What’s this? I doodled it, but its meaning is hidden somewhere in my subconscious. I love to doodle and, since I almost always have a pen in my hand (unless I’m bending a spoon), I doodle on everything – napkins and tablecloths, books and newspapers, even walls and tables.


Doodling expresses emotions which are hard to define in words. It’s clear from this little drawing that I am bursting with energy right now … but why is that Jewish star at the centre? It’s Hanukkah time, the Jewish festival which overlaps with Christmas, so perhaps I’m feeling religious.

Or maybe that’s not a Star of David at all: maybe it’s me! The doodle might be saying ‘eye’ am a star.

And what about the hearts radiating from every point? There’s a heart inside each one, but five of the hearts are broken. Who are they for? I think I know … and I don’t think I’m going to tell you.

Doodling is a great way to reach the secrets in your mind Just relax and let your pen do the work. Try to disconnect your conscious mind from your fingers, and be surprised by what your hand traces. Many psychics believe that, when they slip into a hypnotic or rance state, other spirits are able to guide them – the words and pictures they create are known to parapsychologists as ‘automatic’ writing and drawing. Let your own spirit be your guide.

You won’t need any skill as a draughtsman to explore this experiment. Even if your drawings are bad enough to win the Turne Prize, there’s lots to be learned from them. Don’t judge your doodle on its artistic merits – it’s the spiritual clues that matter.

Lots of black, heavy lines usually indicate stress and anger, and plants and flowers are a common subconscious symbol of the need for growth. Walls can represent real-life obstacles, and clouds may mean confusion or simply happiness.

There are no hard-and-fast rules to what your doodles mean. see them as a psychic prompt, to give yourself hints from the core of your mind.


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