Five steps to thin

How about a recent study in The Lancet, the leading medical journal, for instance?


All the more reason, then, to fight back against flab. If you can be positive now, you can be positive all the year round.

Follow these four Mindpower steps to feel physically and mentally stronger.

One – name your target. It’s not enough to say, “I want to lose some weight.” Losing “some” won’t give you a sense of

achievement. Take a tape measure and face the facts: make a note of your chest, tummy and rear measurements. Then decide how many centimetres you’re going to shed.

Two – find out how. There’s plenty of good informaton on the web and on bookshop shelves. Steer clear of fad diets, the kind that will be unfashionable by next summer. The best regime is simply healthy eating, with plenty of fruit, vegetables and grains, while cutting down on fat and sugar; sensible exercise, such as bicycling or aerobics; and lots of water. Two litres a day is good – more than three cups of coffee is bad!

Three – treat yourself with respect. You’re getting your waistline into shape, so make sure the rest of you keeps up. Wear

your favourite clothes, get your hair done, and be determined to look good whenever you leave the house. Looking good means people treat you with more respect, which instantly boosts self-esteem.

Four – get on with it. Put your resolutions into practice, and be proud of yourself for applying your willpower. Planning to start next week, or next month, is just giving yourself an excuse to overeat and be lazy today. Looking after your body and hitting your targets are great feelings, guaranteed to put a smile on your face as the nights draw in.


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