ELF – Iceland Papers – Tesla – Pachita

Since the preceding pages were written, several months have elapsed. I had reached the point where I could no longer continue with Andrija’s biography, because I lacked the information pertaining to the last twenty years of his life.

In the few letters I had received during the late seventies, I read that John W. went broke, and that Andrija, in order to earn some money went “incommunicado” to write a book.

So in order to find out what happened from 1976 on, I took off for New York to go through Andrija’s books and papers which are stored there.

Many hours of reading later, my respect and admiration for Andrija as a researcher have increased significantly. His inquisitive spirit knew no bounds. Neither did his courage to stick his neck out. He was indeed “a person seemingly bigger than life,” as Tom Bearden so poignantly states. Had there always been opposition to Andrija’s controversial research, and sneers at the publication of his findings by the engineers and scientists who were controlled by the “Secret Elite,” during the late seventies, the “shadow government” (that serves not the electorate but the secret wealthy persons who run the world) became very worried when Andrija set out to warn the world that the Russians were planning to enslave humanity through the use of ELF – extremely low frequency, and that the world leaders were doing nothing to stop them.

It was in July of 1976 that Andrija – and other scientists – first became concerned by reports from amateur radio operators that they were receiving mysterious radio signals.

On October 29, 1976, the Washington Star featured a story titled: Who’s Fouling up Global Radio? by Stephen M. Aug. The lead paragraph read:

“A super-powerful. mysterious radio signal, apparently emanating from the Soviet Union has been disrupting communications throughout the world for months.”

At first the Soviet signals were a nuisance, and no one took them seriously. But as the Soviets refused to reveal the purpose for the signals, speculation mounted. More reports came in.

David Mac Donald of the Ottawa Journal, London Bureau, wrote in early November 1976: Soviets Beaming a Doomsday Signal.

“Soviet radio emissions that are infuriating BBC radio engineers appear to supply evidence that the Soviet Union is ignoring the spirit of the Helsinki accord by extending preparations for an all-out nuclear war on the West.

The significance of this particular transmitter is that it has been designed to operate after the ionosphere that surrounds the earth has been destroyed by repeated atom bomb explosions. The ionosphere acts as a sort of mirror off which radio signals are bounced by traditional radio transmitters. The transmitter is located in the Western Soviet Union in the Republic of Byelorussia. It is in the industrial town of Gomel, about 175 miles S.E. of Minsk.

A NATO official said it was first thought that the interference was coming from a powerful new Soviet over-the-horizon radar installation. ‘But now that we know it is a low frequency radio transmitter, we are not much comforted,’ he said. ‘It plays havoc with our communications when it is working, and logic says its purpose is for directing the finish-off punch after most of the West is a nuclear potato chip.'”

Paul Brodeur in the New Yorker, December 20, 1976 said:

“A report published by Dr. Zaret in the New York Times on October 30th of this year revealed that in recent months a mysterious broadband, shortwave radio signal has been broadcast intermittently from the Soviet Union. Dr. Zaret is concerned about the signal not because of its interference with radio and telecommunications, but because of its potential for being hazardous to human beings. ‘This broadband signal is being pulsed at an on-off rate of ten times per second,’ he said the other day. ‘When I analyzed the Soviet literature for Project Pandora back in the nineteen-sixties, it was very clear that such an encoding impressed onto carrier wave lengths could have a central nervous system effect. In the case of the present (Soviet) signal, I would not be surprised to find that the on-off code at a repetition rate of ten per second could have an effect on the brain’s inherent alpha rhythm. So whatever purpose the Russians may have for continuing this transmission, the potential effect in human beings from altering their Alpha rhythm cannot be discounted.'”

In spite of the protests to the Soviet Union concerning interference with radio and long line telephone communication systems, there was no adequate diplomatic response; in fact, the Soviet government maintained a sphinx-like silence. Curiously enough, all the affected governments of the world seemed loath to prod the Russian bear, and did virtually nothing to enlighten their citizenry. The average curious citizen found himself isolated between two walls of silence.

The first definitive analysis of the new Soviet technology appeared in the authoritative journal Aviation Week and Space Technology, where it was opined that the Soviet emissions were concerned with the development of an “electronic beam weapon.”

“This is a device invented by, and kept secret by Tesla, circa 1905, which sends out bullets of charged particles along the lines of a nuclear particle accelerator, and which Tesla had claimed could shoot down aircraft or missiles up to 200 miles away.”

