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November 9, 1999

An interesting individual

It’s a dodgy business writing an autobiography, especially bringing other people to see what you see.

It’s not often you come across a book that hits you in the eye before you have read the first chapter – Mind Medicine by Uri Geller is that sort of book. The diagnosis – that God really exists and is there to help us.

Mr Geller is famous for his spoon-bending. It seems he also believes in a secondary incarnation. But, of course, there are rules attached to his theories. He strongly believes that when the body dies, our spirit survives. What happens next? Some spirits go to heaven, closer to God, others reincarnate.

As a child reads books about the genie, which with a wave of its arms could perform amazing tricks, was Geller trying to kick over the bottle and let the genie appear – warts and all ? At the same time, a lot of his views made sense. In the altogether land, he personally states “I believe in the power of prayer, it is unique – a pure energy”.

“I have always found Uri Geller a most interesting individual. The author’s latest work about the afterlife is a very bold move to reconstitute life in heaven. You may have your reservations, but I think the book is a very good read. He openly admits he should never abuse the powers God gave him.

It’s never dull reading. Once, he won £70,000 predicting roulette at a casino. When he drove away with the proceeds, he had a sudden panic attack. He opened the car windows and threw the money out. Now he looks at life completely differently and has devoted a lot of time to helping sick children healing the physical and mental stress. Spending time with them is like looking God in the face. To me it all sounds acceptable.

J F Jenkins, Rushall.

Chester Evening Leader

October 19, 1999


Psychic Uri Geller says self-esteem offers clues to a person’s health, .writes Hannah Stephenson E MADE his name as. a celebrity spoon-bender and psychic in the 1970s, but Uri Geller has cast aside his metal-twisting powers in favor of a more useful pursuit: healing. During his lifetime, Israeli-born Geller, 531 has made millions using his psychic powers not only to, entertain, but to detect oil and precious metals and help such organizations as the FBI and the CIA wipe KGB computer files and track serial killers. But for some time he has been keen to use his “Mindpower” to help the sick and stresses that he has given away a lot of his wealth and is in the process of selling his £5.6 million Thames-side mansion in Sonning, Berkshire, where he lives with his wife 1-lanna, teenage children Daniel and Natalic, and five dogs. His latest plan is to move to a more modest, solar-powered revolving house. Royalties A lot of the royalties from his many books have gone to children’s hospitals and Geller is honorary vice-president of the Royal Hospital for Children in Bristol and the Royal Berkshire Hospital. During his curious career, Geller claims to have helped many sick people use their own mind Power to defeat illnesses that have baffled and beaten conventional medicine. He believes it is mind over matter. He has seen the sick suffering from every ailment from war injuries to brain tumors and leukemia and reckons to have an 80 per cent success rate, although he stresses that conventional medicine is extremely important and remains the number one method of curing illness. When he visits the sick, he, tells them that for Mindpower to start working they have to erase any feelings of skepticism they may that they may have have in themselves as they are killing the cancer. ‘I teach children how. to visualize their cancer and draw it on a piece of paper, then every morning, take a marker pen and scribble frantically through the drawing and tell themselves they are killing the cancer. “To my amazement, many children have got well. “I’m not a miracle worker or –some kind of prophet with healing powers, but what 1 can do is simply sit by their beds and talk to them – and the results are astounding. ‘We are naturally all programmed to heal ourselves parallel to that, there must be certain forces that you can’t measure scientifically today that

we have- that work positively for us. Those are the powers that 1 teach people how to trigger.’ In his latest book, Mind Medicine, he claims that we all have the power to heal ourselves and offers tips on how to trigger the willpower and determination to do it. “You don’t have to be Uri Geller to make it work – anyone has the power. We all have some type of dormant energy within our brain,” he insists. stress The most common cause of illness today is stress, Geller believes. It brings on cancer, heart disease, anxiety and panic attacks and unfortunately most people out there are struggling because there’s no money,they don’t like their jobs, they have bad relationships,their children are away and they are lonely. It’s all stress. “Then comes pollution, then comes the mystery of our body and why some people cope with illnesses better than others.’

So how can we trigger our own healing powers to stave off diseases ? Geller recommends a number of rituals which you need to fit into your life:

* visualisation: Understand what is worrying you. Imagine yourself physically putting your worry in a box and shooting itout into space.

 Then imagine a TV screen in your mind and visualise something positive or good on that screen.


Repeat positive thoughts to yourself to constantly remind you of where you are and where you want to be. This stops your mind running on with pointless thoughts and fills in the spaces where negative phrases might have become a habit.

Make lists: Write down things in your life that have succeeded. List what you like about yourself. The greater ‘your self-esteem, the more your energy will flow.


Think of something positive – something good – that you want to happen to you.

Meditate :

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and clear your mind of all worries. Focus on the

positive, and imagine you are talking to your spirit, at yourself in the mirror as if you were seeing yourself through another’s eyes. Ask yourself what impression you would get. Relax your shoulders, smile at yourself with your eyes and begin to feel that the changes relfect the real you. Practise the changes and they will soon become the outward-going part of your natural self.

Ask what you don’t like about what you see and think positive thoughts about changing them.

Mind Medicine, by Uri Geller with Lulu Appleton, is published by Element, priced £20.

11th June 1999
Publishing News


Mind Medicine: The Secret of Powerful Healing

Uri Geller with Lulu AppletonlElement £20

Well-known for his spoon-bending, this illustrated book sees Uri Geller turn his attention to mind-bending. The worldfamous psychic explains his belief in the mind’s power to heal and transform, suggesting that the body responds to signals sent from the mind. If the mind sends a pain signal, pain will be felt. If the mind sends a recovery signal, recovery will occur. To support this assertion, Geller and Appleton explore ancient wisdoms and provide a programme of self-help exercises, with the aim of becoming a Superhealer.

Cynics may suggest that the whole idea is barking mad from base to apex, but there’s no denying the continuing high profile of Geller, which should shift more than a few copies of this intriguing book. As if that wasn’t enough, the authors will be undertaking an arduous round of TV and radio interviews, and it is lined up for a national newspaper serialisation.

October/ 1862044775click here to see large image

18th June 1999



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