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With all the incredible things that have happened to me during my career which spans nearly 40 years, I never cease to be amazed by the emails and letters I receive from people telling me about  the spoons or keys I bent for them, sometimes many years previously, and also with the accounts of people who have had astonishing experiences concerning my appearances & shows.

 One great example of this is Clint Eastwood! Clint Eastwood is one of my all-time favourite movie actors, in fact he’s one of my hero’s. So I when I was fortunate enough to find myself at his house in 1973 playing Billiards with him, and bending his house key, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.  A few weeks ago in a Reuters article, this is what Clint had to say about our meeting :




“I have watched Uri Geller spin the keys and things like that … I have seen that so I am a believer.

It was my house key and the only way I would be able to use it is get a hammer and beat it out back

flat again. So there are certain energy things that are outside of the norm.”


 Incredibly, within a few weeks of Clint Eastwood recalling our meeting all those years ago – a police officer called Roland Sätradahl  also got in contact with me, to recall our meeting, which was also in 1973!  Here is his account of our meeting 37 years ago:

“Hello Uri.

Through the Swedish newspapers we have had the possibility to follow your appearances in the different countries. We got the opinion that they receive you with the same great wonder and admiration as it has been here in Sweden. Attached herewith we’re sending you articles from the newspaper “Expresser” dated 15th Jan. 1974. The reporter who has been interviewing you at the hotel writes that he aimed to prove that you were a nut but he finally was convinced that you are a holder of an unexplainable intern power. We are even sending you an article from a magazine. It’s Karin and Ake Falk who are telling about their meeting with you.

Furthermore we want to tell you about the strange thing which happened short after your departure from Gothenburg. As you may recall you borrowed our handcuffs on our way to the airport. You looked at them and then gave them back to us undamaged with the key hanging on its ring. We placed the handcuffs with the key in its place in the car and put a lock over it. A couple of hours later when we returned to the police headquarters we found the key broken into pieces laying on the floor in front of the front seat of the car. The handcuffs were still on their place. We cannot find any explanation concerning the removal of the key from the drawer-box to the floor. Can you? It is not a question of the key, we have got a new one and we saved the broken one at the headquarters as a souvenir to remember you. We have taken a picture of the key and we are sending you a few of them.




 The reason why our letter is a little bit late is that we waited to look at your TV-program. We hope you will excuse us for that. We are sending even the articles from the newspapers comments about your recent program. We hope you can find someone who can translate the articles for you. Your program was a great success. The Swedish Radio and TV got more than 7,000 telephone calls from the Swedish people. Peoples who had their spoons and forks bent and so on.

Finally we want to tell you that you are very welcome back to Sweden and we hope that you will be kind enough to get in touch with us.


Sven, Allan, Anders and Roland


Isn’t it incredible that both these meetings happened in the same year, and that both Clint and Roland recalled the events within such a short space of time. Especially given the fact that the incident with Roland involves handcuffs & police officers –  which can both be associated with Clint Eastwood in many of his roles.





Back in 2002, Audrey Forbes for The Harrogate Adviser, recalled the following:

“The highlight of the day was when Uri performed the bending of the spoon before our very eyes. For the cynics out there, the spoon was from my own cutlery set and Uri did it seemingly effortlessly. A, continuous rub on the middle of the stem of the spoon resulted in it bending, and continuing to bend long after Uri had put it down on the table.


The Washington Post reported how a woman had a key start to ben of it’s own accord at one of my shows, and I was nowhere near her at the time! :

“The strawberry blonde came running out of the audience yelling: “My key! It’s bending! My key is bending!” And, indeed, it was. In fact, it bent so far it was beginning to crack.”


US Army Field Medic, of 1st Airborn Battle Group Fort Brass N.C USA, wrote about a meeting with me in Exeter:

“Recently Uri Geller came to Exeter to visit some friends and I had the pleasure to meet him. I wanted to see spoonbending done by him at close range. I expected he would ‘charge up with energy’ and project this energy into the spoon. What I saw was very different altogether. There was no preparation or charging up at all. The only thing he did was to touch the spoon with his finger and it began to bend slowly. It was done with Mindpower rather than with some sort of ‘energy’. When he lifted his finger the spoon kept on bending up to a right angle. Finally it stopped and all was complete. What really impressed me was the very nonchalant way the whole thing was done in a football clubhouse full of people and other distractions, that would have been a hindrance for a lesser person to work under. Thank you Uri for a wonderful experience.”