For those readers who are unfamiliar with Tesla (as I was until recently) I will first give an introduction to this “Promethean genius,” as Andrija called him.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was born in the village of Smiljan, province of Lika in Yugoslavia, at precisely, midnight between July 9 and 10.

Until the age of seven his life was idyllic, living in the great spaces of the mountains of Lika, and growing up with the reading of poetry and the quoting of passages from the Bible by his parents. It is not surprising that already at a very early age Nikola Tesla learned to read and write.

This happy phase of his life was abruptly ended when his eldest brother Daniel died in a tragic accident. Soon afterwards Nikola started to suffer from strong flashes of light that interfered with his normal vision. The flashes were pictures of things and scenes that he had really seen. Never of those he imagined. When a word was spoken to him, the image of the object it designated would present itself vividly to his vision. To free himself of the disturbing images, he started to conjure up imaginary worlds and ideas. He continued doing this until the age of seventeen, when he turned his thoughts to inventions. He found that he could put an idea on his mental display screen and re-run it over and over again, till he had a perfect conception. Not until then did he put his idea into concrete form. The machines that Tesla accordingly built in later life nearly always worked.

His method of visual invention was a lifelong difficulty in working with other engineers. While they demanded blueprints, he worked in his mind.

In 1882, in Budapest, he discovered the principle of the rotating magnetic field. In 1883, at Strasbourg, he made the first models of induction motors.

The following year, Tesla left for the United States of America where he worked in Edison Laboratory for a short period. He tried to catch Edison’s attention by performing meticulously and creatively as an engineer. In this he succeeded and won Edison’s highest compliments. But when he tried to open up a conversation about his vision of using alternating current to industriaise and power the earth, Edison would not listen. Edison had made up his mind that the future electrification of the world would be with direct current – from batteries and direct current generators.

Tesla became discouraged, realizing that he would have to develop his ideas on his own, and he left the employ of Edison. He had, however made such a powerful impression on other Edison employees that they offered to finance his inventions. Ensuing, the “Tesla Arc Light Company” was founded in New York in 1885, and in 1887 the “Tesla Electric Company.”

It is said of Tesla that if he lived today, he would still be far ahead of his time.

At the age of twenty-seven he harnessed the alternating electrical current we use today, bringing into being our electrical power era, the rock-bottom foundation on which the industrial system of the entire world is built. It was Tesla who actually invented radio, fluorescent lighting, and the incredible bladeless turbine. He introduced us to the fundamentals of robotry, remote control by wireless, computer and missile science. And these discoveries are merely the inventions made by the master mind of Tesla which have thus far been utilised – scores of others remain still unused.

Tesla’s greatest invention is The Magnifying Transmitter, (TMT). On the night of July 3, 1899, in one of his most famous experiments at Colorado Springs, Colorado, Tesla discovered that the entire planet earth could be excited to resonance in much the same way that a flick of the finger against a bell can set it into a ringing vibratory resonant tone.

In this experiment he found out how to excite the human brain, body, and the planet earth into a ringing, electrical vibratory mass.

For many years, he had been exploring the earth as a conductor for very low frequencies. He believed that the earth had a resonance to electrical waves somewhere around 10 Hz and he wondered what the effect of extremely low frequencies (ELF) would be on living things – if he was to use the earth as a conductor. He began to explore the effects on himself, and did many experiments in the ELF range (8-20 Hz), the VLF range (20-40 Hz), and in the low frequency range (40-100 Hz). He learned that ELF was painful, and could be dangerous. He discovered that a visual flicker-fusion of frequencies occurred at 16 cycles; and that those very low frequencies were less harmful than ELF. He found that the low frequencies were safe and insisted that the standard for power transmission be set at 60 Hz, which has prevailed in the U.S. to this day. But Tesla waited for the day when he could build a generator big enough, and then use it as a test probe for the whole earth. That day was July 3. 1899.

Although the Magnifying Transmitter was his greatest invention, as he claimed himself, it made Tesla reaise that the extremely low frequency that he sent through the earth could be used for good, or for evil. He therefore discontinued work with his Global Transmitter.

In 1919 he made the following statement: “My belief is firm in a law of compensation. The true rewards are ever in proportion to the labor and sacrifices made. This is one of the reasons why I feel certain that of all my inventions, the magnifying transmitter will prove most valuable and important to future generations. I am prompted to this prediction not so much by thoughts of the commercial and industrial revolution, which it will surely bring about but of the humanitarian consequences of the many achievements it makes possible.

