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You are known as the world famous psychic who’s main known example of powers being demonstrated through your spoon bending, and bringing broken watches back to life, could you tell us your earliest manifestations of your powers?

Tibor Geller, in British Army uniform, North Africa campaign, 1942
Tibor Geller, in British Army uniform, North Africa campaign, 1942
“I look at certain events in my very early childhood as manifestations of my powers because of the synchronisation of the universe. The first occasion I feel was when a British soldier shot two bullets into our window, I was just six months old in a pram under the window. At the time were living across the road from a railroad station which was converted into a British post because this was 1947. The British still occupied Israel which was still Palestine. I believe that that was a small part of the master plan to activate my powers. Nothing happened to me although the window came crashing through on my face but a little teddy bear in my pram, which rolled over my face by some mysterious force saved me”.
The second one was when I was about four years old. It occurred in the shady garden of an old Arabic house opposite our flat at 13 Betzalel Yaffe, in the late 1940s, in a vibrant downtown area, with characteristic Tel Aviv apartment blocks of four or five floors, along side shops, offices, schools. Everywhere there were dogs barking people shouting, people arguing, and motorcycles hooting. The buildings faced onto the street and were a kaleidoscopic mix of eastern and European, modern and ancient. For such a built up district, nature put in an appearance as tiny patches of intense greenery and palm trees and flowers, and in one such place of tranquility in such a frantic setting is where the happening took place. The garden had a rough iron fence, all rusty and inside it was the wild, with bushes, trees, flowers, and grass, it looked like no one had taken care of it for ten years. The day before I had slid through a gap in the fence into the garden and found a rusty old rifle, it was real menacing looking, and took it out I tried hitting it against the floor to see if there was any bullets in the barrel, just then a police car passed and seeing a real rifle confiscated it. The next day, late in the afternoon I thought I would find another one, and that’s when it happened. I went back to the garden and I suddenly heard kittens crying, and my first reaction was to find them. The next thing I remember I felt something above me, and I looked up and saw a ball of light and heard an intense high pitched sound. It wasn’t the sun; it was something more massive, almost like a plane, but nearer to me and above me. It was just hanging there, then after some moments I don’t remember how long, something struck me; it was either a beam or ray of light. It really hit my forehead and knocked me back on the grass. It was exactly like the scene in the John Travolta film, Phenomenon. I don’t know how long I lay there but I got scared, and ran home to tell my mother. Maybe I stayed there for another minute, not thinking not wondering, not understanding, at that age anything is possible for a child. To me it did not look like some kind of a phenomenon or a paranormal occurrence or a UFO, it just happened. Because it was a bit threatening, and it had knocked me down I tried to tell my mother, and obviously she thought I was making it up, and that was the end of that, it never happened again. Shortly after that I was sitting with my mother to lunch in the kitchen eating mushroom soup, or possibly chicken I don’t remember”.

Just after the happening how did you feel yourself? Did it impact you immediately after what had happened?
(following on from the question before)


“It sank into me when Doctor Puharich was driving me that night back to New York, that’s when it really dawned on me, what had happened.”

Uri Geller being tested in the laboratory at Kent State University Ohio USA

Have you any predictions or a philosophy of life you would like to pass on to your world-wide fans?

“I always want to leave everyone with three pieces of advice, which are.

Be positive, try always to be optimistic, always believe in yourself.

That’s the best advice I could give . I would also like to add its good to be open minded, not be cynical and sceptical, because negativity is not going to get you anywhere. It’s the dreamers that make it in life, people with open-minded uninterrupted visions; they are the ones that have always succeeded.”

You have written many successful books could you tell us about your latest book and its publication date?

True Confessions by Shmuley Boteach, Uri Geller, Smuley Boteach

“My latest book is an exchange of letters, and will be extremely controversial in nature, and very very confessional. I reveal things I have never talked about to anyone.

I cover topics with the Rabbi Shmuley Boteach the spiritual differences between men and women. Even sexual energy as a spiritual force, how we can account for human suffering, the coming of the Messiah, murder and absolute morality, prayer, new age spirituality, versus traditional religion, we also cover the Bible, the Koran, Torah and the Kabala. We cover spiritual laws and personal freedom and we talk about how money, ambition and fame affect the spiritual nature. Also we are going to reveal the power of symbols and false gods, and identify the greatest human fear. Also subjects like parenthood, forgiveness, failures, approaching our own failures and talk about unborn children. I even brought in the cult Diana and Elvis, extra terrestrial intelligence and powers”.

Also I believe at about the same time in October you have a Parascience Pack, coming out, could you tell me a little about this?“This is a very unusual comprehensive pop up book, which will contain many things like, dowsing rods, crystal, and zenner cards, it’s a very interesting complex run down of power science, spirituality highlighting the powers of the mind, with subjects like astrology etc”.

Would you say the Parascience Pack is carrying on from your excellent Mindpower kit?“I would but its extremely more intricate and comprehensive, its to be published in October or November but all details are available on Amazon”.

You became a friend of many celebrities, including, John Lennon, did you find him an interesting person?“John was very interesting, quite unusually gifted in the respect of his visions. We would meet regularly at the Sherry Netherlands Hotel coffee shop on Fifth Ave New York. We were both into drawing which was very often the subject of our conversations”.

I also admire Tony Curtis and I know you met him, how did you find him?“I met him a few times, once strangely enough in an eatery in Los Angles. He was wearing sandals and was dressed quite scruffy, but he was really nice to me. Obviously I meet a lot of famous people. Yesterday I met many famous people at Sir David Frost’s annual garden party, Roger Moore, Michael Caine, Camilla, Fergie, Prince Andrew, Prince Philip, Bob Geldof, etc.”

Who has been the person or persons in your professional life that you have admired, or has influenced your life?

“My career was triggered off by one remark that the Prime Minister Golda Meir made. I met her at a small house party in Israel. Where I demonstrated telepathy with her, she was extremely impressed. The next day she was being interviewed on Israeli radio, the presenter asked her to predict the future of Israel, she with out thinking simply said, don’t ask me ask Uri Geller. As you can imagine I became a household name instantaneously, straight away the phone started ringing the rest is history.

The second person to influence me was Captain Edgar Mitchell the astronaut, the sixth man to walk on the moon; I have learnt a lot of things from him. He tested me at SRI we became and still are very good friends. He taught me how to sprout a seed with my mind”.

“These are the two people that have been incredibly influential in my life.”

Would you consider conducting a telepathic experiment over the Internet with results being shown on the fan web site?Test2_small“Certainly this will be set up on the fan web site in the near future.”

At the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

Have you experienced any change in your powers over the years?“Good question, I don’t think my powers ebbed away, or became stronger. I am aware of different aspects of the universe now. I read a lot and I get the opportunity to talk to lots of very interesting people. Today I had a scientist in my house from a university in Pennsylvania, a very important scientist. I have learnt lots of things talking with him just from a conversation of three hours”.

Do you agree with the majority of scientists that the big bang theory of the creation of our universe is correct?sri1_small“I am a great believer in creation, rather than evolution. I believe that God created us. No matter what other scientists tell me that there was a big bang, my next question to them would be who made the big bang”?
Stanford Research center.

They are actually using brain tissue to make microchips; do you think you will ever get a psychic computer?“Brilliant question, I think so absolutely. This is quite possible. I suggest you read my column in Computer Active, which comes out every two weeks. Also I do a column in Maplins, magazine called Electronics and beyond, which is listed on my web site”.



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