The following includes a brief extract from Travis Walton’s new book published by Marlowe & Company New York. ISBN 1-56924-840-0

He tells of his experience after he was hit by a ray from a grounded UFO. It was witnessed by a group of his companions from work who then ran away. The effects described below may relate to the occasional passage of objects through solid walls in poltergeist cases. It may be that objects in this excited state interact with light rays before the gravitational effect is felt when they return from being teleported. Could it be that aliens have mastered these phenomena and use them in their craft?

The book has a good description of what he remembers of the days that he was away, apparently aboard a space craft. What is impressive is how he was treated as an escaped and potentially dangerous specimen when he woke up and panicked. Anyone fabricating such a story would portray themselves in a much better light.

The book covers many alternative explanations for what Travis Walton experienced and explains some of the difficulties with these interpretations. He also describes the dishonest way that many amateur journalists have covered his story. This attitude will be familiar to anyone who has had experiences that challenge the orthodox viewpoint. An account of the making of the film FIRE IN THE SKY is included in the book, he says exactly which parts of the film are the most accurate.

With the recent discovery of planets around other stars and calculations that our galaxy must have millions of earth type planets it is a puzzle that no one has colonized the Galaxy and thus run into us; this would only take a million years or so. The Zoo hypothesis has been formulated to explain this lack of contact. It says that highly ordered interactions between such societies occur and that they explicitly forbid interference with developing civilizations. To enforce this it would be essential to have faster than light communication and possibly some sort of a police force (Men in black?).

Bearing this in mind, it may be worth looking at a copy of the book.

Here is the short extract (with permission of the publishers).

Glancing apprehensively toward the open door, I slowly went toward the chair. As I gradually approached it, a very curious thing began to happen.
The closer I got to it, the darker the room became! Small points of light became visible on, or through, the walls, even the floor. I stepped back and the effect diminished. I stepped forward and it increased again, the points of light becoming brighter in contrast to the darkening background. It was like the stars coming into view in the evening, only very much faster. The matte gray of the metal wall just faded out to be replaced by the glinting, speckled deepblack of space.
I thought: Maybe this is a planetariumtype projection or . . . Good grief! What if this is actually some kind of a viewing screen showing where this thing I’m in is?
Space. Maybe it wasn’t like the stars coming into view at night-maybe it was the stars, in the eternal void of space! I was suddenly gripped with the icy fear that even if I could find a way outside, I would die in the airlessness of space. My God, the sweet earth could be millions of miles away!
I could see no constellations I recognized among the myriad points of light. Even if I could find a door or a hatch, I might be trapped! … No…. No! I hoped and prayed it was not true. There just had to be a way out!
I looked at the controls on the chair. Maybe-just maybe-one of those buttons would open a door or something. I moved closer and studied the array of switches. On the left arm, there was a single short thick lever with an oddly molded handle atop some dark brown material. On the right arm, there was an illuminated, limegreen screen about five inches square. Under that, a square of approximately twentyfive colored buttons. I looked for symbols or written words and found none.
The screen had a lot of black lines on it that intersected each other at all angles. The lines had short little dashes intersecting them at regular intervals. On some of the lines, the dashes were widely spaced; on others, there were many closelyspaced dashes. The buttons below the screen were arranged in about five vertical rows, with one color for each row red, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The colors were bright, lit faintly from within.
The experiment I was considering was risky, but I was desperate. I reached out, my finger hovering over one of the green buttons uncertainly. On impulse, I went ahead and pushed it. I looked around the room and listened carefully-nothing happened. When I pushed the button, I noticed that the segmented lines on the screen had moved.
I recklessly pushed another green one. The lines rapidly changed angles, slid down each other, then stopped. I pushed some of the other colored buttons. Nothing happened. Nothing moved and no sound could be heard…


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