Consideration of mere utility weighs little in the balance against the higher benefits of civilization. We are confronted with portentous problems, which cannot be solved just by providence for our material existence, however abundantly. On the contrary, progress in this direction is fraught with hazards and perils not less menacing than those born from want and suffering. If we were to release the energy of atoms or discover some other way of developing cheap and unlimited power on any point of the globe, this accomplishment, instead of being a blessing, might bring disaster to mankind in giving rise to dissension and anarchy which would ultimately result in the enthronement of the hated regime of force.

The greatest good will come from technical improvements tending to unification and harmony, and my wireless transmitter is preeminently such. By its means, the human voice and likeness will be reproduced everywhere. Factories driven thousands of miles from waterfalls furnishing the power, aerial machines will be propelled around the earth without stop, and the sun’s energy controlled to create lakes and rivers for motive purposes and transformation of arid deserts into fertile land. Its introduction for telegraphic, telephonic and similar uses will automatically cut out the statics and all other interferences which at present impose narrow limits to the application of the wireless.”

When Andrija, who had been an avid admirer and student of Nikola Tesla, became aware that the Soviets had built, and were experimenting with a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter; and were testing it in it’s most evil usage – as a weapon against the rest of humanity, he went to Canada to work in cooperation with a group known as The Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE). The goal of this group was to repeat Tesla’s work on the wireless transmission of energy.

In March of 1977 Andrija, and another scientist, Dr. Robert Beck, built a magnetic wave generator in the laboratory in Ossining and found that the human brain was most sensitive to a center frequency of 8 Hz. Fortunately, this frequency induced a pleasant state of mind, akin to a high meditation state. Then they found that by decreasing the wave frequency from 8 Hz. to 4 Hz. they could make a person very sick. If they increased the frequency of the wave above 8 Hz., it would make a person agitated and restless. They were aghast. They had discovered why Tesla was reluctant to put the magnifying transmitter into operation. Not only could it be used to mess up radio communication, but also as a global magnetic mind control weapon, and to control the forces of nature. And the Russians were using it.

They then prepared a scientific document and sent it (hand carried it) to the political leaders of the Western world: Carter, Trudeau, and Thatcher.

In a letter from the Canadian Senator Chesley W Carter to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (which was among Andrija’s papers), I read that there definitely was concern about the transmissions:

…”This raises the very sinister possibility that the Russians may be carrying out experiments aimed at large scale mind control or long distance mass control of human behavior by directional use of the Tesla wave.

In this connection I attach herewith a copy of an evaluation by Dr. Puharich and associated scientists in his laboratory in Ossining, New York. Dr. Puharich and his colleagues have perfected a device, which simulates the Russian emissions and demonstrates the effects they produce on the waves of the human brain. He is willing to provide a demonstration to a select group of interested scientists and in view of the implications I would suggest that such a demonstration is organized and Dr. Puharich is invited to Ottawa for that purpose.”

An invitation was never extended. And no appropriate political actions to banish this new weapon from international warfare were taken by the leaders of the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. When they failed to do so, Andrija made a fateful decision to carry his knowledge directly to the public.

He decided to write a book about Nikola Tesla entitled: “TMT The Magnetic Threat.” It had dire consequences.

Andrija had first heard about Tesla from his friend in Massachusetts, Jack Hammond, whose father was a friend and financial backer of Tesla. From him, and other intimates of Tesla, such as John J. O’Neil, the author of Tesla’s biography Prodigal Genius, Andrija caught glimpses of Tesla’s mind, his ideas, and his personality. In the preface he states:

“I am not writing a definitive biography of Tesla, but will use his experimental work and ideas of 79 years ago to explain to the public how the Soviet Union plans to enslave the world in the future.

Let the reader know that it is not easy to alert the world to a new and deadly danger if one’s government, and its satellite lackey press, and other allied governments do not want this knowledge known, either because they need more time to complete their deadly experiments (the Soviet Union) or need more time to close a technological gap where they have fallen behind by many years (the U.S. Canada, Great Britain, and their allies).”

In order to get his book published, Andrija had to find a publisher who fully understood his position, the political perils of publication, and one who had the determination to back up the work he would produce in spite of potential pressures from the power masters.

“This came about rather naturally,” Andrija writes in the introduction: “A group of friends and I had been conducting a series of seminars during 1976 at various universities on the subject: “Developments Towards a Physics of Consciousness.” At one of these seminars at the University of Toronto, I presented a paper on the works of Nikola Tesla. One of my colleagues at this seminar, Christopher Bird, was sufficiently inspired by my talk to write an article on Tesla. The article, which was published by Bird in the New Age Journal, was read by Christopher Kuppig, an editor at Dell Publishing Company, who was so excited by this, his first introduction to Nikola Tesla that he asked Christopher Bird to write a book about this great scientist and inventor. Chris Bird, however had a prior commitment and suggested that I write the book, and get the news about the impending danger out to the world.”