Professor John Hasted, University of London, recalls some key bending I did for the University: 

“We possess four numbered and weighed brass Yale keys which were bent through angles of between 10 and 40 degrees under light stroking action by Mr. Geller. If, under symmetrical four-point loading, force pulses of the order of 500N(say 50Kgs of weight) had been applied to the keys, similar bends would have been produced. No loss of surface brightness or change of weight, within the supernatural error of 1mg was observed. Mr. Geller applied a light, stroking action between forefinger and thumb, or by forefinger, with key placed on the table. In all cases, several witnesses watched the entire operation intently from within 1metre. In one case, the key was not stroked but was simply, held under a cold water tap. In all cases the bending took a time of the order of minutes to complete, and it usually appeared to continue for a short while after the stroking had been terminated. No physical, or chemical explanation of these phenomena is readily apparent. The mean grain sise at the bent surface has been compared with that in unbent and mechanically bent specimens by x-ray reflection and electron micrograph. No signficant change in grain orientation or sise was noted.”


Just a few days ago, I received this picture from my Webmaster of a screwdriver which he discovered bent in a drawer. Here’s the email:

Hi Uri, 

Something strange has just happened, I found a screwdriver bent to almost a 90 degree angle in the house. Nobody knows how it got this way! Obviously the kids aren’t capable of bending a screwdriver, and I’ve just tried with all my strength to bend it, and I can’t! I’ve found the odd spoon bent in the draw previously, sometimes just after putting the phone down to you, but I’ve always just put it down to the kids messing about, or a coincidence. Other funny things have happened too, for instance when I was walking around Ikea & nearly all of the spoons on display were bent – and if you remember I emailed you to ask if you’d been there. I’ve not attributed any metal bending in the past to you, but now with the screwdriver which there is no explanation for, I’m starting to wonder!!





Artist Antoni Marsal tells of his experience of a spoon jumping off his TV set. I have received innumerable reports of similar phenomena occurring during my televised events: 

“On 19/09/01 I tuned into the Spanish television programme “Tiempo a! Tiempo” and had the marvellous experience of placing a teaspoon on the television set. Following your instructions the spoon jumped from the set and remained in the direction of the screen. I was surprised and after this experience no doubts about your mental powers remained to me.”


British Airways Captain Red Blake, of the B777 fleet, had this to say about our meeting in 1999, back when passengers were occasionally allowed into the cockpit.

“Uri visited the flight deck today (1st October 1999) on his way to see Michael Jackson in New York. We talked for some time about people’s perception of his remarkable abilities. Although viewed as Mystic or Magician, the co-pilot and I were impressed at his technical knowledge and found his own explanation had a significant scientific bias. He picked up an item of cutlery from a meal tray and within thirty seconds it had bent through 30?. He passed it back and I left it on the tray, where, during the next two minutes it bent a further 60? (as we watched). No one touched it. He also attempted to ‘guess’ a simplistic picture drawn on a piece of paper out of his view. Both of us thought of the picture – and incredibly he reproduced it exactly. Not only was the image correct, but it’s shape was the same size to within a millimetre. When you see this done ‘for real’ – you have to “believe what you see”



Concorde pilot Christopher Orlebar discusses our meeting on the flight deck of his Concord.

“He then said, ‘I can spin the compass’  I thought, at 37 kilometres a minute, are we being wise to allow this man to fiddle with the navigation? Geller put his head next to the standby compass,  and sure enough it whizzed round. I’d never seen anything like it. When it stopped I’m pleased to say it went back to show accurately where we were going,”



I’ve been doing what I do for almost as long as I can remember – and still it never stops fascinating me, and nor do I ever stop being captivated by the letters I receive. This is a tiny fraction of the letters I have had, in fact just the mailed letters I have been sent over the previous years fill stacks and stacks of boxes in my house. I was very glad when email was invented, if this hadn’t have happened I would have had to build a new garage!

I have no idea how these extraordinary phenomena happen to other people, but the fact that they do makes the world such an interesting and magical place to me, where things are not as solid & separate as they may appear.

To read more accounts, including scientific research, see these links:











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