Exeter City take-over finally sealed


Bend it like Geller: Exeter City get a celebrity vice chairman

A take-over of Exeter City football club has finally been agreed and celebrity psychic Uri Geller will be joint-chairman of the club.

Geller has been revealed as one of a three man consortium which has taken over the cash strapped club.

The world renowned psychic has joined forces with ex Swansea chairman Mike Lewis and the former Scarborough supremo John Russell.

The 55-year old, best known for his spoon-bending exploits, said his role would be as a figurehead for the club who will provide inspiration for players and fans.
Geller will bring a “positive aura” to the club

“I will bring a positive aura,” he said. “I will be meeting the fans, inspiring them, telling them how to support the club with their mind, body and spirit.”

He added that he was not concerned that his reputation as a psychic might be damaged if the club’s fortunes do notexeter-football improve.

“I’m a very positive and optimistic person,” he said. “If I can drive my feelings to the fans then only good things can happen. “I’m not a miracle worker but I will be totally devoted.”

The battle to be the new owners of Exeter City has been one of the longest running sagas in the Third Division.

While manager John Cornforth has been quietly building a team capable of challenging for promotion he has been hamstrung by a financial situation which forced the club to go to the PFA to pay the players in February.

Outgoing chairman Ivor Doble has been keen to sell his interest

Outgoing chairman Ivor Doble has made no secret of his wish to sell, but with debts believed to be in the region of £2m, attracting a buyer was never going to be easy.

Doble was known to have been talking with a number of consortia including the fans favourite headed by former director Joe Gadston.

However it is the Russell/Lewis/Geller combination who have won the day.

The deal was agreed after they met with Board members on Wednesday night to thrash out the final details of the take-over bid.

After the trials and tribulations of the last few seasons City fans will be hoping that the new team off the pitch are as good as the one off it.


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