However, before he could embark full time on this Tesla book, Andrija had other commitments.

While in Boston in April, he had met Greta Woodrow, a “top-flight psychic”, as he called her. In order to test her extraordinary abilities, he invited her to Ossining in December of 1976. She turned out to be another Uri, with psychokinetic abilities (spoon bending) and contact with an extraterrestrial civilization from ‘Ogatta.’ In both her books, On a Slight of Light, published in 1981, and Memories of Tomorrow, published in 1988. Mrs. Woodrow describes the sessions with Andrija in the Faraday cage in Ossining.

She was so amazing that Andrija invited her and her husband to come to Ossining again in 1977 after the great New York City Blackout of July 13, to participate in group prayer, meditation and channeling sessions to stop further Russian global experiments. Andrija was convinced that the blackout was caused by these experiments. Just as they were responsible for the increase in earthquakes. 1976 was the world’s worst year for quakes in modem times, according to the United States Geological Survey.

All during August of 1977, 87 Hawkes Avenue was a beehive of psychic activity, with a lot of extraterrestrial advice. On September 14, even Tom showed up, after a long absence. Phyllis was the channel.


AP: Update on information?

T: Re mind-linkage – of the greatest benefit to the planet earth. We thank you. In the coming days – with respect to Soviet emissions: within 6 weeks you’ll have an opportunity to demonstrate in Mexico the devastation of the Soviet emissions. From now until the 18th November there will be an acceleration of influence on earth from the 24 civilizations. Soviets have the ability to use Tesla M.T. to penetrate, sever, and bend the lines that support the earth. This can be devastating as it weakens all life systems. Superficially it stimulates crops, living things, but the long-term effect is contaminating, devastating. Please go to Mexico to demonstrate – because the Soviet emissions are strong in Mexico.

AP: When will Soviets use TMT in warfare

T: Soviets are considering this use. But they are still learning of negative effects on their own land. They still are not sure of the total effects of their emissions.

AP: Re message to President Carter and Trudeau – not effective. Shall I write book to warn world?

T: Mexico will give you the entree, but the book will be more important. In two moths alert the nation of Israel.

AP: Synchronize work of J.W., P.S. A.P.?

T: Good to be in harmony. Exchange info and energies. Your energy is needed to counteract Soviet emissions. We (the 9) will communicate with you. Start in 9-12 days.

The sessions lasted until early November 1977 when Andrija and the Woodrows flew to Reykjavik, Iceland, where Andrija was to host the Frontier of Physics Conference. Scientists from the United States and several European countries were to present papers describing research into the effect of mind on matter. Invited were Harold Puthoff and Russel Targ. Elizabeth Rauscher, John Hasted, Richard Mattuck. Evans Walker, and Olivier Costa de Beauregard.

The conference was an enormous success, a scientific breakthrough for E.S.P. Essentia Research Associates published The Iceland Papers – Select Papers on Experimental and Theoretical Research on the Physics of Consciousness, which Andrija edited, in 1979. The book is still carried by many libraries all over the world.

In the introduction Andrija writes:

The Iceland Papers cover three distinct areas of research that are almost completely ignored in physics. The first area covers experimental work on the acquisition of information at a distance by humans under conditions where the physical signals are attenuated to near zero level. This effect is called remote viewing by authors Puthoff and Targ. The second area covers experimental work on action at a distance by humans where the energy transfer is attenuated to near zero level. This effect is called metal bending by author Hasted. In the third area the data of remote viewing and metal bending is analyzed theoretically within the framework of contemporary physics by physicists Rauscher; Mattuck and Walker; and de Beauregard.

Lest the reader believes that he is witness to a startlingly new discovery, I want to caution him that he is just seeing some of the oldest wine packaged in shiny new bottles. Take the subject of remote viewing. It has an ancient and honorable history. We have intact today the records of “remote viewing” experiments of some 3500 years ago during the Shang Dynasty of China. These are called the Oracle bones because the record of the experiment was inscribed on the scapular bones of various animals. In North America there is a particularly good collection of Shang Dynasty Oracular Bones available for study at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada.

