Eddie Kidd’s biography

Eddie Kidd’s biographyeddiekiddbook

Eddie Kidd had it all. Handsome, talented, rich, his daring motorcycle exploits made him a household name across
the country and gave him an extravagant and envied lifestyle. An then one day, disaster struck. One of Eddie’s dare-devil jumps ended in a terrible collision. He nearly lost his life. Now he is consigned to a wheelchair. This is Eddie’s inspirational story about the triumph of the human spirit over disability and tragedy

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From The Evening Standard

STRINGFELLOWS had an unlikely visitor last night in the form of Uri Geller. “I’ve never been here before this is not eddiekiddurimy kind of place, Uri Geller told me at the lap-dancing club In Covent Garden where motorbike king Eddie Kidd was celebrating the launch of his autobiography, Crawling From The Wreckage. “I’m here because of Eddie. When he had his crash – when it seemed that there was no chance for him I sent his mum some of my tapes to play to him while he was in his coma.” “It’s true,” Kidd confirmed. “No one thought I’d make it but Uri helped big time”. In fact I came out of my coma to his voice and ever since we have been friends.”

From Eddie Kidd’s biography

“I would also like to thank Uri Geller because I believe he played an important part in my recovery when he sent a special tape recording to my mum and asked her to play it to me when I was still unconscious. I have no idea what was on that tape because my mum didn’t tell anyone she was playing it to me. When she was at my bedside, looking after me, as she did, she put Uri’s tape into my Walkman, slipped the headphones over my ears and switched on. She hadn’t a clue whether or not I could hear anything, but she has since told me that while that tape was playing, my eyes often flickered which gave her the impression that perhaps I could hear after all. Thank you, too, Uri”.


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