium Stadium, the previously stuck roof suddenly started to move”!!!!


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