Metal bending too, has an ancient history. Dio Cassius in his Roman History records that the well-documented person, Apollonius of Tyana who was then living in Egypt had made a prediction as to when and how the Roman Emperor Caligula (Gaius) would die. This was in the year 41 A.D. Because this prediction was considered to be a form of political agitation, Apollonius was brought to Rome to face the Emperor, where he arrived in time to witness the demise of Caligula. When Apollonius was imprisoned, and chained in fetters, his disciple and biographer Damis witnessed the removal of the iron fetters by Apollonius by an act of will, i.e., “metal bending.”

Andrija then takes the reader from ancient history to the twentieth century, to the work of the scientists presenting their papers. He concludes by saying: “It is apparent that the experimental data and the theories presented in The Iceland Papers are only the prelude to a new scientific world view. The next step in the research must more closely examine the way in which the brain-mind function gives rise to a focused consciousness, and a controlled will.

While in Reykjavik a strange event had occurred that Andrija believed to be an ELF attack from the Russians trying to sabotage the conference. One evening most of the participants had suddenly become quite ill. They all suffered from severe depression, general weakness and nausea. Only two people who had gone elsewhere for the night were unaffected. According to Andrija the symptoms the people showed were precisely what the extremely low frequency radiation were meant to cause.

This incident made him even more determined to write the book and have it published. After many months of discussion and investigation, Christopher Kuppig had eventually come to the conclusion that the data Andrija had presented were sound and merited backing. Kuppig then persuaded his colleagues at Dell that they should back publication, and a contract was signed.

The contract called for a first draft of the manuscript to be delivered by March 1, 1978, and for publication in October 1978.

With Tom’s message in mind that he should go to Mexico, Andrija decided to write the book there, and at the same time pay Pachita a visit.

So in late November 1977, he and his secretary set off for Tepoztlan, Morelos; the hometown of the fabulous “surgeon.” He had observed her intermittently over the years, and followed the results of her surgery. He had become convinced that she was practicing fundamental principles of the healing art superior to anything known by modern medicine and surgery. But, because he had never been allowed to document her instant surgery with scientific methodology, he could not verify his opinion.

This time, however, she announced to Andrija that she had decided to reveal the secrets of her instant surgery to him.

But let me first give you some background information on Pachita:

Pachita was born on December 3, 1899 in Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico out of wedlock. A black man, a former slave, legally adopted her. The man, according to Pachita, was a saintly man, and she adored him. Life, however, was difficult since he drifted across the U.S. from New York to Los Angeles living off a succession of odd jobs, until he finally got work as a roustabout in a travelling circus in Mexico.

Pachita then aged eight, settled down happily with the circus. According to her own account, she related more easily to animals than to people, and she first exercised her healing powers on circus animals. After performing as a high-wire acrobat for several years, she left the circus and, at the age of 18, joined the revolutionary general Pancho Villa, serving in the Mexican Revolution as a soldier and a nurse. It seems that she did not use any special healing powers at this time; she extracted bullets with a hunting knife, and cauterized bleeding or infected wounds with a red-hot poker.

After her days as a revolutionary, Pachita entered a convent, but left after one year. She married, had children, and lived as a housewife until the age of 30. It was then that she suddenly recovered her childhood ability to heal, and began to practice psychic, or instant surgery.

For the next 47 years Pachita practiced surgery in obscurity and anonymity. She steadfastly insisted on secrecy and refused every offer of publicity.

Her surprise announcement of wanting to be scientifically studied, after all those years of secrecy, was couched in the following terms on November 23, 1977:

“I believe that I still have about 13 to 15 years of service in life.

I believe that the earth is to undergo catastrophic metamorphosis within the next 21 years. People will be able to get healed only by the kind of practice that I use. Therefore I want to pass on my knowledge to others and teach them how to heal as I do. I want this to be done in a scientific and humanistic spirit.”

She then asked Andrija to undertake the task of leading a group of scientists in an attempt to learn her methods.

Andrija accepted the challenge immediately and went back to the U.S. to prepare a scientific expedition.

On January 15, 1978 he returned with a group of nine people to start the study of Pachita.

Like Arigo, Pachita used a crude surgical tool – a steel hunting knife with a seven inch long blade – in all of her operations, whether it was eye surgery, brain surgery, chest surgery, bone surgery, or abdominal surgery.

And again, as with Arigo, Andrija underwent surgery himself, this time on his ears. He had for the previous two years been suffering the gradual onset of otosclerosis (spongy bone growth) in both ears, causing progressive loss of hearing. The operation was to correct this.

