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7th April 1997

CHRISTIAN fanatics have launched a hate mail campaign against Scarborough Buddhist and occult teacher Chris Burrows.
Since Mr Burrows told the Evening News in January that he had started occult workshops in the town, he has been bombarded with hate mail and anonymous phone calls.
Initially Mr Burrows dismissed the letters as a joke, but the latest letter which was hand-delivered to his home in Burniston Road had a more sinister message, prompting him to consider calling in the police.
Mr Burrows, 48, who was ordained as a Zen priest in Los Angeles in 1983, believes he is being pursued by “lunatic” Christian followers for teaching the occult and for investigating paranormal activity.
Letters from newspapers were cut out to produce the last note sent to him which read: “Yorkshire is Christian. Christ does not want you here. Be warned.”

During the past two months, he has received around five pieces of hate mail and around 12 anonymous phone calls, which forced him to go ex-directory last month.
“I’m not going to leave my house because of some lunatic,” said Mr Burrows, who also teaches and produces relaxation videos.”It’s awful having stuff like this in the mail. I have had these problems ever since the article went in the Evening News.

“A week later some woman came round wanting to save me through Christianity.”
“One of these letters told me to stop my anti-Christian practices.” 


Mr Burrows is taken seriously in his field and has just been commissioned by paranormal legend Uri Geller to write about his out-of-body experiences, which Mr Burrows says he has been having since a child.

“I’m not a loony,” he insisted.
“I don’t go around drawing blood or slaying children. I’m not going to change my views on life just because of some loony. I’ve nothing against Christianity but I don’t like this hate mail.”

Chris Burrows shows one of the letters, warning him to leave Yorkshire


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