Exclusive Interview to Nitro News – November 10, 1999

NitroNews, November 10, 1999


Nitro News brings you daily stories of Clinton corruption, Bush cover-ups, and bombings abroad. And readers often express real horror at the state of our world.

Who’s to blame for this chaos, and is it too late to change? To help with these questions, Nitro News called in Uri Geller, the world famous psychic spoon-bender and descendant of Sigmund Freud.

Geller, 52, developed his proven powers of telepathy and psychokinesis as a young boy in Israel. In his mid-twenties, after being praised for his talents by Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, he toured Germany. There, he stunned scientists and reporters by stopping a cable-car in mid-air, and an escalator in a crowded department store.

World leaders soon reaised the potential of his abilities. During the Cold War, he was asked by America to erase Soviet computer disks with his mind, which he did. More recently, before the signing of a crucial peace agreement, US officials called on him to inject positive brain waves into the proceedings.

But Geller himself was once a part of the chaos that infects our front page every day. During the Six Day War in 1967, he shot and killed a Jordanian soldier.

Why would any “higher power” allow that to happen? That question has disturbed him ever since: “He died because I shot him. I shot him because he was about to shoot me. He was about to shoot me because Jordan and Israel were at war. We were at war because…

“Life is complex. Unfathomably complex. Ask a few more questions, and I am wondering why I was born alive, when eight of my brothers and sisters were killed by abortionists.

“Ask more, and I have to wonder why that Jordanian was born. Why didn’t some other sperm of the competing millions fertiise the crucial egg? And if some other sperm had won that race, would the resulting man have shot me instead?

“God’s ways are too mysterious for us to explain. Too convoluted and too immense with possibilities. I don’t know the answer to your question, or to the thousands of questions that burst from it like sparks from an exploding firework.”

But Geller, who survives day-to-day with a firm belief in God, is certain of one thing: “I believe in Judgment Day, and I believe we will all be judged on our whole lives. No single crime can obliterate the repentance of a lifetime.”

He maintains a very positive attitude about man’s future, even with the environment and society in peril. Online news sources like Nitro News, he says, will be our savior:

“I feel very good about the future of the planet, particularly because TV and the internet have given billions of people access to reliable information.

“Information which is not fettered by taboos is humanity’s only hope for long-term survival. If there are truths which we dare not tell and dare not face, we will be defenseless.”

Geller is also conscious that his special abilities must be used positively: “By turning a hundred million people onto their psychic energies, I have created an incalculable, boundless political force. I am proud of my work for peace, such as bombarding Russian delegates to sign the Salt II Treaty, at the instigation of Senator Claibourne Pell.

“There are countless human beings whose lives may have changed, subtly or radically, because of my experiments and demonstrations.”

Ultimately, Geller believes peace will come on earth when all people use their minds together in a positive way. But won’t there always be individuals determined to make war?

“Of course there will always be evil. But evil did not prevent the Moon landings, or the mapping of the human genome, or the development of the world wide web, or the destruction of the Berlin Wall. So much good has happened in our lifetimes. Why should we despair when we are winning?”

But what about Nitro News readers who feel depressed about war, crime, and corruption? How can we release the stress of modern living? Geller, author of the new best-selling book Mind Medicine, suggests meditation:

“Hold your hands out before you and visualise a strong wooden box. Take a deep breath and blow into the box. Keep blowing till every gasp of air is out of you.

“In that long exhalation you are blowing all the negative trials and animosities of the day, straight out of your system and into the box. Slam the lid shut and utter a brief prayer. ‘May the world take these troubles and turn them to good.’

“Then hurl the box with all your might, so vigorously that it sails over the horizon and out of sight forever. Breathe clear air into your lungs and enjoy the sensation of being purged of negativity.”



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