No sterile procedure, no pre-operative medication or hypnosis was used as Pachita inserted the knife blade into Andrija’s right car canal. He lay down on the table, and some cotton pads were placed around his ears to absorb possible bleeding. He experienced pain right up to his tolerance level without screaming or an avoidance reaction. It seemed to him that the tip of the knife had penetrated into his eardrum. After holding the knife in the ear canal for about 40 seconds, Pachita withdrew it, and the pain in Andrija’s ear ceased immediately. There was only minimal bleeding from the ear canal.

The left ear was operated on in a similar fashion. The instant surgery had lasted only three minutes, but now a new complication appeared.

“My head was ringing with loud noises,” Andrija writes. “I estimated them to be at the level of a New York subway train, or about 90 decibels above hearing threshold. The noise was so loud that I could not discern speech of those around me, but I had no fear that I might be going deaf as a result of the procedure. Pachita gave me a tincture (contents unknown) and told me to put one drop in each ear daily. The head noises decreased about 10 decibels each day, and by the eighth day, post operative, the noises had ceased. My hearing, however, had become so keen that telephone conversations were painful, and I had to hold the earpiece away from my head to a comfortable distance. This hyperacusia lasted for about two weeks. One month post-operative I had normal pure tone hearing in both ears.”

Andrija witnessed many operations, including the transplants of human organs. He reports on one case of a kidney transplant in a 34-year-old female patient that he brought from the U.S. to Pachita.

“The patient’s history is that of repeated infections of glomerulonephritis since the age of 13, and atrophy of the adrenal glands. These conditions resulted in markedly diminished urinary function, and severe arthritic deformities due to diminished adrenal function.

Pachita diagnosed the problem correctly, and opined that the patient needed new kidneys. She decided on a two-stage operation.

In the first operation Pachita inserted the knife in the lumbar region of the back. In doing so, she laid open the pelvis of each deformed kidney, and – as she said, “cleaned them out.” The patient was ambulatory within two hours after the operation. She showed some blood in the urine twelve hours post-operative, but the urine was clear thereafter.

Twelve days after the aforementioned operation, Pachita was ready to perform the second operation. She had been able to obtain a human kidney from a post mortem examination. It was brought to her placed in an unsterile jar, suspended in ordinary water, and was stored in a kitchen refrigerator.

On the day of the operation, Pachita lifted the kidney out of the jar with her bloody hands. She then sliced it in two longitudinally, stating that she was going to transplant each half separately. Next she plunged the knife deeply into one side of the back, twisted the knife around, and asked me to drop one kidney half into the hole. I was utterly surprised to find that the kidney in my hand was literally “sucked” into the body of the patient. When I palpated the spot where the kidney had been “sucked” in, I found that the tissue had closed immediately, there was no hole in the skin. It was awesome! In this manner both halves of the kidney were transplanted. The entire operation lasted 92 seconds. One hour afterwards the patient was able to stand. She slept well, and was urinating normally some 14 hours later. After three days she boarded a plane and flew home to the United States.”

Andrija was convinced that Pachita’s “instant surgery” was completely genuine, and that no fraud of any kind was possible under his and his colleagues scientific observation and documentation.

Dr. Andrés Mateo, a Mexican doctor of philosophy, and a student of parapsychology, particularly of psychic healing, substantiated Andrija’s conviction that Pachita was “a marvelous gift that humanity cannot lose, and had to be spread all over the world.” This Dr. Mateo too had witnessed Pachita’s “breathtaking transplantations,” as he wrote to Andrija. “I have been not only a close witness, but actually an actor – or co-actor – to her surgical operations which were devoid of any kind of anesthesia or asepsia, or even basic cleanness, with no electric light – only a gloomy wax candle, with a dirty rusty knife (more so than Arigo’s), opening with her bare, dirty, bloody hands skin, flesh, tissues, bones, extracting tumors, exchanging whole femurs, or stomachs … and transplanting whole brains (!), both kidneys, or a whole uterus. I personally, with my own hands, have helped to keep open both sides of a woman’s skull while Pachita extirpated the woman’s whole brain, and put in its place a whole new one, with bulb hanging and all … Something Frankesteinian indeed.”

When Arigo died, Andrija had sworn never to fail mankind again. He believed that humanity was witnessing the birth of a new science of medicine. It was his duty, he felt, to find out Pachita’s “modus operandi”, and see if her methods of psychic surgery could be taught to others.

But first he had a book to finish.

On March 6, 1978, Andrija delivered his two-volume first draft to the editor. Kuppig, however, had no time to see Andrija even though the latter had flown 3000 miles to see him.

A few days later Kuppig telephoned to say that he had developed a bizarre and debilitating disease and could not see Andrija to review his work. He furthermore told Andrija that he did not have the strength to read the manuscript for some time, and therefore he was going to postpone the publication date unilaterally.

Then in July 1978 Andrija got some very disturbing news. One of his scientific colleagues in California was approached by a CIA agent who showed him a xerox copy of Andrija’s manuscript. When he informed his colleague that the editor had assured him that no one had been given a copy, they both suspected that the manuscript had been surreptitiously Xeroxed, and they began to get concerned about the kind of game the CIA was possibly playing.

It became very obvious to Andrija, after two more scientists called him with the same story of an approach by the CIA with his manuscript, that the CIA wanted him to know that they had a copy of the manuscript. However, as he said, he had no way of knowing what the nature of the message was.

A few weeks later Andrija understood the message loud and clear.

On August 7, 1978, while in California, he got a telephone call from one of his assistants from Ossining with the devastating news that fire had been set to his beautiful home.

Andrija’s account of what happened is rather dramatic and emotional: “I returned to my ‘home’, and after a week of discussions with the local police, the fire chief, the insurance company’s fire investigator, and eyewitnesses, the following picture emerged: One or more persons had entered the house between 9.30 a.m. to 10.20 a.m. They had liberally soaked the front entrance hall (carpets and furniture) and the back entrance porch (particularly a hemp mat) with a highly flammable and smoke-producing liquid. They turned on all the gas burners in the kitchen, even let the dog in, before they left the house. Then the front and back porches were ignited separately, and probably simultaneously.

The expert investigators concluded that the fire had been set by professional arsonists with the obvious intention of entrapping all of the occupants. Only the early return of two of my students, Don and Jaime, and their quick cool actions had saved the lives of the other occupants. If the intent of the arsonists had been to also destroy my research records, tapes and films of thirty years of work, they must have been disappointed. Miraculously, right in the midst of flame and smoke, all of my most important research material survived.”

During this period, friends of Andrija were also under close surveillance.

A letter from the Department of National Defense of Canada, dated 17 November, 1978, which Andrija got hold of, and is included in his book, substantiates this, and gives a clear picture what Andrija and his colleagues were up against. I will quote part of the letter:

It is well to start any investigation in “Tesla Technology” in the knowledge that Tesla has been adopted by a variety of “New Age” movements; hence, you may find yourself rubbing against such outré topics as UFO’s, ESP Psychotronics, and speculative opinion on megaliths and prehistoric science.”

The letter then names several scientists, and continues: “This cast of characters, though incomplete, is sufficient to guarantee alienation of a large portion of conventional academia. There is an attendant risk that Tesla will be dismissed because of the company he unwittingly keeps.

Bearden’s work, for example, is so far out that one suspects no one could be bothered with the tedious task of knocking it down.”

And yet this is exactly what happened. When Mr. Bearden’s book, Excalibur Briefing – which deals with paranormal phenomena – was in the publication process, countermeasures were taken against it. First a break-in occurred at the publishing house. But the manuscript was not there, because the editor had taken it home. Then the typesetter, who operated his little typesetting business out of the second story of his garage, was seriously burned, and hospitaised when the place was torched. Nonetheless, the type was set and the galleys readied. After typesetting, the publishing house was again broken into and most of the galley proofs were smashed. At this point, the publisher placed physical security on the facility in order to get the book out. It was published in 1980.

Andrija’s book never even made the galleys.

What remains a mystery to me is why in 1982 Andrija was offered the post of ELF research director for the CIA? Supposedly two CIA men came to his house in Delaplane, Virginia apologizing that the CIA gave him such a hard time.

Andrija had declined the offer by saying: “I don’t want to work for liars, thieves and murderers. Tell the CIA, thank you, No!”

As I have said before, we never believed Andrija’s stories about CIA activities.

Now we are not so sure anymore, and reports like the following from the Chicago Tribune of November 29, 1995, substantiates that feeling, and makes us feel sorry for not having had more faith in him.

CIA aided by psychics for 20 years


For 20 years, the U.S. has secretly used psychics; the CIA and others confirmed last Tuesday.

The ESP spying operation, bearing the name “Stargate” cost the government $20 million, said Professor Ray Hyman of the University of Oregon in Eugene, who helped prepare the study.

He said the psychics were used by various agencies for remote viewing – that is, to help provide information from distant sites.

Up to six psychics at any time worked at assignments that included trying to hunt down Gadhafi before the 1986 U.S. bombing of Libya; find plutonium in North Korea in 1994; and locate kidnapped Brig. Gen. James Dozier in Italy in 1981.

News reports at the time said that the police were assisted by an undisclosed number of U.S. State and Defense Department specialists using sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment.

Gadhafi was not injured in the bombing. Dozier, abducted by the terrorist Red Brigades was freed by Italian police after 42 days.

The study reported mixed success with the psychics said researchers who evaluated the program for the CIA. Hyman was skeptical, while his co-author, Jessica Utts of the University of California-Davis, said some of the results were promising.

“My conclusion was that there’s no evidence these people have done anything helpful for the government,” Hyman said.

Utts, however, said the government psychic spies were accurate about 15 percent of the time. In some tests, when given four choices, they picked the right answer one-third of the time.”

When in August 1978, Andrija realized that someone was after his scalp, he decided to go underground. His decision to do so was also motivated by the fact that his latest love, Rebecca, was carrying his child. “I was so happy, and she was so beautiful and loving, that the safety of her, and our unborn child took precedence,” he wrote in his journal. “However difficult it would be, and however perilous, Rebecca and I decided to go to Mexico together. This was not the essence of wisdom, but it seemed right.”

It may be curious to the reader that in the twentieth century a new technological development should be shrouded in such mystery.

It seems more likely that the threat posed by this new development was so great to humanity that no one wanted to talk about it.

It was not until 1984 that the results of seven years secret testing, conducted by the U.S. Navy were released. They admitted that since July 4, 1976 the Soviet Union (and the U.S.) had been bombarding many parts of the world with ELF transmitters.

I cannot help shudder at the thought what ill-use of ELF could have done (still can do?) in the hands of the wrong people. Radio signals pulsed at extremely low frequencies that not only disrupt radio communication; that can modify the world’s weather – creating extremes of ice and drought, causing floods and earthquakes, but also affect biological systems, interfere with brain waves, causing emotional and physical distress, or worse, is a frightening concept.

From a letter, and an enclosed article, which I received recently, it is apparent that researchers are still investigating ELF effect on humanity and the world at large. The letter-writer wanted information about Andrija’s work. He explained: “It is my intention to research the near fifty year history of the transdermal/neurophone device Dr. Puharich developed. I have been attempting to discover what use was made by the U.S. government of both the technology and the invention itself. The device leads into the greater area of ELF in general, and could be utilized as a potent weapon.”

The article he enclosed appeared in 1993 in Defense Electronics, and is indicative of the continuing interest in this type of research.

I will just quote the opening paragraph:

“In a series of closed meetings beginning March 17 in suburban Northern Virginia with Dr. Igor Smirnov of the Moscow Medical Academy, FBI officials were briefed on the Russian’s decade-long research on a computerized acoustic device allegedly capable of implanting thoughts in a person’s mind without that person being aware of the source of the thought.”

The February 1995 newsletter of The Planetary Association For Clean Energy states:

“The nagging issue of brain transmitters is not going away. With minimal opposition, governments and private companies are permitting enslavement of humans (as well as animals) with sophisticated electronic methods. Injectable transponders as small as 2.2 x 12mm can be injected with special “pens” designed to perform about 1.000 injections.

The radio-frequency device, consisting of a microchip and a ferrite antenna is sealed together in a tubular “bio-compatible glass enclosure” and has a range, which can be rebroadcast for long range telemetry.

A growing number of x-rays of skulls of citizens are emerging from Sweden, the United States, Denmark, New Zealand, Brazil and Federal Republic of Germany that indicate implants by health services, police authorities and hospitals, clearly indicating that the know-how and protocol has been around for some decades now, probably since the 1960’s.

And an even more recent article in a scientific magazine reports that the Japanese sect Aum Shinri Kyo, that perpetrated the deadly poison-gas attack in a Tokyo subway in March, 1995, studied in Belgrade Nikola Tesla’s theories on ELF.

Are all these articles written by mere alarmists? Or by concerned people and dedicated researchers, who in spite of threats from the “hidden power masters,” were – and are – willing to stick their neck out to alert the world when danger besets it?

Andrija was such a dedicated researcher, and yes, he was threatened! Several of his friends and, I must admit, we too, felt that from the late 1970’s on he was rather too paranoid. But then, we didn’t know what really went on, because Andrija did not tell us. He wanted foremost to protect his family.

During the previous years he believed that quiet prayer and meditation could avert world problems, now he chose a different course. It nearly cost him his life.

The full impact of Andrija’s life, and his wide ranging intellect will probably not be understood until the young researchers of this day and age will take over his research, and finish it.


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